Like...This was the Beach Episode.

I’ve seen so many tumblr critters ask for a beach episode, along with so many other things that happened tonight.

We got a Pike arc

We saw Pike’s family

Pike and Grog got beads and braids

Prank war is back in full swing

Doty 2.0

THE FREAKING SLAYERS CAKE! Like are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? That’s freaking adorable, and I can just imagine the girls and Tary in there all the time laughing, having a good time, and bonding and holy shit.

And the cast totally had one too many drinks when coming up with that and decided to do it after having been sitting around for a long while, emptying their glasses.

Pike fought in the pit and DOMINATED!

We now have a fancy party in canon for Vex. Fanfic writers please, gods please deliver.

Also fanfic writers, I’m so interested in what ya’ll write now because it’s all so much feel good stuff. Please write about the year long break, please.

Vex built her house. She built it and is now rooming with Tary and they are best pals and the Little Elf Girl and Blondy nick-names kill me and I’m so happy.

Vex is an ambassador to Syngorn. She visited Velora and has now finally stopped looking for her Father’s approval. 


Keyleth and Vax have Tattoos now. Gods now I have to figure out how to draw Keyleth’s mantle tattoo.

The Ashari, Whitestone, and Emon now have life alert. lol.


Percy is gonna steam-punk the shit out of his city, isn’t he.

Gods…that’s so much information. Just…aug so any images and scenes I now get to mull over it’s absolutely awesome.

Thank you Critical Role crew, for the beach episode we deserved.

Twenty-Seven Years Later - Richie Tozier/Reader

Paring: Richie Tozier/Reader

Word Count: 738

Warnings: Brief mentions of deaths this fandom should never have to deal with

Request: Anon: Hi! Can I request a Richiexreader imagine where you two are a couple and you return to Derry 27 years later to defeat Pennywise again and you reveal to him that you’re pregnant m


So this probably isn’t as long as you’d want it to be but I’m gonna admit, I’ve not watched the mini series or read the book so I can’t really focus on a lot of the integral parts of the 27 years later part so sorry in advance if this sucks :/


When you received the call from a man you only had vague recollections of the shock of it was enough to have the phone slipping from your fingers. Because oh, that voice belonged to Mike Hanlon, you knew that voice, you’d always known it but somewhere it had been lost along the way with so many other things you’d hoped to forget.

Sewers and nightmares. Visions of blood and floating heads. A deranged mobile of children’s bodies and a yellow raincoat clutched in trembling hands.

Richie, having heard the clatter of the phone hitting the ground had come up behind you in concern. You couldn’t speak, the panic of twenty-seven years ago lodged in your throat. You gestured to the phone which he, in turn, picked up. You knew the moment the same realization dawned on him as well.

He went to adjust coke bottle glasses that were no longer there. Replaced by contacts years before.

You were both going back to Derry Maine.

You had a clown to kill.

You’d placed a hand across your stomach, a new and equally terrifying thought crept across your mind. No, you pushed it away, you had an oath to fulfill.

Once the group had reassembled you’d remember it all, each of their faces, the years spent together, and wondered what wicked force had made you forget them all. IT must have had something to do with it. You wondered if perhaps you and Richie hadn’t stayed together that maybe you might have forgotten him as well.

The thought made your stomach turn, hand reaching out to take his. He didn’t ask why; you figured he must have understood all too well.

When Stanley Uris didn’t arrive in the first day a buzzing of dread began to seep into the atmosphere. It wasn’t until Bill called to check on him did everyone seem to realize the actual situation they were in.

Stanley Uris had taken a bath.

Stanley Uris was dead.

In hindsight, it made sense to you though it did nothing to stop the tears from pooling in your eyes at the knowledge. You were all about to go up against an entity that had traumatized you in your childhood, some more than others. Being an adult now or not, it was a horrifying thought to come to terms with.

Even with Stan’s death at the front of your mind you simply held your husband’s hand tighter and descended into the sewers of Derry Maine with your friends.

IT was more horrible than even your memories could piece together. Perhaps it made sense that he would be considering his demonic, spider-like body. Still, as soon as it began, as soon as the panic had sunk into your very bones it seemed like it was over.

Richie was on the ground, cradling a bloody body to his chest, tears streaming down his face, Bev trying to get him to let go, and it was over.

Stan and Eddie were dead but so was IT.

Emerging from the sewers was surreal in a way you’d never experienced before but really, with blood and greywater covering you and the others, with death hanging to your skin, it didn’t seem right that the sun should be shining as brightly as it was. There should have been clouds and rain. The sky should have been mourning with you.

