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What Doesn’t Change Us

Dean and Cas have been friends since childhood, that they’d grow up to be a mated pair something everyone expected. But when Cas doesn’t turn out to be the omega everyone thought he’d be, there’s a wrench thrown into their plans. One that proves just how unpredictable life can really be.


Dean and Cas had been best friends practically their whole lives.

It all started when Dean’s father got a promotion at the shop and they could finally afford a bigger house. One with four bedrooms as opposed to two. And though he’d only been five, Dean still remembered the first time he’d seen Cas. The other little boy had been out in his yard, rummaging around in the dirt with his stained bee stuffed animal. And Dean, the moving truck backed into their drive, had just been on the verge of hauling a box up to his room. Cas had distracted him however, to the point where he’d actually crossed the street to go introduce himself.

They’d been inseparable ever since.

What was probably the most interesting thing, however, was that everyone knew they were inseparable. Generally speaking, finding ones mate before having presented was rare, as the smells and sensations afterward were what led them to one another. However, it did happen occasionally, a fact that was suspected, but not addressed. No one ever talked about it, how close Dean and Cas were, but most had their suspicions. Even the two involved had kind of come to the realization, though it’d never come up in conversation between them. As far as both of them were concerned, they were simply happy to be together, anything that would come later not of import.

And while that was a nice thought, those who did know better had been somewhat forced to make preparations. That was the thing about mates—a whole lot more came along with them than the fact on its own. For one, pups. An older, more experienced alpha—or beta, be that as it may—might be able to hold back, but only for a little while. When one was mated, the natural inclination to breed was almost unstoppable, and no one expected teenagers to even have a chance at controlling such a thing. Especially upon going through a first heat.

Watching Dean and Cas together, Mary and John had come to the realization that grandchildren were probably in their near future, and that no amount of discussion or reprimand was likely to alter that. Having accepted the inevitable, they’d begun early in making arrangements, wanting both Dean and Cas to have the same future opportunities—college and the like—despite their biology.

It’d all started when, having come home from school at fourteen, the two boys had been up in Dean’s room, working on homework, and John had walked in.

“So I was thinking,” he’d started following greetings from the two boys, “that maybe we ought to knock down this wall,” he’d tapped the one on the west side, “and connect your room up with the spare.” He’d been talking to Dean directly, Cas glancing up from where he’d sat cross-legged in the center of the bed.

“Uh, well, I’m not gonna say no to a bigger room,” Dean had replied with his trademark smile, not nearly as aware as Cas.

“While we’re at it, probably want to soundproof everything too,” John had continued, quite as though it was a nonchalant topic of discussion. “Since we’d be working in here anyway.” This had caused a momentary silence, Dean finally managing to catch on before he’d looked over at Cas. Those blue eye had met his, blinking only once in recognition before Dean had turned back to his father.

“Alright…” was all he’d said, John nodding in approval before walking back out.

And though the room had been expanded and soundproofed that year, Cas and Dean had never discussed it. The tradition it foretold, as it were.

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AoKise Prompt Ideas

My extremely old and long list of my aokise stories I always wanted to write lmao

