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shinyas-crimson-lotus asked:

Hey! Saw some of your art and loved it, maybe a few tips?

// Hello!! thank you so much!!
I’m not sure what type of tips you are looking for, but the most I can say is try new things whenever you have a chance. If you see a neat tutorial, or have chance to try out a new program; go for it!! don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone!!

took me a few years to start to grow with my art, but here’s my most recent improvement ??

The most  I did was try out new things, such as find new colors, try out overlays, mess with layers/color lines, and so much more! I think the thing that helped me most I use to force myself to draw everyday, until it came to a point where I eventually drew everyday without even having to think about it or force myself. /// probably draw about 5 or more things a day?? depending on what I’m doing while on the computer, sometimes I can spit out more

I think the most important thing is to not give up on your art, and never say you’re not improving. Because I assure you, you’re improving with each drawing you do.

also; never compare yourself to other artist and their styles, because all art is different and we all improve in our own ways. You’ll only get more upset with your art if you stare at others and judge yours to another artist.


There’s so much that happened to Joan in this episode. She got kidnapped, she pulled off a trauma surgery with vodka and a box cutter. She didn’t become the damsel in distress. She helped her captor in a heartbeat - because she is a doctor first. And during the whole ‘exchange’ process, she kept her calm.

But then the guy she tries to save gets brutally shot to death. Joan thinks she has failed as a doctor and a detective. Then comes the whole Mycroft act, and he says there’s a great deal he needs to tell her. And Joan perhaps wonders whether she has failed as a person too, fallen prey to this man’s deceit. I have never seen Joan Watson so afraid, so broken and so unsure of herself. There has to be repercussions, there has to be an addressing of what Joan is going through…

Saint George Basin, Australia by European Space Agency
Via Flickr :
This satellite image over the Kimberley region of Australia captures the Saint George Basin along the country’s northwestern coast. The basin is a deep harbour connected to the sea by a narrow strait. It is bounded by steep cliffs with large expanses of tidal mud flats and mangroves. The Prince Regent River flows into the basin from the lower-right corner, and the land north of this river is part of the Prince Regent National Park – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Aboriginal Worora people are the traditional owners of this area, which is one of Australia’s most remote. It is mainly accessed by air or boat, since there are no roads. The Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite captured this image on 16 June 2009. ALOS was supported as a Third Party Mission, which means that ESA used its multi-mission ground systems to acquire, process, distribute and archive data from the satellite to its user community. In April 2011 the satellite abruptly lost power while mapping Japan’s tsunami-hit coastline. Credit: JAXA/ESA

More Landscapes here.


#sassycoco vlog: 4th wall breaking (also it’s my birthday, so the reveal) 🎉🎁

MOD: Eeyup, nobody asked for it but I did it anyway. Hopefully I’ll do more vines soon XD I am full of ideas.