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I have been underwhelmed with Niall's solo career/promo so far. I'm not surprised because he did stick with SJPR & Modest and this is what I would expect from them. Several missteps so far and it may just be me but I can't help but feel that he is targeting teens as his main fan base. Which is fine, just head scratching. The handwritten letter reminded me of something I did when I was 12 and his clothing/style are sloppy & what a teen would wear aka he's dressing to his audience imo.

i mostly agree with your message but i liked the handwritten newsletter. it gives the air of a personal token. i also like the way his twitter is being handled (especially the video Q&A) and how capitol seems to be really invested in promoting him hard. but like i said before, there are also the obvious missteps (clothes, the ALOTO thing, unfortunate phrasing and subsequent damage control, etc). i just hope it gets better for his sake!


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niall’s “a league of their own” episode – 10.13.2016