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(from ask-dragon-quest-louis) louis:@chara: soo... are you a ghost or are you alive? its kinda heard for me to tell who's alive or not ...

*Also, I am corporeal.

*Therefore not a ghost.


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How much does Carol love Daryl?

Oh I don’t know I mean he is the man that went searching for her daughter like she was his own. Nearly got himself killed doing so as well.

Gave her a flower to give her hope and was there to hold her and protect her on the worst day of her life.

Who came back for her at the farm and whose company she sought out at the campfire.

He’s the one that swung the door open when she thought she was going to die in the Tombs. And who carried her to safety.

He’s the one she’s never had to explain herself too, who understands what she’s been through and never judges her. Has always protected her and defended her and always seemed to find her, even when she tied to leave. Who hugged her so tightly when she came back that she couldn’t help but feel loved and accepted.

Who told her it didn’t matter what she did, they could start over.

Who killed a mother and child walker and burned their bodies so she wouldn’t have to.

Who forgave her for leaving him even thought it hurt him.

Who lied to her to make her feel better and give her some peace and quiet even though his mind was a tortured mess as

Who is the light of her life and probably in her mind the one good thing she’s got left.

He is the one person she has no defense against. Her shields can not protect her from the way he looks at her.

Who she hugged like this..

(gif by @ooohshiny)

She hugged him like she didn’t want to let him go..

So yeah id say she loves him a whole fucking lot wouldn’t you?

so about that Monster AU here’s some sketching for character design :o

First things first, EVAN HANSEN!

K so Evan’s not a monster bc i couldn’t think of anything rly special for him so I just kinda “HEY LETS DO SOMETHING THAT’S KINDA TREE RELATED”
so alas he’s a flowery boui
he just
makes flowers n shit
some mother nature bs
lol but the thing is w/the vines on his arms (dunno why i didn’t do both arms even though that’s how it’s supposed to be lol)
It grows the flowers n shit on the vines when he’s in a good mood or smth and when he gets spooked or is angered w/e thorns in shit come out like a defense mechanism :o 
The flower in his hair closes n shit when he’s tired or weak or smth

2 pics bc im lov ?

i dont really think these out alot but anyways

Next up, the insanely cool, JARED KLEINMAN!

The mother fucker that started this shit
Okay so the reason this exists is because i wanted to make a succ joke
Basically the thing i have with him is the basic vamp shit but instead of succ-ing blood he succs the color outta bathbombs and then chucks the color-less ones at people
because jared

Next on the list, CONNOR MURPHY!

Honestly do i need to explain the Ghost shit
He’s still physically there to the fact you can touch him but he can still do that Houdini bs and make shit float, including himself.
The only thing he cant do is go through walls
bc physicality is a bitch
also i did two bc why not i like drawing connor pf

Woop galaxy gay number one ZOE MURPHY!

I mostly mae her a were wolf bc she’s one strong gal, wolves are rad as heck, and the thing of howling at moons
she is a space gay after all like pf why not
Plus i see here enjoying chasing Connor
bc siblings

Lastly, we have nerdy gay number one, ALANA BECK!

Honestly i dont have much of any reasoning behind why she’s a zombie I should thought it’d be cool and i couldnt think of anything else sdjfh
plus i like drawing it?? its p rad
the thing is 
shes a zombie w/a brain 
She tends to scold everyone and try to keep everyone civilized and calm but it’s pretty hard with the Murphy siblings hhgk



but uh
i try? idk

ill leave you with the memory

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(yall know that episode of spn where dean is taken by the Jinn and sees this alternate universe where mary never died? and he has his family and things are nice and stuff? this is basically that) 

au in which 10k gets the booster shot, and hallucinates a world where the zombie apocalypse never happened. 

When 10k wakes up, he finds himself in a bed.

Not just any bed. A comfortable bed. One with clean sheets, and nice smelling pillows.

He opens his eyes, and sees a white ceiling above his head. To his left, a nightstand with a small lamp on it. A bottle of water, half empty. To his right, a bundle of pillows and blankets.

When it moves, and a head pops out from underneath, he nearly pulls the lamp from beside him and brings it down onto the moving object.

You push the covers off of your face, giving him a sleepy smile.

“What are you staring at?” You murmur, blinking the sleep out of your eyes, dropping your head on the pillow beside you.

“What?” He asks.

“You’re staring. And tossing and turning. Bad dream?” You ask.

His brows furrow, and he sits up.

This doesn’t make sense.

The last time he saw you was in the bar. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, and told him you’d see him again soon.

The last thing he remembers is plunging an injector into his leg.

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Favourite characters: 1/?

↳ Huey Freeman:

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” Seems to be getting harder distinguishing reality from the illusions that people make for us or from the ones that we make for ourselves… I don’t know, maybe that’s part of the plan. To make me think I’m crazy.’ (insp.)