alonso ramirez


                                                    “I trust you”

Nobody puts more heart into their storyboards than Alonso Ramirez Ramos does!  Selected boards from “Not What He Seems” by Alonso, directed by Stephen Sandoval, shack exterior boards by Dana Terrace. 


Special designs and color models from Northwest Mansion Mystery

Designs by Stephanie Ramirez & Ali Danesh

Color by Daniaelle Simonsen

TRIVIA: One of our board artists, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, suggested that Pacifica should be wearing red gloves because “her family has blood on their hands” Color really can help tell a story!  


Soos and the Real Girl marks my first episode storyboarding for Gravity Falls!

I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was doing back then. Thank goodness for our wonderful, hilarious director Matt Braly ( radrappy ) for being SO patient and so encouraging. Thank you Matt!!

On this episode, I board alongside the INCREDIBLE  Sabringa Cotugno ( arythusa ) and Alonso Ramirez. They’re both so insanely talented and kind. I was starstruck from day 1 and still am!

Enjoy the silly fruits of our labor!

Soos and the Real Girl premieres Monday, September 22 on Disney XD at 8:30 PM! Check your local listings!!!


So yeah, new GF on Monday and it’s a doozy.  Probably one of my favorite episodes of the season.  To everyone who has held out for this long: it means so much to us and thank you for your continued support!  

Amazing board team for this one including Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Vaughn Tada, Emmy C, and Luke Weber

The Meeting of Torako Lam

A/N: Bentley properly meets Torako Lam for the first time. His first impression of her is ‘loud.’


           Bentley was scribbling his side of the conversation Alcor at lunch, minding his own business and stealing quick bites of food between words when somebody set their bento down in the seat across from his.

           Alcor stopped mid-word, and Bentley looked up. It was a classmate he only vaguely recognized from Mathematical Magic as being one of the more boisterous people. They’d never actually really spoken, so he was understandably confused when she grinned and said, “Hey Ben! How’s it hanging?”

           “Uh,” was his intelligent response. When she sat down and looked at her bento to unstack it, he shot a quick what the hell look at Alcor, who jerked his shoulders up and then let them fall. Apparently it was called a ‘shrug,’ whatever that was.

           “Yeah, we don’t talk much do we?” The stranger laughed and glanced up from her box. “Hey, do you like musubi? My dad cooks it with too much soy and it kills me every time.”

           “Uh,” Bentley repeated. He wanted to ask who she was, but he also really didn’t want to embarrass himself more than he usually did. “I…guess?”

           “Here you go then!” She slid the top box over, and Bentley stared down in it in confusion. There were two musubi, yes, but also a pile of seaweed salad.

           He pointed at it with his chopsticks. “Um.”

           With a dismissive wave, she set into the second half of her bento. “Eh, take it. Too much of a pain to separate it out.”

           “Okay,” Bentley said, but he didn’t go for the offered food.

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