alot of cats

Ginny Weasley was greatly disturbed at Mrs Norris’s fate as according to Ron she was a great cat lover

Ginny Weasley getting a cat before she and Harry had kids

Ginny Weasley learning how to knit so she could make her cat a jumper at Christmas.

Ginny Weasley taking her cat on walks with a lead.

Ginny Weasley buying her cat a ball with a bell in it and laughing for years because LOOK HARRY LOOK HOW SHE LOOKS SO SURPRISED WHEN IT RINGS

Ginny Weasley throwing her cat birthday parties and forcing her family to come or they will be bat bogeyed

Ginny Weasley crying when the cat gets sick and sitting on the couch for weeks

“Ginny, please get up”

Ginny Weasley and her cat.

Ginny Weasley.

Cinderbug- Miraculous Cinderella AU 

WHOA- I didn’t expect that last post to get so many notes! So many I had the overwhelming urge to make a quick finished version. The post is directly referenced from Disney’s Cinderella and the limited color palette was chosen to make things go alot faster

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this is gunna make some people uncomfy but
my mom?? was? so? pretty???

snowylion  asked:

Okay, I've become curious. What other situations does Judar tend to act like a cat? If he purrs in delight in getting his hair combed I wonder what other things can make him act like a cat.

Ah hello! Your other request is rather tricky but it’ll be up soon! I headcanon that judal tends to purr when he is stroked under his chin or when his scalp is massaged , just like a cat. I picture him to be very cat-like in some ways such as when he gets into a fight with his s/ He would Ignore them and then request attention he wants it. I feel like he would also be someone who takes alot of naps , like a cat :3

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With everyone looking to me to be strong, I had no choice. I HAD to be invincible. I couldn’t complain or show any weakness. Not with everyone else struggling in that damn war-torn wasteland… Even with you and Mother gone, I had to pretend I was fine. That I wasn’t hurting. I had to fight every day of my sorry life and wear a smile while I did it! You said I looked like I didn’t have a care in the world? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s not the case at all. I smile and joke around because I don’t want to show the world any weakness… If that disappoints you…then I guess you’ll just have to be disappointed.
—  Inigo to Father Support B, Fire Emblem Awakening
Why These Black Butler Characters Got Arrested

Ciel: I mean… there are alot of things

Sebastian: The cats he hid in his closet filed charges

Alois: Got caught stealing, is nicknamed “The booty shorts burglar”

Claude: Has a part-time job as a trashcan

Bardroy: Got arrested for running down the street screaming the lyrics for “party in the USA” at 3 in the morning