It wasn’t until the group had made their way back to Mike’s and were showered, still trembling, still terrified but clean, did you turn to Richie and place your hands in his.

“I’m pregnant.”

A pin dropping would have sounded like a bulldozer in the deathly silence of the room. It seemed like the right thing to say as the news, just for a moment, lifted the crushing weight from everyone’s shoulders as Richie surged forward and captured you in a tight, love filled embrace, tears once more pricking at his and your eyes.

Later, when you’d left Maine, and the months had stretched you were holding a baby boy in your arms. Richie and you made the choice of a name.

Though neither of you could pinpoint why exactly the name seemed the best, as though it were the only logical choice, Edward Stanley Tozier was going to be loved. That much you did know.


Dean x Reader based on the song Babe by Styx.

Babe, I’m leaving, I must be on my way. The time is drawing near. My train is going, I see it in your eyes, the love, the need, your tears. But I’ll be lonely without you. And I’ll need your love to see me through. So please believe me, my heart is in your hands. And I’ll be missing you.‘Cause you know it’s you babe, whenever I get weary, and I’ve had enough, feel like giving up. You know it’s you babe, giving me the courage, and the strength I need. Please believe that it’s true. Babe, I love you.

Dean had only meant to come here for a hunt, but here he was two years later, laying in bed next to you as he watched you sleep. He hadn’t been to the bunker in God knows how long; when he went on hunts with his brother he would just meet Sam wherever it was they needed to be, but this house with you, it was his home now. He had fallen madly in love with you and never wanted to leave.

He knew, however, that he had no choice but to leave you now, him being here was starting to put you in danger, and he couldn’t have that. He watched as you opened your eyes and looked up at him with love glistening in those pretty spheres. Man, he was gonna have a hard time letting go of you. A small yawn escaped your lips as you cuddled closer to him, relishing in the heat he gave off. “Do you want me to make breakfast?” You smiled up at him.

Dean nodded, “Yeah,” he said, like this was some special treat he would have to savor. And little did you know it was, for he didn’t plan to have breakfast with you again, at least not for a long time. You stayed in bed for a few moments longer, before you worked up the motivation to leave the comfort of the soft blankets, and more importantly Dean.

He was soon making his way into the kitchen himself though, and when he got close enough to you he wrapped his arms around you, placing loving kisses in your hair. Man, he loved your hair. He breathed in the smell of your shampoo before letting you go. He was planning on telling you he had to leave as soon as possible, but he decided it could at least wait until after breakfast, so he could have one last meal with you.

Your meal was nice, though you did most of the talking, because Dean was too busy soaking up your every move, trying to remember how your eyes darting from him to the food as you talked and the exact way you held your fork. It was silly, but Dean wanted to try to remember as much of you as he could. “Dean, are you ok?” You asked, setting your plate to the side. His behavior was starting to worry you and for good reason.

Dean took a deep breath and pushed his own plate away, facing you straight on. “(Y/n), I-” he drew a sigh and started his sentence again, “I gotta go,hun. It’s not safe for you to be around me anymore.” A cloud of silence filled the kitchen and settled, during which time Dean’s eyes searched your face, trying to decipher what you were feeling. “(Y/n), you know I love you, and I don’t want to leave you, but I have to. For your safety.”

You knew about Dean’s line of…work, and you knew that was why he felt the need to leave. “Dean, I don’t care about- about demons, or vampires or whatever it is that you think is going to come after me,” you assured him, but Dean just gave you a sad look in return. 

“How about lucifer?” He asked with a dry chuckle.

Your eyes grew wide at the name, “As in, evil, cast down from heaven, satan, Lucifer?” It had to be someone else, what would Lucifer want with you? You were probably as insignificant to him as a flea.You couldn’t even fathom the fact that Lucfer might come after you. Besides, Dean had never mentioned that the devil was up and about.

“Yep, that’s the one,” Dean pursed his lips and looked at you, hoping now you might realise the gravity of the situation. “I know that he’s gonna try to get me, and I can’t have him try to get to me through you.” You didn’t want Dean to leave, but you understood that he didn’t want you to get hurt, and that he probably wouldn’t be able to save you if Lucifer did come after you.

You looked at Dean for a moment and nodded, “I get it,” you told him giving him a slight nod and a smile. “So, um, when are you leaving?” You asked. You didn’t even know if you wanted an answer. You sure as hell didn’t want to be having this conversation, but you knew you had to, and as much as you wanted Dean to tell you that he was never leaving, you knew too, that that wasn’t the case.

