Everyone needs to listen to that Smallzy interview with Niall.  Smallzy makes a slightly homophobic joke about Niall not looking like someone “into interior design” (he’s at Niall’s house and commenting on how beautiful the interior is) and Niall is like, nah, man I love it.

Then Smallzy is asking Niall about what to do on Valentine’s Day, how to act with women, and Niall is all, dude, all women are different, play it by ear.

I love Niall so much!  And I’m so impressed that he isn’t just going along with that stuff and being a bro.


ALOTO Road Trip 2 trailer

anonymous asked:

what do you think about the kendall joke and harry's reaction?

that he prompted the joke with his face and the sip of the tea, that unfortunately it was all scripted purposefully. it ‘suprised’ me a bit to be honest, because he usually never jokes about this, he always pretended to be annoyed by the question or pretended not to listen, the fact that today he reacted that way, encouraging the sketch means they had a script to follow and that’s….all you need to know about the plan in action. Also the joke about them was absolutely disgusting and I expected way more from James than him asking harry if kendall “lays” every day (I also expected more from Harry and his team too since they were all involved. Well, I always expect more from Harry’s team these days). Then again I remembered that Niall’s joke during ALOTO, that Ben Winston writes this shit all the time, that this is what they want from Harry, so  yeah, it’s sad to watch. it’s quite funny (not really) how louis and harry’s team seem to be in a competition when it comes to promo bullshits. probably harry’s team will never win over louis having to hold a birthday cake for his fake son pretending he was celebrating his birthday but still, they are right behind them with all this gross narrative about groupies and underages and taylor swift/kendall/anyone who breathes. 

This Day in 1D History - August 13


  • Harry gets inked by Ed Sheeran and tattoo artist Kevin Paul!


  • BTS vid of WWA cover shoot posted
  • the ALOTO sneak peeks continue to ruin our lives (it’s FINE I’m FINE)
  • *Liam voice* Those eyes! I can’t!!


  • Niall snaps a selfie at the White House!
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Philadelphia, USA 


  • Niall gets hyped for the love of his life, aka Justin Rose, on snapchat :))