  • Train Molestation (kink meme)
  • Vampire!AU (Google Docs)
  • Incubus!AU[can switch whoevers incubus] (Aomine is an incubus, but no one knows. ONce Kise slept over Aomine’s house, Aomine fucks him while Kise’s asleep. Kise waking up half way, but being under the incubus’ spell to not remember a thing the next day. and after that Aomine gets addicted and goes to Kise almost every night to fuck him. Kise keeps on waking up exhausted with his backside hurting, and then he cries to Aomine because he doesn’t know what to do. etc etc. 
  • Demon!AU (Aomine is a demon lord and takes Kise to have fun with such a pretty face, torturing, seeing him cry, etc. But Aomine soon finds himself falling for the human. Everytime he has sex with someone, Kuroko/Momoi/Kagami(?), he always thinks of Kise. Getting pissed he goes to torture him everytime. Kuroko notices and warns him that Kise’ll break soon if Aomine doesn’t stop. ))
  • Werewolf!AU (Mating season is on and Kise is sulky, rejecting the girls giving themselves to him because he wants Aomine. But Aomine is always being attracted to big breasted women & talks about them. When Kise’s heat kicks in, he runs into the forest and gets confronted by Haizaki the leader of another gang. Aomine comes to the rescue and fun times ensue. Dirty talk, mpreg talk, etc etc.
  • Slave!AU (Aomine is a Lord and asks for the fairest, beautifulest, big-breasted woman..the line them all up and bring in Kise also..saying he was the prettiest out of everyone but doesnt have breasts..etc etc..aomine picks him fun timez ensue)
  • Spanking!PWP. (after Kise loses to Aomine, a few days later, Aomine shows up at Kise’s house, and spanks him for creating such an evil plan to foul him) 
  • Multi-orgasmic!Kise PWP
  • Yoga-Aomine finds out Kise does yoga, and is, EXTREMELY flexible. Sex ensues. 
  • Future!AU-Kise moves to America, and Aomine doesn’t tries to convince him not to, but longs for him the entire time. 
  • Future!AU- (Kise and Aomine had a ‘fuck buddy’ relationship, but Kise has had enough. Aomine at first used Kise for physical relief, but then started to fall in love with Kise. Kise thinks its all bullshit and thinks he’s thinking of ‘someone else’ and then ends it, avoiding Aomine. He then proclaims hes got a boyfriend, a tall, strong, model boyfriend. He introduces him to the GenOMir and Aomine gets JEALOUS. BIG TIME. )
  • Kise can’t handle Aomine’s huge cock, and cries every time they fuck. Kise hides it from Aomine, but tells Kuroko about it. Kuroko then tells Aomine Kise’s feelings and that he needs to spend more time prepping. Aomine does, ALOT, works Kise open nice and slowly, till he’s dripping wet and BEGGING for his cock. 
  • Yakuza!Aomine/Kise -Kise’s father is in debt to Aomine’s gang and doesn’t have the money to pay Aomine off, so Aomine says he could give him his son, the neighborhood’s sweetheart and beauty. So he begrudgingly and guiltily accepts to hands over his son, and he drugs Kise and brings him to their hideout, and of course is sad and hugs his son goodbye but knows that if he didn’t pay them off somehow him and his family would die, including Kise. Kise wakes up and is confused and worried and bothered, and Aomine just spits out the rules Kise has to follow. Eventually, Kise joins their gang willingly, after a lot of shenanigans with Aomine ;)
  • Yakuza!Aomine/Yakuza!Kise- Both are in competing gangs, and Kise’s gang is continuously trying to beat Aomine’s and he’s so close but just can’t. So Kise makes up a plan and injures Aomine.
  • Angel!Kise falls down to earth, his wing is broken (contains power) so he cannot return to heaven. ((haizaki broke his wing when Kise wasn’t all there yet)) Aomine helps Kise get his powers back but falls in love during the process. Kise knows he has to go back, even tho he doesnt want to since he loves Aomine, but goes back sadly. End it with him being granted to become human and live with Aomine .:3
  • Demon!Aomine captures angel!Kise and has his way with him, keeping him locked up as decoration in his room andsuch. 
  • Pirate!AU Aomine’s a pirate, (like one of the most feared but not captain becuase lazy) And they loot an elite ship, and take prisoners on board (they dropped all males off on an island and say they kept kise because of his pretty face) Aomine notices him and since he’s usually loungign around doing nothing, he starts to interract with him and gets irritated when some of the men jibe at Kise and when they even go so far to try and rape him, Aomine has enough and stops it. 
  • Alpha!Aomine/Omega!Kise- WHen everyone found out Aomine was alpha nothing really changed. except he got alot more interesting looks from the omega/beta girls/boys. But when Kise was discovered as an omega, it was a little shocking, but he lost some of his fans, but some stayed with him saying they’d still love him. But being an omega, Kise also attracted the attention of all the alpha boys at school. except for the one he really wanted. when kise gets cornerd by haizaki, and kise naturally submits, aomine finds them just in time and basically tears haizaki apart. then after that he jumps Kise and fucks him hard and fast, and marks him and growls out mine like a mantra, and knots him nice and deep. And kise’s crying and begging and whining with need. 
  • Alpha!Aomine/omega!Kise-when kise goes into heat, he hides in his house. but aomine’s wondering where the hell the annoying blond was for the past few days, ‘cause he wanted a one on one with the brat, and goes to find him. and knocks on kise’s door, but kise refuses to let him in and yells at him to go away. so aomine lets himself in and smells the pheromones kise lets off and fucks him nice and hard and mates with him. 
  • Number 2 of above- Kise gets into his second heat and avoids Aomine because of omega!feels and he feels aomine’s just using, he doesn’t want to waste aomine’s time, thinks aomine would rather mate with kuroko this time around,[ but once aomine smells someone else on Kise, he goes ballistic and claims the hell out of Kise and vows to kill the muthafucka who touched his mate] and kise’s really shocked but happy and cries tears of joy.
  • HaiKise-childhood!friends-earrings together etc
  • AoKise-cop!Aomine, delinquent!Kise
  • AoKise-Hawaii!vacation

“bob marley”

of the 100 winners for the 2014 International Reggae Poster Contest this illustration/poster of mine ended up 6th, not bad. thanks to all the judges and organizers for throwing this competition to help raise awareness for the Alpha Boys’ School, a vocational institution for underprivileged youths, located in the heart of Kingston.