Lights Out

Alois was bored and really not looking forward to working at all tonight. He walked into a Nightclub to have it be Ladies Night tonight. The blonde walked into the back to sign in like all the other dancers but stopped in shocked as he saw Ciel’s name in the line above. Ciel never worked Ladies Night, the blonde looked around to see if he could find him as he signed in.

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What you think about a crossover with kuroshitsuji and owari no seraph? In love with your art ❤

I LOVE THE IDEA BC BOTH ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND AAAHHHH I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DRAW IT SINCE A YEAR AGO!!!! But I couldn’t for matter of time or lack of motivation *cries* and i wanted to draw it for the yuumika week but i hadn’t enough time *ugly sobbing*. Besides in……… february? i guess? i don’t remember when, but at beginning of this year, i started that crossover… and like everything i do, i never finished it  (:3_ヽ)_ but i have these ugly sketches and… ugh i have to fix lots of things :’)

It’s more Kuroshitsuji II, and the idea was Mika as Alois, Yuu as Ciel, Guren as Sebastian, Shinya as Grell (my two otps together♡), Shinoa as Lizzy, Krul as Hannah, Ferid as Claude, Rene and Lacus as the “”triplets”” (in this case twins bc of lack of characters?) and Mitsuba as Meirin, Kimizuki as Bard and Yoichi as Finnian♡
And, as you can see, at that time i didn’t know how to draw nipples (:3_ヽ)_
Oh and ahdsbadbaj i’m glad you like it, dear anon (〃ノωノ)


So alois is walking out in town an hears a faint roar that sounded like a kittens mew. An so alois fallow the sound an found a snow leopard.

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Sorry!!! I read Attack on Titanic instead of Attack on Titan! (Work is tiring me out I need holidays!) But how about another fic on shingeki no kyojin? no? Well, you made me love Alois, so I think any fic you write, on any subject would be really good! So thanks for writing them bye!

okay but, Attack on Titanic - im stealing this and will write it.

i wont be writing anymore shingeki. all kuro. thanks for reading!

Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

Famitsu recently published an article about Horizon Zero Dawn and they had a behind-the-scenes live demo shown to them. The article had tons of interesting info and has me very interested. Below is a combination of my own stuff and info from their article.

Link to article:

The game has a few key concepts like “open world action RPG”, “a tale of of the world after the human civilization fell” and “strategic hunting action”.

Open World RPG
The maps are very large and seamless. You control an actual character, a female machine hunter called Aloy (pronounced A (little the letter A) - Loy). Although it’s not clear if this takes place on Earth or not, we know that human civilization fell 1000 years ago and the planet is a place filled with both nature and the high tech remains of the ‘ancient civilization’. The humans we see are not high tech but do adopt mechanical parts into their weapons, and you can tell from the E3 demo that they don’t know machines like we do. Aloy feels bad when she kills a Watcher—a dog like machine that alerts others when it spots the player. To her they are alive just like any other animal. The game promises to have a solid story which they will reveal as time goes by and also cover some conflicts between the different tribes.

Strategic Hunting Action
The team, in an interview, said they were inspired by Monster Hunter. The action is incredibly strategy focused and in the E3 trailer we got a good taste of this. Although her weapons seem focused on bows, they said there is a wide variety of other weapons, tools, traps, and items at her disposal. We saw thunder arrows, fire arrows, explosive arrows, and more. I personally like the trip wire arrows (shoot once to attach the wire then once again to attach it. You can use this to trip large monsters etc.).

The demo apparently showed a clean UI with just Aloy’s weapon/health/exp and a compass showing where the quest objective was, etc. EXP is interesting and again, this is mean to be an RPG, so this makes it quite different from Monster Hunter.

In fact they said that while the game will have some sort of online feature, it’s not online multiplayer and you won’t be teaming up with other players to go out hunting together (quoting Famitsu on this info). Seems they want to focus on the intimate and strategic focus of Aloy vs the machines in an intense single player experience. I approve.

The rocks and objects in the environment can be damaged and this can lead to both advantageous and venerable spots being made. They said in the demo Aloy shot a trap out from a gun-like weapon, then placed a trip wire, and finally used an explosive arrow to scare a group of machines into the trap. Cool shit.

Collecting and Crafting
In the game you collect parts from monsters you kill which Aloy uses to create new weapons (Monster hunter anyone?). You can collect health recovering herbs and items and use them during hunts, and I like that items you can pick up are shown with a marker so that its obvious. In the demo they showed they created arrows on the spot, but the game continues while you do this so you need to make sure you are safe before starting. When crafting a new weapon altogether the game apparently gets paused as it is crafted through a menu.

Large Monsters
The huge boss monster in the trailer (called Thunderjaw) they said was made up of 550k polygons (!) and there are a total of 93 different type of breakable parts on the large monsters. As we saw in the trailer, you can break off parts then pick them up and used them as a weapon. Breaking off armor reveals orange weak spots which you do 3x damage to when you attack. Hitting weak spots is a huge part of the game.

The monster in the demo had 12 attack patterns from tail swipes to bites to lasers. You can strife and evade as you dodge and aim.

They said the game has been in development for 4.5 years already and they are aiming for evolved hunting action. I’d say they are damn well on their way in doing that.

Super excited to learn more about this game.

See the E3 demo here: