I have 5 books being mailed to me and yet I am still buying more books. I was going to order this book online but I didn’t want to wait I wanted to read it now. So I just bought and I cannot wait to read. I heard people’s opinion about it but I want to read it for myself. It sounds very good … We shall read and see :P

Two out of my five books came yesterday in the mail. I was Soo happy but I was disappointed to see one of the books that I had got was in a acceptable condition instead of like brand new .. Which is what it said on the site. I can get pass it cause I’m just happy my books came ! I’m still not finished with Half Bad but I am almost there but I am loving the book ❤️

My friend made me so happy today because she came to me asking what books are good to read … I just burst inside lool I just pulled out a list and gave it to her xD
I don’t know why but it just made me super happy !!! She actually went out a got one of the books I told her about.
Yay I can’t wait to start reading it (after I finish the book I am currently on) but Whooo can start a mini book club lol
Mostly talking about the characters that upset us the most