Alo having a smoke as he sat on the hood of his car, waiting for his girl to come about. He knew she didn’t like him smoking, but he was with his mates and he didn’t want to seem like he wasn’t the dominant figure in the group. And then he saw his girl. ( loveiswater )

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There’s so much that happened to Joan in this episode. She got kidnapped, she pulled off a trauma surgery with vodka and a box cutter. She didn’t become the damsel in distress. She helped her captor in a heartbeat - because she is a doctor first. And during the whole ‘exchange’ process, she kept her calm.

But then the guy she tries to save gets brutally shot to death. Joan thinks she has failed as a doctor and a detective. Then comes the whole Mycroft act, and he says there’s a great deal he needs to tell her. And Joan perhaps wonders whether she has failed as a person too, fallen prey to this man’s deceit. I have never seen Joan Watson so afraid, so broken and so unsure of herself. There has to be repercussions, there has to be an addressing of what Joan is going through…