I have found a phanfic crossover doctor who thing I wrote like half a year ago. It’s not finished but haha

Dan sighed. How much longer was Phil going to take? Dan was starting to feel the cold, his hoodie and his black t-shirt with the white circle wasn’t doing much to keep him warm. 

He was waiting outside the BBC, Phil had gone back inside because he had left something behind. Probably his jacket or a prop used for Dan Vs Phil.  Surprisingly, nobody else had been waiting outside for him. Usually he and Phil were bombarded with dozens of fangirls, or Phangirls. after the show. Then again, it was very cold outside and they were out later than usual.  Dan wrapped his arms around himself, his teeth chattering. Come on Phil he thought. He started walking around, he couldn’t stand still anymore. He looked down at the grey concrete floor and paced back and forth. ‘umfph’ Dan said, out of shock than anything else. He really should have looked were he was going, then he wouldn’t have walked into anyone. He looked up, in front of him stood a man with defined cheek bones and messy brown hair. He was wearing an old fashioned smart long brown coat,   and a white shirt with a red bow tie. It wasn’t what you would wear normally, especially on a chilly English night.  'Sorry…’ he said. He didn’t like situations like this, he was socially awkward and struggled when he had to talk to strangers. He could feel his cheeks burn red, though he hoped the man couldn’t see it in the dark. 'Oh yes, sorry,’ the man spoke quickly 'I really should have been looking where I was going. I’m just looking for… my… Something…'  Dan was happy to have gotten away without saying too much, this man seemed way to busy to argue with someone like him. 'Have you seen it?’ the stranger asked 'What?’ Dan asked 'A blue box, one of those police boxes,’ he said  'No…’ Dan honestly replied 'Do you want to borrow a phone?’ 'No…no…It’s not that…’ he said Dan frowned, this man seemed a bit off. Was he drunk?  'Are you sure you are okay?’ Dan questioned  'Yes I’m fine… just got to find the tardis…’ he replied Dan smiled slightly. This man was a bit strange. He nodded at him and walked closer to the BBC. Phil had to be coming out anytime soon. He leaned against the wall and ignored the man who was holding a metal buzzing object into the air.  'Dan!’ Phil exclaimed 'Hi Phil,’ Dan smiled weakly, glad to see his friend 'we should go now,’ Phil nodded, he was tired and had been planning on watching Buffy before falling asleep.