If you thought Dean’s gaze couldn’t be any more sorrow filled, you were wrong. You knew the answer before he even said anything. “Today,” tears threatened to spill down your face, but you didn’t want that to happen, you knew Dean didn’t want to hurt you, so kept strong for him. “I’m catching the 11 o’ clock train, Sam’s gonna pick me up on the other end.”

You bit your lip and nodded, but it quickly donned on you that Dean didn’t need to take a train. “What about baby?” you knew Dean loved that car, it had been with him all this life, it was his pride and joy, it was quite literally his baby.

Dean cleared his throat, the tears that he too was holding back making his throat dry, “I uhh, I thought I’d leave it here. You know, so you can remember me. And as a promise that I’ll be back once this is all over.” Now you couldn’t help but start to ball. Him leaving baby for you was more than you could take and made this whole thing real. It finally hit you good and hard that Dean was leaving, and you couldn’t take it. 

Dean pulled your head into his chest running his hands through your hair and whispering sweet nothings and mumbling a “hush” and “shh” every now and then. When you finally pulled away your eyes were puffy and Dean’s shirt was tear stained. A glance at the clock showed that it was getting late, and you stood up simultaneously. That small action alone made you want to burst into another round of tears. You were so good together, so in sync. And that was all going to go away. 

You followed Dean up the stairs and helped him back, sniffles escaping each of you here and there as you folded clothes. Every time your hands brushed against each other Dean winced and you felt tears prick at the back of your eyes.

 Dean hated leaving you, you were his everything. You were the reason he didn’t drink himself under the table every night or just quit and let a demon kill him. You were the reason he could sleep at night, when his whole life consists of blood and death and tears. You gave him strength and courage. You made everything alright.

He looked over at you now, as you pulled one of his army surplus jackets closer to you, looking at him with tears in your eyes as you hugged it close, silently asking him to keep it. You knew a car was more than you could ask for, but you couldn’t cuddle a car, you couldn’t wrap it around you when you missed him in the night. He could see the pain and sorry in your eyes along with so many other things: not wanting him to leave, fear, love. Dean issued a small nod that earned him a sad smile as you slipped it on already.

It seemed like all too soon Dean’s things were packed and you were making your way down the stairs once more, Dean’s luggage over his shoulders, and your hand in his. You gripped it like your hand alone was the only thing that was keeping him there a second longer. When he reached the front door you didn’t want to let go, but when Dean had to set his things down you had no choice. 

“Do you want me to give you a ride to the train station?” you offered in a soft and surprisingly un-shaky voice.

“It’ll just make things harder. Jeff from the bar is going to give me a ride,” you nodded up at Dean, your mouth turning into a frown and water pooling in your eyes once more. “Shh,” he pulled you in for a hung once more, one of those calming, big hugs where he just pulls you right into him and makes you feel so safe. You were gonna miss those. “I’ll be back I promise,” you nodded and reached up to kiss those perfect lips of his one more time before he grabbed up his bags and walked out the door.

You watched him walk down to the end of the street where Jeff awaited him, from your window. Tears were already starting to flow down your face as you watched him stride, bow-legged, away from you. Dean looked back at you a couple of times as he walked, catching your eyes as you looked out the window, and there were tears running down his face too.

The Unexpected Guest

A little Frederick Chilton in honor of Raul Esparza Appreciation Week and @yourtropegirl. Enjoy, fantastic Frederick fans!!!

          Vermont. Hours away from Baltimore and exactly what the doctor ordered. Even though in some circles it might be considered far from the best idea to write one’s own prescription. But Dr. Frederick Chilton was in no mood for a second opinion, and this medicine would be DAW of his own accord.

           Starting out just after breakfast, he began the long drive north, having to stop every fifty miles or so to stretch his legs and rest his good eye along with the one that was always wearier, even in the sunlight. Every time he was tempted to turn back, he thought of the peace awaiting him in the lakeside cabin passed down through generations, vacant for the foreseeable future. So said his father’s assistant, the father who never paid him a single visit. Not when he was shot. Not when he was still considered a threat to the D.C. metro area and possibly the entire East Coast for crimes that would have turned his stomach even if he was able to digest animal flesh.

           Of which humans were merely a somewhat more sophisticated offshoot, and the less he had to associate with the supposedly highest rung of the food chain the better.

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Without Looking Back

Title: Without Looking Back

Multi/One Shot: One Shot

Genre: Angst

Summary: Drunk Tom shows up at his girlfriend’s apartment post-BAFTA party.

Author’s Note: Trying to widen my genre catalog! Comments appreciated! This one is a little longer than my usual.  Thank you to queenoftheprocrastination, mylostrepublic, and @stay-just-for-me for answering my question earlier today and to my beta spadesjade!


