alpenglow color

Fall has arrived at Glacier National Park, and it’s stunning. Crushing clouds and rain greeted Nate Luebbe at Glacier, but as he crested Logan Pass he was treated to one of the most spectacular alpenglow sunsets we’ve seen. “The sun shot golden fingers between jagged peaks and illuminated the clouds from below, and I couldn’t help but admire the timing. Montana was welcoming me home.” Photo courtesy of Nate Luebbe.

This morning I hit the trail early and made it to Two Rivers Lake by sunrise to watch this incredible display of light, clouds and the setting moon over Notchtop Mountain.  The alpenglow colors can be wildly intense up there and I’m always amazed by how quickly this peak goes from total shade to a complete brilliant red-orange glow.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - August 2015

Shot Notes:

Ektar 100 4x5, 75mm Super Angulon
2 seconds at f32, 2 stop soft GND filter