alonso ramirez


                                                    “I trust you”

Nobody puts more heart into their storyboards than Alonso Ramirez Ramos does!  Selected boards from “Not What He Seems” by Alonso, directed by Stephen Sandoval, shack exterior boards by Dana Terrace. 


Special designs and color models from Northwest Mansion Mystery

Designs by Stephanie Ramirez & Ali Danesh

Color by Daniaelle Simonsen

TRIVIA: One of our board artists, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, suggested that Pacifica should be wearing red gloves because “her family has blood on their hands” Color really can help tell a story!  


Lisa wasn’t able to carry her baby full term – because there were in fact two babies in her womb! (Without fertility treatment or cheesecake. Dammit.) Alonso and Javier keep their parents so busy they hardly sleep a wink.

Tessa helps as much as she can even though she doesn’t know much about childcare and has to focus on her schoolwork and her ballet lessons. But she really likes her brothers so far!