I had always been the girl who was perceived as perfect.  I had always been the girl who seemed to some to have little acceptance of human frailty.  I never understood why we chose to define our humanity by our tendency to make the unwise choice, the unwise choice that is easy in the moment and ranges from ill-advised to devastating in the long run.  Why don’t we let our ability to make the wise choice be what defines our humanity, along with the other?  So many things that are commonly thought of as enemies, as being unable to co-exist, those are the things that I believed had to exist together.  Our will, that is what defines us.  What we choose, that is what defines us.  

The wise choice is just as much evidence of a struggle as is the unwise choice.  That was the problem.  Too many people think that there is no struggle unless you fail.  I saw in their eyes many times that judgmental gleam.

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@rociposse asked for Nolden dancing. so of course I’m going full-on galactic ball, because I know what I’m about. set in a not-so-distant future where *vague hand movements* you know

When all is said and done, a message comes from Avasarala. It’s coming from too far away to be a two-way type of communication which, if Naomi had to guess, was the entire point. The message lasts barely more than a minute, an invitation of sorts – everyone involved in the events that unfolded since Eros are now cordially invited to a celebratory evening on Luna, and that includes the crew of the Rocinante. Avasarala looks as thrilled about it as Holden when he watches the message, and Naomi bites down a smile.

They can’t refuse, that much is certain. Not when they’re the poster children for everything this war represented – Earth and Mars and Belt coming all together in one crew, relying on each other to succeed. The fact that Holden is still seen as a hero and a martyr in the Belt doesn’t hurt either.

So Alex sets the coordinates for Luna. By the time they make it there, three full weeks of tensions and nervousness later, everyone had time to send messages to the right people and make plans. Holden had his parents ship his old naval uniform to Luna. Alex made sure his Martian one would be awaiting him on the little moon. Amos dipped in the join bank account to buy himself a nice suit.

Naomi still pretends she can just show up in her coveralls and be done with it.

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anonymous asked:

Doflamingo in this chapter, wow! Nothing new, yes, but It was just so damn awesome! What do you say? And so little panels and lines, but I was on the edge of my seat all the while! What a villain.

– What can I say:

I mean, damn. Here you have Doflamingo, who’s got several major injuries till now (Luffy’s red hawk, Law’s gamma knife, that severed his internal organs [that he only holds together with his strings], then all that Luffy did to him while being in Gear 4 mode [not even gonna list it]), and now- he’s walking through the town, wobbling (hence- feeling exhausted), and still wrecking Dressrosa. Searching for Luffy. Using awakening-powers. Controlling bird-cage. 

We were all excited to see him doing something like this, after we read last chapter, and saw all those Colosseum-fighters going for an attempt to stop him (for some time). To see his next action.

As for the lines:

Feel the wrath and power, people. -Then this:

((This is my favorite panel of his in this chapter. For both lines, context and art)).

He’s speeding up bird cage to root Luffy out. As we’ve seen the sudden speeded-up shrinking of cage just after this, and people’s reactions to it. 

((what. can. I. say))

 I mean, Doflamingo is such a huge threat, there’s so much to say about that. Imagine a person who so powerful and destructive, and who both plans in advance (like he did, for example, with Dressrosa [we know that even from time in flashback, that Corazon tried to stop him from plotting and planning the taking over of the  since then]) and who can also adapt to any given situation he is in and take it over again. To turn tables in his own favor. And be constantly in the game (and Dressrosa arc is full of such situations). He’s not blinded with some things, such as power or pride, for example. Yes, he’s strongly enraged, but also all the while he’s adapting and calculating. And you can’t have a moment to relax around all that (when it has a threatening/villain role).

– What also makes him be such a huge threat: Doflamingo is a power-house, a damn beast - and that also doesn’t blind him. While he IS aware of his own power, he is also aware that there are other people that are more powerful than him (Kaido), or that he’s not match for (Tsuru). And he admits that.

Why is that so strongly threatening?

He’s not reckless. He will not act recklessly. He’s aware of nature of given situations, and, if it’s possible, if it’s not necessary to confront with them, he’ll look for another way to handle it. He’s aware of things and effects of his own and others’ actions. And, also if it’s not necessary, he will not let himself be engaged in conflict-situations that could only take his time and that have no meaning or impact on his plans (Aokiji situation for example). Therefore, that dangerous, cunning, destructive, power-house that he is, will last longer, meaning - His dangerous and evil deeds will continue to who knows when.

