Forever Train

This is my interpretation of Forever Train.

Myles, as the young child, is told by the conductor that he (the conductor) doesn’t have a heart. The train goes on ‘forever’ and makes no exceptions to anyone, maybe representing life. This is shown by the bomb the child is given, life has no heart, it doesn’t care who and how it affects others.

Chris has lost his ticket, which is what the child didn’t have. Chris knows he can get it back, but not without trouble. His suitcase probably contains important belongings to himself, including his train ticket, or his ticket to life. He wants to get his life back before he can’t get it back.

Tom’s character wanted to start a ‘train fight’, maybe representing the fight for life? He attacks the child, who actually fights back. The child does later get blown up again, meaning bad times can hit you more than once, even when you think you are stronger and have survived.

The fly represents the rich. People who don’t want to share their money and help those in need. He only wants to help Chris get his suitcase back if he can get something out of it for himself.

Daisy and Colin are characters who need to be read to find things out about them (shown by the page 3 joke), though Chris does disturb them. Newspapers hold everything that’s going on in the world, although it’s usually bad.

The historical figure represents what has happened in the past. He wants to go back, maybe change time? Or return home?

The robot can only feel pain and fear, possibly representing depression and anxiety. The robot wants to see inside the suitcase and gets a bit upset about which makes me think he represents mental disorders. But then again, he seems okay at first and then gets a bit violent. The fly then tackles the bandit, thinking he will gain something from Chris for getting the suitcase back, even though Chris doesn’t want his help and has nothing to give.

The bandit stole Chris’s ticket, or life. The bandit called Chris a chum, so maybe he had been in this situation before?Chris might be ill/dying and this is how he is trying to get better? Chris is running out of time to get his ticket back. Though Chris blames the child and the child gets hurt in the process.

When Chris gets the ticket to the conductor, suddenly he is accepted again.
He is allowed to get of the train and continue like normal. The conductor says that fights on the train are common, ‘they happen all the time’.

Forever Train is about the truth of life, the reality and hardships. You will struggle along the way. (With a little bit of comedy chucked in) nobody is really the hero, but no one is really a villain either.