The Wendigo (Windigo, Wiindigoo, Witiko) - “The spirit of the lonely places” - is a cannibalistic spirit in Algonquin (a native American tribe) mythology. It is said that a human can change into a Wendigo when they indulge in cannibalism, or that a Wendigo can possess a human. Some sources say that the possession causes the transformation, while others say that being bitten by one can cause it.

Because of many similar features to the Sasquatch, the two are often confused. Wendigo’s are normally described as a tall (approximately 15 feet), thin humanoid creature, sometimes said to be twisted, bloodstained, or fanged. It has no lips, bares jagged teeth, and hisses with every breath. It’s bones are visible through its sickly yellow skin, and its body is composed of ice and matted fur. It gives off a horrendous odor that only the dead could match.

The legends of the Wendigo originated from the Quebec and Ontario regions of Canada. However, the tale has been told by tribes as far south as Minnesota. It usually resides in sheltered locations such as caves or dense forests, venturing out only to hunt.

The only food that a Wendigo desires is the succulent taste of human flesh. It is often believed that a Wendigo will get bigger and more powerful with every victim it consumes, growing more and more hungry; It’s hunger never fully quenched. In some traditions a person can be possessed by the Wendigo spirit and forced to commit violent cannibalistic acts. In other traditions once a person consumes another person’s flesh, whether out of necessity or not, they transform into a Wendigo.

While hunting, the Wendigo cautiously follows its prey, eventually causing them to fall into hysteria, and once the Wendigo sees an opportunity, it attacks with remarkable agility. Anyone who survives a Wendigo attack (a rare case indeed) contracts Wendigo fever: the person will feel an intense burning sensation in their legs, and have relentless nightmares.

It’s icy heart has led many to believe that burning the Wendigo could kill it. Others, claim that an appropriate use of silver (which is often used to kill other paranormal entities) will vanquish the beast. An old Objiwa story, however, depicts a hunter killing a Wendigo with a normal knife by repeatedly stabbing it in the head.