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Niall's ALOTO appearance is scheduled to air in Sept I think. It's probably just a favor for James (and Ben) since he seems to be fairly close to both of them. Niall will be an ambassador for the Ryder Cup at the end of September/early October though. The Ryder Cup is a big deal in the golf world and is being played in Minnesota this year. There is a rumor that Niall is headed to the Olympics in August too.

Well if he is indeed on in September, then that would line up very nicely with the Ryder Cup so maybe that’s what he’ll promote at the time. We’ll see.


Honey, are you supposed to be here or are you on the cut list? Look, I’m sorry. If you’re on the cut list you have to leave the field. Well are you cut? Just look on the list.

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Do you know when that show is coming up? The one Niall attended like 2 weeks ago?

omg idk!!! I was just thinking about that the other day! anyone know when Nialls episode of ALOTO is coming out?

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I wonder what is the deal with niall appearing on james corden's ALOTO? Like what are the tie-ins to that? What do you think? Also i wonder if niall's commitment with modest is just purely golf related stuff right now, and singer/band wise he's already out. Hopefully

I don’t really know. I think it depends on what Niall is doing or planning to promote when that episode airs. Anyone know when that is?