Doflamingo is a perfect example of a metaphorical line- ‘’Evil never sleeps’’- in One Piece world. And that (along with so many other things about him, as well as all the wrong he did in this whole time), makes his future defeat even more impactful (trying to be only formal here!!).

And there’s so much more to talk about him. Doflamingo is an amazing villain and character, with so many layers. 

The Beginning of Magic

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1851

Summary: Dean moves to a new town, and meets the Reader. The two quickly become friends, and discover something special in common.

Part 1 in Magic Series.

Oh my gosh- 300 stories!! I can’t believe I’m already at this point, it’s amazing. Thank you all for reading my stories,. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am, and I wouldn’t be this far. So thank you. 

In celebration of 300, this is the first part to a new series I’ve wanted to write for so long. It’s a Harry Potter themed fic, in the Harry Potter Universe. I’m planning on posting parts on Saturdays from now on, expect for Halloween. They will be longer, each part eventually focusing on one year at Hogwarts. So, let me know what you think!! Enjoy, and again, thank you!

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I hope you can trust the motions of her lips when they are pressed against yours, so much that you’ll never be able to get enough. When you open your front door, I hope she pulls you in by your hips and she runs her fingers through your hair and I hope she never takes for granted those nights on the couch with your head on her chest. I hope she cherishes your soul before she tries to show how much she appreciates your body. I hope she gets lost inside your universe, in fact, I hope she’s the center of it. I pray she will memorize your curves, ticklish spots, weaknesses, decides to use that knowledge fairly, and will keep all of your secrets. I hope she knows how lucky she will be to drown in the sounds of your laughter as it roars from inside you when she cheers you up on your worst days, along with so many of the other little things I’ve been so privileged to have experienced first hand and enjoyed. I pray that she will always fight for you and a chance to see that smile. I pray that she will pray for you. Like wine, I hope your love never feels tired, old, broken in, routine, or faded. I wish you nothing but sleepless nights but still in her company. I wish you nothing but butterflies in your stomach, whose wings will never stop fluttering. I hope that she falls hopelessly in love with you  with each passing day, and I hope she’s the one that can finally make you feel that way too.
—  if i’m not the one, I hope she’s the best reason why.

Derek Morgan is such an important character and I have so many feelings about him like you would not believe. 

Derek Morgan is a flirtatious, buff, protective, “manly”, alpha male who is also one of the most gentle and thoughtful people on the show. 

He’s always himself, no matter what. He won’t change how he talks or acts unless it’s for someone else’s comfort (see the episode where Garcia wants to tone down on the flirting because she’s embarrassed, he does so because she asks him to even though he doesn’t think it’s necessary). 

Derek Morgan always tries his best to respect authority but considering his past it’s really not a surprise that he makes sure to call those he thinks are wrong out. I mean he even tells Hotch off even though it’s clear that there’s no other authority figure he respects more.

He’s so so good with kids (god he’s so so good with kids) always being gentle and making sure they’re comfortable with his presence. 

He’s a survivor in so many aspects but I think one of the more important aspects is that he’s a sexual abuse survivor. Showing a brave, strong, male sexual abuse survivor on tv is so important because it shows that yes it can happen to men too and no it doesn’t make you any less of a man, along with so many other things. 

He’s always gentle and kind if he thinks you deserve it, regardless of gender or sexuality, he has no qualms about calling Reid “pretty boy” or playing with his hair or comforting him or touching him because he couldn’t care less what people think of his sexuality. 

I mean I could go on about how much I love Derek Morgan to be honest but we’d be here all day and night so I’m just gonna let this sit here for now.

Relax, Release, Repeat

Title: Relax, Release, Repeat
Pairings/Characters: Tsukishima/Yamaguchi
Rating: PG
Summary: Tsukishima attempts to give Yamaguchi a foot massage, Yamaguchi is too ticklish for that by far, and fair turn-about wins the day.
Warning:  None
a/n: So I started writing this back in like… June of 2014. Might’ve been on a bus to or from Vienna? Never finished it, mostly because originally it was gonna be PWP and I have scruples regarding writing porn on buses. Had my heart only been more pure then, I could have finished this years ago. 

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anonymous asked:

any simple tips you can give me to help loose weight? I'm not trying to loose a Jurassic amount, or restrict eating or anything, just trying to get a little more healthy with my routines! Anything helps!! thanks!

