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I just heard to the whole musical and to be honest I thought before that the shipping is pure non canon. But Michael gives me those vibes as he had a crush on Jeremy, holy cow he is so selfless toward him, Jeremy you blind bag

yeah, i totally get you on that! there’s…a ridiculous amount of vibes. michael is confirmed to be pining for jeremy for most of the musical, whether romantic or platonic. and however you wanna interpret it (again, either romantic or platonic), at the very least, jeremy and michael share a really, really strong/emotional bond with one another. and i mean

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Alright folks, I have just realize that summer it’s a long time and I don’t have enough hockey content on my timeline. If you post anything hockey related (Wings, Stars, Caps and Leafs are my faves, but I’m not picky) just smash the reblog or like button (if you reblog it more people get to see it and I get to follow more blogs) and  I’ll follow you. Also, tag hockey blogs that I should follow yes or yes or yes. Thank you!