The Killers Among the Most In Demand Festival Bands in the United States

In January of this year Aloompa, a provider of turn-key mobile applications for music, food, sports and community focused events, published a report that detailed the popularity of various music acts in 2015 across 50 United States music festivals.

Before getting into the generalizations and highlights of the report below, I would encourage you to read the overview of the report provided by Aloompa here and the full report here.


Our position as one of the leading festival mobile app providers allows us to have a unique view on the industry that many don’t. In 2010, we released a feature to begin keeping track of user’s behavior in aggregate form. In an event app, this could be an attendee liking or scheduling an artist.

  • Aloompa compiled user schedule data from the Top 50 most popular festival apps in 2015.
  • Using the data, we created a proprietary scoring system that measured the relative demand of artists throughout the 2015 festival season.

To begin our process, we chose a group of our Top 50 most popular festivals based on total app sessions, general festival size, and festival type. Next, we aggregated the schedule data from each attendee’s ‘My Schedule’ section. Within each Aloompa app, an attendee has the ability to create their own schedule. This functionality makes it easy for attendees to keep track of the artists they are most excited to see. Using this data, we developed a proprietary weighted score that takes into account the number of attendees that added an artist to their schedule, the number of total schedules created, and the total number of festivals played in 2015. The result allowed us to see an artist’s “Popularity Share” of a festival lineup, the most “In Demand” artists across an entire genre, and an aggregated Top 100.

Ok, fine, get on to The Killers then.

For the purposes of this report, Aloompa has grouped The Killers under ‘Pop’.  In this category, The Killers are the second most popular group, behind Mumford & Sons, with a weighted ranking of 64.53.

Interestingly, had The Killers been included in the ‘Rock’ category, they would have ranked second, behind Modest Mouse, or third, behind Modest Mouse and Mumford & Sons.

Among all 2015 music festival acts, The Killers ranked number seven. 

Overall Top 10

  1. Miranda Lambert- 75.75
  2. Modest Mouse- 68.96
  3. Justin Moore- 67.29
  4. Mumford & Sons- 67.18
  5. Calvin Harris- 65.24
  6. Kendrick Lamar- 64.86
  7. The Killers- 64.53
  8. Elton John- 63.00
  9. Cage the Elephant- 62.30
  10. Imagine Dragons- 59.84

In my opinion, while this report is among the first of its kind, it provides a brief behind the scenes glance at why The Killers have continued to headline festival after festival, year in and year out despite their more methodical and deliberate approach to releasing new material since 2008.

Tip taken from a Killers community.