Feliciano was still bleeding, though it wasn’t enough to keep concerns running. He had made his way to the tent where he’d seen Yao, his normal hand covering the eye on his left shoulder. “Yao?” he asked, leaning towards the canvas tent. “Are you in there?”

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Running into the tent with his hand over his eye, the kitten rummaged through the medical kits before turning to face Marlijin..eating ice cream and watching a movie.. Stopping completely, he furrowed his brows in confusion. "Mar...what are you doing?"

Marlijn looked up, spoon in her mouth, eyes red rimmed from crying and tear tracks over her face. Sniffling slightly, she wiped at her eyes, surprised anyone had even come here during this time of the day. “O-Oh! Hey Yao, didn’t see you there.” She hiccuped, frowning. “I was just watchin’ a movie and eatin’ ice cream because men are fucking idiots.” She huffed, taking another rebellious spoonful of ice cream and shoving it in her mouth.

The ringmaster was far too close, the kitten’s sensitive nose was barraged by a range of disorienting smells. This, along with the praise he was receiving, and the hands that were “petting” him made for a very different experience. Especially since there was an extremely strong metallic smell that sparked concern in him.

But, he decided that it was the best for both of them not to question what that smell was. This resulted in Yao purring and leaning his head more into Ivan’s hands.

"I am?" he asked quietly. "I am not that cute.."

Ivan smiled softly when he saw Yao start to relax. “You are.” he said, poking Yao’s nose softly. “I am looking forward to your show tonight. I quite enjoy the Saturday night shows.” he said.

Ivan stepped back a bit, looking Yao over curiously. “Did you change your uniform?” he asked, looking around at the rest of the tent to see if there were any differences in the other acrobats’ uniforms.

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Purring, Yao sat inside the lion's cage, petting them behind the ears as he swayed his tail back and forth happily. Looking behind him, he saw that there was someone there. "Oh, hello! I hope it is okay that I am playing with the lions." he said, still smiling.

He arched an eyebrow at the sight of a stranger in the cage, but at the sight of a tail chose not to question. “It’s fine.” Luciano said, remaining standing outside of the cage. “As long as Ivan doesn’t have a problem I don’t.”

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Still coughing, Yao walked through the area for the lions, bundling himself in a blanket. "Luciano?" he called out, hoping that the italian could give him a little diagnosis of his illness.

"Hold on!" Finishing up his task of filling the bowls with water, he dusted himself off and left the tent, crooking an eyebrow when he saw Yao. "Hey, what is it?" Luciano asked, frowning when he saw his state. "Sick?"

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Look what I can do! [pops out his glass eye]

It took a moment for him to process what had just happened, but when he did, he took a step back with an expression twisted into disgust. “N-no way. Oh my God. O h my g o d—” Feliks felt everything in his stomach churn uncomfortably, and he covered his mouth, waving his other hand wildly. “Do not. Oh my God do not come near me with that.”

The cure |alostkittenwithoutamind

He’d done it. Not by himself obviously, but he had done it.

Scratching the lion behind the ears, he whispered something soothing to the beast as he injected it, then tossing out the needle. All of the tamer’s cats were vaccinated now, so they’d be recovering soon.

Now came the hard part. Getting to Yao without being noticed. It wouldn’t be very easy in his current state.

Nevertheless, Luciano stuffed a bunch of medical supplies in his satchel and snuck onto the government’s grounds. By the time he caught the hybrid’s scent, he’d already knocked out two guards. They’d wake up soon and then he’d be in trouble.

"Yao, are you here?" He whispered harshly, trying to find the other.