alopecia universalis

10 Awesome perks about Alopecia

So, recently I did a post about ‘10 real struggles of Alopecia Areata’, and I thought why not do one about the perks of Alopecia (come one people, you know there are plenty).

Here’s a few points that should make all those 'regular’ ladies with hair feel a wee bit jealous:

1.   You can change up your hairstyle and colour three times in one day (sometimes even more) if you feel like it. You could start the day as a sophisticated brunette at work, then switch to a cheeky blonde for a night out. You could even chuck on that fire red bob you have in the closet when your boyfriend comes over.

2.   You don’t have to wash your hair every second day. Ah, that feeling when you don’t wash your hair for a whole week (or more) and it doesn’t get oily and nasty, ever. Extra points because you can do it in the sink!

3.   You can take 4 minute showers if you’re running late. No hair—nothing to worry about!

4.   When it’s really over the top hot, you have an awesome cooling system. You can just take that sucker (beanie/headscarf/hat/wig) right off your head and voilà—instant cool down.

5.   You become a pro with makeup. Anyone would if they had to draw on brows and lash lines as much as you.

6.   You can rock the same up-do twice in a row without having to redo it. Isn’t it fantastic when you do your hair in the morning, take it off (still in the up-do) in the evening, then put it back on the next morning? Oh, and it’s absolutely on form, too.

7.   You can change your eyebrow shape to suit your mood. If you’re feeling dramatic high-arches on Monday, and natural ones Tuesday—no worries! You’re the Picasso of the brow.

8.   When the timing with your 'pecia is right, you don’t have to shave/wax much. Yeah, good riddens pubes, until we meet again.

9.   Rubbing your head is the perfect comfort habit. Whenever you need a good dose of comfort, you can just give that little head a good rub—or even better yet, get someone else to!

10.   You don’t have to worry about humidity frizz, or crazy wind throwing your perfect hair off form. You’re out on the town with your girls, it starts to rain, and they squeal and try to cover their heads. You don’t. You keep strutting your stuff like a f***ing supermodel.

11.   This is the bonus round. Because dealing with hair loss every single day has tested and tried you, and made you into the strongest person that you can be. Even if you don’t feel it sometimes.

Stay awesome, my beautiful Alopecians.


In 3 weeks I’m moving to the Seattle area of Washington, from my home in Las Vegas. I get to see this beautiful face as often as I want, instead of only once every few months. I’m not moving there for him, he’s just a really huge perk 💚 we aren’t officially dating but as far as I’m concerned he’s my mans. I’m so excited to see this kid. I haven’t seen him since September and it’s been agonizing. I’m excited to start my new life and get back on my feet. I’ve already got a job lined up and everything. Here’s to new beginnings ✨

Every Monday is dedicated to painting(or i try) with a group. I had the background for this painted awhile ago with an intended use but never put in time to continue.

This Monday I started the next part and finished it. It’s been on plans since last year and is about my Alopecia Universalis. It’s not exactly how I planned it, but it still holds the same basic look I wanted.

Painted on wood with liquid acrylics.

Accepting Alopecia

I think that the hardest thing about Alopecia is accepting it. Sure, we can slap on a wig, hat or turban to hide ourselves within society, but to actually accept hair loss and who we are with it is an achievement not all obtain easily.

Marketing and media have influenced society in becoming a place only for those of beauty, and have successfully painted a picture of what they claim perfection looks like. This has caused a chain reaction in billions of people, setting out to become ‘beautiful’ in order to be socially accepted.

Amongst the billions, scattered in all parts of the world, is the small niche that have Alopecia. Whether it be partial, or total hair loss—we all struggle to hide it, often denying it ourselves, in order to have a place in society.

An auto-immune disease beyond our control has taken our hair from us, yet others feel the need to discriminate us and accuse us of abnormality. Alopecia then becomes something that we have to deal with, rather than it being a part of who we are.

It takes courage, to accept ourselves, and begin living our lives again. Life without fear of rejection, without judgement, and without discrimination. Alopecia is a part of us, and we are equal to everyone else in this world—and as soon as we can accept this, the world will follow.

We are all beautiful people, with or without hair, we just need to realise that truth, because life is what you make of it.


I was doing some slightly different than usual pieces, specifically around the Graphic Design/Typography style. After drawing the first two, I was trying to think of what to draw and as I’m drawing a face, I think “…I need to draw more bald people, given my situation” so…I did.

And I made up 2 pictures to represent Alopecia. I hope people like them.