20 000 Bees Swarmed Her Car. The Reason Behind It Is Simply Unbelievable!
People usually imagine bees as peaceful little creatures flying from flower to flower. However, if bees are angered and the whole hive swarms something, it can lead to the scariest animal attacks on humans! Here is an example of that, when 20 000 bees swarmed a woman\\'s car. source A woman wanted to get to...
These People Thought They Were Safe But When The Shark Broke Into Their Cage They Panicked!
Lots of people love the danger and the adrenaline. When they travel to tropical islands, shark diving is a very common form of tourist attractions. However, in this case, something went wrong. This is one of the most shocking animal attacks on humans ever captured on tape. When the shark broke into the cage, everyone...

Shinsen by Hajime Nagahata


Vilnius, Lithuania