Tfw when you want to sing along every time you hear a song you like

But you won’t because what if someone hears you

anonymous asked:

aloud vs out loud?

Aloud” is the more formal version of “out loud.” Feel free to use it in your essays for school.

As far as “out loud” is concerned, it is a perfectly legitimate word that can be used on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and in other informal settings.

Don’t worry: not many teachers—if any—will think less of you for choosing to use “out loud” instead of “aloud.”

Having said that, since “out loud” is so mainstream, show your hipster diction by employing “aloud” in your writing.

That’s all there is to it.



John and I talked about finding two weeks of time during which to dedicate all of our time to reading the entire Harry Potter series aloud to each other.

This seriously sounds like the single most beautiful thing ever. No one reads aloud anymore. It’s such an intimate experience since books are typically read alone and you create your own world as you read, but reading aloud to someone means sharing an imaginary world that no one knows but the two of you.

Harry Potter has been such a huge part of both of our lives growing up. My Daddy and I used to read them aloud together. Reinventing that experience of sharing something so personal with someone so close to me is going to be exactly what I need in life.