alpaca couple

Man can you fetchin’ imagine your girlfriend coming back from the dead just to end up being with the one man who will later become the biggest asshole you’ve ever had to work with?

The Littlest Winchester - Zoo Day

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 855


           Goats smell bad. Like, really bad. Bad as in Dean doesn’t know how he’s not gagging from the stench. There’s sheep too, and also a couple of alpacas, but goats are the dominant species in the open pen. Maybe if he wasn’t standing so close to them, the smell wouldn’t be so bad, but he can’t go very far. If he moves away, his four-year-old daughter will follow. She’s too nervous about the animals to stray far from her father while they’re close.

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• | I’ve been drawing too much Kirizami and I have no regrets 

but here, have Kirizami as my fave alpaca couple | •