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So after a couple messages, asks, and pokes I finally got around to taking a collection photo. Let me tell you how shocked it was when I couldn’t even fit them all on to this vanity! I just have them in a pile in my room because I don’t have time to organize them so when I lined them up one by one I was so shocked at how big my collection has gotten @____@ Anyways here it is in all its glory and wonder. I actually didn’t have room to put the purses so I kinda just put them on top of everything LOL I also have a couple more coming in a week or two >___>||| Ung…. lol haha now it’s everyone else’s turn to post pictures of your entire Alpacasso collection! I’m somehow turning this into a tag! A POST YOUR ALPACASSO COLLECTION TAG! I tag @littleshyfawn@creeepytea @lumichi @m-lissa @celticshrooms @disneybunny @flavours-ly @snoopily @tamabonotchi @bobbibloodrose and everyone who sees this XD haha!


Collection update and recent buys!

So lately I’ve been on a bit of a spree with several finds! From Y!JA I purchased two Funwaka (thanks to @m-lissa for helping me figure out their series! :D) boys, two 12cm cotton candies, one 12cm vacation, and one 12cm hoodie. 

I got my pink 12cm cotton candy from a Tumblr user @Amnesic-Anya In case you see this though I love her still so much!!! Thanks again! She still has sales up so anyone interested should check her out she’s sweet and replies/ships very quickly.

I purchased my blanket from Rosy and she was extremely helpful and even managed to find the color I wanted along with a bunch of other blankets that she put up in her shop a few days after! Rosy’s such a sweetheart to buy from<3

Finally my Let’s Party Boy was from @netgore who kindly sold him to me and he’s my precious baby I’m SO happy to have him!!

Thanks everyone who was sweet and helpful to me as I continued building my collection (((:

she-dreams-in-pink  asked:

Howdy! All right, so some things about me... of course, I am also a huge Sailor Moon fan, and and even bigger Usa x Mamo shipper. I love animals, but I especially love alpacas and have a collection of alpaca stuffed animals. I read Tarot, study astrology, and am starting a palmistry course soon. I keep a list of words I like on a sticky on my computer. Plume is one of the words on that list. I dream to write a book, someday. <3

tbh ive always wanted to learn to read tarot cards! im really interested in that sort of stuff- as well as astrology. 

usamamo is top tier as far as ships go. the only other ones that come CLOSE to them is hinny (harry potter) and zutara (avatar the last airbender). there’s something so freaking special and amazing about the two of them. i can read a panel of the manga or see a certain clip dozens of times and still get the feels as if it’s the first time seeing it. 

i love that you collect alpaca stuff lol thats so random but they are rather cute now that i google them to remember what they really look like LOL


So last week I had purchased my new black Olympic series alpacasso from amusingarpakasso!

She was a pleasure to buy from, and her packaging was awesome! She is not at all far from me so I got him the day after she shipped him. He is my favorite and I’ve wanted one since I saw it when I first started collecting.
She wrapped him in bubble wrap, AND wrapped his tags so they didn’t bend. She included a sweet little note and a 16cm bow tie series (;
I am overall thrilled. He is SO soft, and stuffed perfectly :D

The bottom pictures are just a quick temp set up I threw together to organize them. My large rainbow series rainbow is missing from these photos.

I will be out of town for Fourth of July thus the unboxing video will be edited and uploaded a bit later so here’s some teaser of what I got from the Group Order! On top of that the Let’s Party I got from derpola arrived just now so I added it to my slowly but surely growing collection of Alpacasso! Thanks so much derpola i 💖 her and didn’t realize you were so close to me!

I wish everyone have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!!

Ps. plushtea I think my problem is whites >_> hopefully I can add other colors in here LOL


I finally thought up a fabulous name for him so I can finally reveal one of my newest additions! I decided to name him Aries since I really love the zodiac signs. It IS the year of the sheep after all! xD A HUGE thank you to tamabonotchi for him! He is so preciously adorable! I love him so much! <3 Thanks again Elisabeth! (≧∇≦)