you wanna know why I love vixx??

bc they go from this

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to this

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and I love it so much

ill leave you with the memory

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(yall know that episode of spn where dean is taken by the Jinn and sees this alternate universe where mary never died? and he has his family and things are nice and stuff? this is basically that) 

au in which 10k gets the booster shot, and hallucinates a world where the zombie apocalypse never happened. 

When 10k wakes up, he finds himself in a bed.

Not just any bed. A comfortable bed. One with clean sheets, and nice smelling pillows.

He opens his eyes, and sees a white ceiling above his head. To his left, a nightstand with a small lamp on it. A bottle of water, half empty. To his right, a bundle of pillows and blankets.

When it moves, and a head pops out from underneath, he nearly pulls the lamp from beside him and brings it down onto the moving object.

You push the covers off of your face, giving him a sleepy smile.

“What are you staring at?” You murmur, blinking the sleep out of your eyes, dropping your head on the pillow beside you.

“What?” He asks.

“You’re staring. And tossing and turning. Bad dream?” You ask.

His brows furrow, and he sits up.

This doesn’t make sense.

The last time he saw you was in the bar. You pressed a kiss to his forehead, and told him you’d see him again soon.

The last thing he remembers is plunging an injector into his leg.

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(from ask-dragon-quest-louis) louis:@chara: soo... are you a ghost or are you alive? its kinda heard for me to tell who's alive or not ...

*Also, I am corporeal.

*Therefore not a ghost.


Fell poth

Btw this is poth problem trying to be their old poth ship but somethings interfere.
Part 2 is here…. So enjoy.
(This may have swears words)
After a long time of kissing during the beautiful moon shine, both palette and fell! goth spereate their lips leaving a question, “What was that for.” Fell!goth didn’t expect fell!palette to show up even if he asked a question. “Just leave me alone,“said fell!goth.
“Oh I see where it going,“said fell!palette, "YOU can’t even do this goth!”
“Do what?"said fell!goth, ” liked you cared.“
"YOU CAN’T KISSED HIM ONLY ME!"said fell!palette that goth felt liked loved but anger at the same time.
"Liked I said WHEN YOU CARED, YOU ASSHOLE JUST LEAVE ME THE FU-” said goth but palette stop them argue .
“Just be quiet! Fell!goth you go with me and just go home!"said palette and hugged goth by the side.
Fell!palette couldn’t believe that fell!goth would just leave like that but for reason fell!palette listen to palette and went home. Fell!goth was surprise at both palettes. Fell!palette said do not kiss him and palette just hugged him feeling like he was protected. When goth got to palette’s house, his parents weren’t mean liked his old world. Fell!dream was prevent but kind-dirty and fell!ink was the same as this ink. Dream was kind and nice and greet him like they were friends.
Fell!goth never felt to much kindness around him even though he just met them. "Sup sweetie would you like any drinks,” said dream.
“No thanks I’m fine,” said fell!goth.
“Nice to meet you kiddo,” said ink.
“Nice to meet you too,"said fell!goth and went to the couch next to where palette is sitting.
"Um… Palette… forgive me,” said fell!goth, “I didn’t know this would happened, you know, but I just… I just…I- I don’t know,"said fell!goth, his first time saying sorry, well second time.
Palette couldn’t say anything he was just staring at fell!goth’s month moving while he was talking. He wanted to kiss him so bad but not on front of his parents. Fell!goth surprise that palette would kiss him at the front of the head. This made fell!goth feel positive and dreamy a little. Fell!goth was about to say something but ink interrupt.
"So kid what brings you here,"said ink like a detective was questioning him to slove the case.
"Umm…I had problem with my friend,” said fell!goth about to cry but hold the tears back.
“What kind of problem,” said dream entering the conversion.
“Haha.. Where do I start?"said fell!goth
Later he explained it to them he felt comfortable with them and of course they allowed him to stay for a while. Fell!goth felt sleepy at the end of the story and slept next to palette’s shoulder. Palette was blushing and ink was drawing them. "Looking nice,"said ink as he finished with the drawing and show it to dream. Dream chuckle a little looking how much his boy grew and found a boyfriend.
When the sun came to bright through the window fell!goth found himself on top of palette and looked how handsome he’d looked. Fell!goth giggle which made palette open his eyes looking at fell!goth.
"Wow I wasn’t expecting that you would sleep below me,"said fell!goth.
"Well who was going to protect you from that palette,"said palette with a little pribe trying not to tell him he’d like him.
"Well my hero I’ll thank you for everything you did for me,"said fell!goth.

Not the end I never thought this would be a long series but eh..
Ink- @comyet Dream- @jokublog
fell!goth- @nekophy
fell palette and palette- @angexci

Recuperating Hitler

While it is very true that Hitler killed alot of people, it is also true that he was a fan of animals. He was not a bad guy when it came to his dogs, was even a vegetarian (which I personally agree with), and before he killed himself he killed his dogs too so they wouldn’t get tortured. This shows that Hitler was not always as bad as they make him out to be.