Yeah of course! here are some simple things you can do to be healthier and slim down a bit without any big changes to your life:

  • Drink tons of water: If you aren’t drinking enough your body kind of panics and assumes you won’t get as much as you need, so it stores it inside your body, causing you to look more bloated and have more water weight. My mom always said, “if you’re not annoyed with how often you have to pee, then you aren’t drinking enough water”
  • Eat a big breakfast, preferably earlier in the morning: If you eat a ton when you wake up then you will be less hungry later in the day, and the earlier you are eating food the more time and activity your body has to digest it before you sleep!
  • Don’t eat too late at night: Try eating dinner earlier than you normally do and then have a small snack a couple hours later so you aren’t hungry when you are falling asleep. It is advice to not eat anything 3 hours before you sleep, you don’t have to follow this strictly, just remember that the earlier you eat the better because then the food has time to digest while you are still awake and moving!
  • Green tea: or any tea for that matter if you don’t like green. Green tea speeds up your metabolism a little bit with each cup you drink, along with teas having so many other good things in then for your body, you can never go wrong with a cup of tea!
  • Try to stay away from soda and other really sugary drinks, they have an unnecessary amount of sugar in them that your body doesn’t need (note: there is a big difference between healthy and natural sugars, vs the sugars added into sodas) If you are thirsty water is always the best option, or if you are a juice lover then look for ones that are 100% juice!
  • Add more whole fruits and veggies into your diet: These are so so so good for you, plus super yummy, there are so many ways to add them into your diet, and they are nutrient packed with low calories, unlike most of the foods made today which are known as ‘empty calorie foods’
  • Stay away from meats and animal products: obviously being vegan would be the best thing, although i realize that isn’t a choice everyone is willing to make, so just try your best to eat less meat, there are tons of other things you can get protein from that are less fatty and aren’t pumped full of hormones!
  • Realize that natural fats good: your body needs this and they are energy packed! Add foods like avocados and nuts into your diet without being scared because they have the word fat in them
  • Realize that natural sugars good: Too many foods have sugar added into them, this is not good to be consuming, but natural sugars are so good for your body! These are most commonly found in fruits!
  • Start buying whole-grain items: Carbs are good and your body needs them, just start getting them in whole grain and whole wheat versions! Take white bread vs whole wheat bread for example, the difference is that in the white bread has all of the nutrients and good things taken out of it so when you eat it, it isn’t giving your body what it needs.
  • Exercise: this can be anything from yoga everyday, a daily walk or a full out gym workout, just get your body moving and it does wonders!
  • Give your body what it is asking for: no one has the perfect diet, if your body is craving carbs, then give it carbs, if it want something fattier then give it that. It is craving these things because it needs them, it’s just all about being moderate with it. If you want that cake, then eat that cake, just realize you don’t need it all the time. Have the cake today then when your body asks for it tomorrow give it a healthier version!
The Prodigy

(Note: This simple Destiel story was inspired by this gif of Jensen. You can catch up on my other one shots on my master post.)

Not even Sam knew that secret about Dean. Years on the road didn’t exactly give the hunter many opportunities to indulge in it, but exploring the bunker revealed the instrument in a dusty back room just sitting there waiting for his hands. He found it broken and horribly out of tune once he yanked the filthy white sheet off of it. At first he ignored it–or tried to anyway–but the night he idly tapped an old tune into the kitchen counter while a can of soup heated up, he knew his itch to play wouldn’t go away anytime soon.

It took a credit card stolen in secret to pay for the repairs and restoration. And then it took sending his brother alone on a job to give the repair guy time to do his work. Dean decided he deserved this. He hadn’t heard from Castiel in weeks and that piano … well, it used to fill all kinds of voids when he was younger. Maybe, just maybe, not having Castiel around again wouldn’t hurt so bad if he let himself play again.

Everything else in that cluttered, abandoned room reeked of age and decay except the piano. He thought of the first one he ever touched in the boys’ home when he got arrested for stealing food. Nobody expected such a juvenile delinquent had that kind of raw talent in him, least of all himself. A few fistfights after other boys teased him quickly schooled him in keeping it a secret. Tough boys didn’t play piano. Real men didn’t give a shit about music. Those ideas were only reinforced by his father when Dean tried to tell him about it. Admonishments for not practicing with weaponry or studying different monsters followed and that was that. Dean pushed it down in his gut along with so many other things left behind in the name of the family business.

But at 35, Dean pulled out the bench and hesitantly lowered himself onto it, almost fearful that his father would rise from the grave just to yell at him again. He stared at the keys, once ivory but now yellowed with age, and stretched his fingers. Knuckles popped and loosened. He waited. Having never learned to read music, he remembered compositions by ear.

Playing the first notes came out hesitant and stilted until his fingers took over for him. They remembered the calming effect music had on him. Slowly, the music smoothed out as he progressed through the mournful notes composed more than a hundred years before that night. It felt good. For once in his godforsaken life, he felt like himself more than ever. And if the sadness he felt over Castiel being gone for so long came through the notes … well, that was his own business. He sat alone in the bunker with only the cold cement walls to witness the secrets he let flow from his fingertips.

