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“I never meant for it to go this far.” Or "This wasn’t supposed to happen.” For a continuation of the nephilim story? Please <3

You’re in luck! I am stuck at the moment with no way to get to work until i get a phone call so i was able to fill this rather quickly! Here is 1170 (definitely happier) words. :D


As the sobs died away, Dean relaxed, little by little. Not entirely, of course. He still had no idea what had set off Cas to begin with. They hadn’t left the bunker in a week, taking a well needed vacation. Sam had vacated the premises to give them that time, that privacy they never quite seemed to get.

And it had been a wonderful week. Not just of sex, - because Wow! Cas was fucking awesome – but also the quiet moments, the in between times. The holding, doing things together. The love he felt every time Cas so much as looked at him.

God, he never thought he’d have something like this. This feeling, this grand emotion that filled his core, filling up the jagged empty spaces he’d had for forever, that had gotten deeper and more torn after hell, and soothed him, smoothed those broken edges and rounded them down.

Dean still couldn’t believe that his mate was Castiel, Angel of the Lord, a badass soldier of God. He was so far above Dean…and here he was, loving him.

So when Dean saw Cas sobbing on their bed, alone, obviously in distress of some kind, it broke him, broke his heart.

The raw, broken feeling that Cas’s normal thunderstorm scent was giving off tapered off. It was still – Dean sniffed, running fingers through the messy hair tucked under his chin – it was still off but better, at least. Maybe he could try again?

“Cas? Can you…can you tell me what’s wrong? Is there anything I can do?” Dean asked, haltingly, afraid that even just asking could set the Omega off again. But he had to know. How could Dean do his part to care and love his mate, to protect him, if he didn’t know what to protect him from?

“Dean, I’m…I’m so sorry,” Cas whispered.

“Sorry for what?”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Cas’s voice was still soft and low, his hands had come up to grip Dean’s shirt at some point. Dean couldn’t see the knuckles of Cas’s hand with as closely as they pressed together, but he was certain that they were white with tension. Cas was way too pale all over, but his grip was strong.

“Whatever has happened, I’m here for you,” Dean kissed the top of Cas’s head. “We’ll deal with it, together, like always.”

“Dean – I’m pregnant,” short and sweet, Cas dropped the words between them, his voice croaking and cracking as he did so.

“Wh  - you are? But…that’s…okay, we don’t have an ideal situation, maybe, but, that’s awesome!” Dean blinked in his surprise, his shock. It still surprised him that Angels had secondary designations just like humans did. He’d always thought, in fact, that whatever the designation of the vessel, that was what the Angel took on. So when Cas had fallen a little closer to humanity and lost the absolute and total control over his vessel that he was used to, going into Heat, Dean had been shocked because Jimmy had been an Alpha, like Dean.

So the thought of him and Cas having kids had never even crossed his mind once in those long ago fantasies he’d had, the ones that he thought were doomed to remain just those forever.

That they had all been fulfilled and more, was neither here nor there. And apparently, they were having a baby.

He frowned. “We won’t, like, get in trouble for that or anything, right? Is that why you were crying? Or were you afraid I didn’t want the baby? Or…or…talk to me Cas?” Dean’s voice grew more worried with every word.

Cas’s grip tightened. “I – I – “ he pulled in a shuddering breath, shaking against Dean before he could reing himself back in. “We could, actually. Nephilim are forbidden by the Law of Heaven and that’s what any child of ours would be. Half human, half angel, equaling more than the two combined.”

“Like a Liger?” Dean asked.

Castiel drew away and narrowed his eyes at his mate. “I’m discussing our offspring, and the fact that I’m willing to go against the rules – again – to keep our child, which will surely result in us being hunted - and you’re comparing said offspring with felines?”

“Well, what else do you want me to say, babe? You wanna say screw Heaven, you know I’m right there with you. You wanna make me a daddy,” Dean’s voice dropped to an awed whisper, brushing fingers along the scruff of Cas’s jaw. “I’ll be an eager one, and – with your help – I’ll be a better dad then John, I promise you that.”

Cas nearly melted with relief at Dean’s words, but still, “A Liger? Really?”

Dean huffed out a laugh and touched their foreheads together. “What? Ligers are fuckin’ awesome. And our kid will be fuckin’ awesome. Ligers are a rare and special breed, prized and regarded with awe. And you better believe our kid will be too.”

“Well, if that’s how you’re looking at it, then I suppose I can forgive you your comparison.” Cas chuckled and Dean’s eyes softened, his hand continuing to play along the strong jawline, the high cheekbone, the happy crinkles by the bluest eyes ever.

“When I came in – you were crying. Did you…” Dean took a deep breath, “Were you considering it?”

“What? Ending it?” Cas asked, afraid to look Dean in the eyes but unable to pull away. Dean nodded, a look of apprehension on his face. Castiel swallowed and nodded. “I did more than consider it Dean. It’s my duty too. But I can’t do it. And if that one thing makes me a failure as an Angel after everything else than…I don’t want to be an Angel.”

“For what it’s worth, I think you made the right decision,” Dean said, his hand sliding behind Castiel’s head to rub at the back of his neck. The Omega’s eyes drifted close in bliss, sinking less rigidly against the Alpha. The full effects of rain and thunderstorms wafted into the room, the nuances worried but happy.

“Free will,” Cas nuzzled his face closer again, burying his nose against Dean’s neck. “If Chuck doesn’t like it, then he can damn well come here and tell me himself.”

“So…a Nephilim. Not that I’m not excited – “ Dean was definitely excited. Holy Shit! He was gonna be a dad! Him and Cas were gonna be parents! How the hell did they get here? – “but what exactly is that going to mean for us?”

“It means we’ll have all of Heaven against us,” Castiel pointed out.

“Awesome. So, business as usual then?” Dean grinned against Cas’s hair and felt the Angel shake beneath him.

“Yes, Dean,” Cas chuckled, “It is, as you say, ‘business as usual’.”

“Great, then we’ll be just fine,” Dean said with perfect assurance.

Castiel rolled his eyes, but Dean wasn’t wrong. They’d been here before and they’d made it through. They could do so again.

There wasn’t anything they couldn’t do together.

Hadn’t they already proven that?

Part 1

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everything you need to know about how I characterize Alpha vs how I characterize the Director

Alpha: thinks that social sciences and the humanities are easy and inferior until he actually takes them, fails his classes epically, and then gets his ass kicked by several women in those fields. respects the fields after that, although he won’t admit it. 

The Director: thinks the fact that he failed every single humanities class he ever took is evidence that they’re not real classes. forces his daughter to be a STEM major even though she’s not really interested in it. cuts off financial support if she switches. will never acknowledge any non-STEM field as worthy of respect. probably refuses to acknowledge people with PhD in the humanities or social sciences as doctors. 

Let my gun try on the suppressor that I want to get today. Doesn’t it look great? Also bought some more gun parts. Magpul MS4 sling and a BCM gunfighter charging handle. Sling is for this one and the charging handle for my other to replace the one I stole from it to work on this one.

Ticket Sales Announcement!

Hey all! We’ve officially set the date for when tickets will go live on our website! (the link will be posted closer to the date)

On Saturday, August 23rd at 12pm, noon, pacific time, all three ticket levels (Alpha, Beta, and Wolf Pack) will be on sale to the general public! The three levels will be priced as follows:

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Each listing will tell you exactly what the ticket package comes with. It’s very similar to last con though there are a few differences! As for which cast members’ autographs you’ll be receiving with your Alpha or Beta package, they’ll be announced as the cast members sign on.

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