He transitioned seamlessly into a second, equally mournful song and closed his eyes. Playing in his own darkness with only sensation to guide him became a safe cocoon where he burrowed between the keys. It poured out of him–every minute of feeling beaten and alone in the universe, every second of fearing his attachment to Castiel, every moment of feeling like he failed Sam over and over again.

Footsteps fell behind Dean, though he didn’t notice. A hunter of his skill would have considered that a monumental lapse in judgment but Dean set aside his hunter instincts for the sake of feeling human again.

The footsteps drew nearer.

Eyes studied the slope of his broad shoulders and the way his subtle swaying flowed back and forth with the music. It ceased to be simple songs remembered by a boy who could have been so much more in another place, in another life, and became an open conduit, a declaration of all things left undone and unsaid between a man and an angel.

A hand stretched over Dean’s shoulder and squeezed, offering a silent greeting. His eyes popped open, startled, and he struck a few misplaced sour notes until the song eventually faded away. Another hand slipped over his other shoulder, infusing him with such familiar power. He smelled of the earth, of air, and of the sea all at once. And as Dean sat perfectly still on the piano bench and let his eyes fall shut again, he swore he felt the enormous outline of wings sheltering him from prying eyes, letting him touch the piano without reservation.

“Hey, Cas,” he murmured without looking up. There was no need.

“Hello, Dean.” The angel’s thumb peeled away from his shoulder and grazed the corner of his stubbled jaw. A thousand declarations passed between them with that smallest of gestures.

Now Castiel knew all of Dean’s secrets.

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smut prompt: CS sexy times in Emma´s bedroom whole her parents are also home, so being quiet is very necessary - although unsuccussful because as Killian is sneaking out in the morning he gets busted by Snowing - one of them wins the bet ;) depends on you which one... could be cool if he also gets a breakfast invitation, awkwardness is always fun :D

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hiiiii...if you are still doing prompts I would love one with just ian and mickey having a daughter and just being really good parents

I’m always open for prompts :) 

“Could you hurry the fuck up,” Mickey growled under his breath as he tried to make his legs longer, tried to reach his destination faster.

“It’s not life or death, Mickey,” Ian laughed, having trouble keeping up with his husband despite his longer legs. He could hear him mumble something else, but Ian just rolled his eyes. He was too used to it to let it affect him. And that’s when he saw her, and from Mickey rushing even more, he did too.

“What the fuck did you do?” Mickey asked in unison with Ian’s, “Gabriela Milkovich-Gallagher, you are in so much trouble.”

They both stared at their daughter, and Ian couldn’t believe she was already thirteen. He could remember the first time he held her like it was yesterday, and it scared him how fast time went by. That, along with so many other things. It had surprised him how scared he’d actually been. He had grown up a middle child, having had kids younger than him around all the time. He really shouldn’t be as scared to fuck up as he was.

But she was perfect. Never in trouble, she seemed to have Lip’s genius gene and she cursed like a true Milkovich. She might technically be Ian’s, her long red hair talked for itself, but her eyes were blue and he was pretty sure she stopped growing four months ago. Somehow, Mickey’s genes had found a way in. And he was so glad they had.

Soon, they’d have to start worry about boys being brought over. And Ian would have to start worrying over Mickey getting his hands on a gun.

“Can you just let me fucking explain?”


“Dad swears like five times before getting out of bed.”

“And he’s a stubborn ex-con who I gave up on years ago.”

“Bitch please,” Mickey turned to Ian. “You secretly love it.”

“Not the point,” Ian started but was interrupted by the door to the Principal’s office being opened and all three heads turned around to look. They could see a tall middle aged man with eyes wide looking at them and Ian was sure he’d heard their conversation.

“Uhm,” he started, looking at Ian and Mickey in confusion. “Which one of you are Gabriela’s father?”

Mickey straightened himself a little bit, giving Ian one of those looks he knew all too well Great, fucking great, one more of those and then he looked back at the Principal.

“That would be both of us,” he said with a small hand gesture and then pushed through the door without being invited in. He was already slumped down in a chair as Ian made his way past the man with an apologetic smile on his face, sitting down in the chair next to Mickey. He reached over and placed a calming hand on Mickey’s thigh as the third man started to talk.


“Gabby,” Mickey corrected him and the man seemed even more confused. Ian wasn’t sure if it was all the shit from school starting back up, or if he was simply just new to his job.

“Ehm, Gabby, is suspended for two weeks after getting into a fight today. Apparently there were some harsh words from the other part, and we’re looking into that. But we have zero tolerance for fighting, and if it happens again, you will have to start looking into different schools.”

“What did they say?”

“I’d rather not get into that.”

“Look,” Ian leaned forward in his chair before Mickey could do anything with those balled fists of his. “We grew up in Southside Chicago. We’re used to people not liking who we are. But it’s not our daughter’s burden. That’s why we got out, why we chose this particular school. You’re all so big on everyone being equal. But you can’t even say the word gay, am I right? And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Someone said something about us, and she had the guts to do something about it. And let me be straight here, I don’t want her fighting either and trust me when I say we’ll talk to her. But she’s acing all of her exams, she has a future in college, and you’re not gonna ruin that. You’re not getting her suspended over this. In fact, if you do, I’ll call the School Board. Have you replaced. I could make sure you’ll never get a job ever again.”

“Look, I can’t just…”

“If I were you,” Mickey cut him off, “I’d listen to him. Because honestly, you have no fucking clue who you’re dealing with here.”

“Is that a threat?” The man looked confident in his seat, but his voice hitched a little bit and both Ian and Mickey knew they were getting their way with this. So that’s why they both stood up.

“Are we done here?” Ian asked as Mickey left without so much as even a second glance. Ian reached his hand out though, and after a short moment the man in front of him stood up and grabbed it. Squeezing the other man’s hand hard, he stared straight into his eyes. “I’m sure there will be no further issues. Have a good day.”

As Ian made his way back into the hallway, he noticed Mickey standing with his arms crossed over his chest and his daughter staring up at her dad, biting her lower lip in nervousness. God, she was definitely Mickey’s daughter.

“Am I in trouble?” she asked and Mickey shook his head.

“No,” Ian agreed with pride in his voice, wrapping his arms around his daughter in a warm embrace. “But next time, just tell Dad or me before using your fists. We might have done our shit in the past, but don’t you dare think you’ll ever get away with even half of it.”

“Thanks, Papa.”

“Thank your Dad for using the Milkovich charm and getting your ass out of suspension.”

“No man, that was all you,” Mickey laughed, grabbing Ian’s hand in his as the trio started to walk down the long hallway. “Surprised he didn’t piss himself in there. Fucking hot as hell, too.” 

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[I feel like I'm gonna regret this in the form of heartache but...] I miss you...

WARNING; Character Death. 

Send me “I miss you” to know what my muse will say after 1 year, 5 years, then to 10 years after your muse’s death.

A Year

The clouds are no longer white and fluffy instead they’re dark and heavy looking, implying on the upcoming storm. The wind is powerful enough to completely mess the usually so neat black hair. By now the icy air sucked away any reminding of color on the anyways pale face. He doesn’t know just how long he stood there, for how long he refused to tear his gaze of the ground.

He doesn’t know. He doesn’t care.

Haruka blinks when he feels something warm sliding over his lower lip. Blood. He realizes as his tongue comes in contact with the salty liquid, he bit too hard. The taste is enough to finally snap him out of the almost meditating like state he was in and look up, lifeless eyes locking on the gravestone.

He stays expressionless expect to his eyes. ‘Your eyes are like an ocean’ he hears painfully familiar voice echoing in his ears, almost as if he was standing near him. ‘It’s my favorite color’ he wonders if he’s love the shallow blue they have became, no, he’d hate it.

Matsuoka Rin.

Haruka reads the words again and again, never noticing how his lips moved, pronouncing the sounds that put together the name, the wind carried those whispered sounds away from him, never letting him to hear how broken those sounds were.

The muscular body jolts when the wind fails to cover a particularly loud choked sound, he freezes, eyes leaving the neatly written name to look around, as if expecting to see the source of the sound. Another choked sob, one that makes his whole body shake, makes it clear that the sounds were coming out of him.

No. No he’s not supposed— he’s.. no. 

His forehead crushes into the cold stone as loud, devastated howls breaks free out of the body that was now shivering like a leaf. 

“You promised… yo— you promised— Rin… Ri—n You…”

You promised you’ll stay forever.

5 Years

It’s a sunny day, there’s barely any cloud to hide the summer sun that was lighting all around. A tree nearby casts a long shadow that covers both Haruka and the gravestone he came to visit.

He didn’t bring flowers yet the incense he brought had the scent of Sakura, and the water….”You’d call me a weirdo…” he comments, because the water is from the Olympic pool.

“When they announced about the summer Olympics, you wouldn’t shut up about how it was destined to be in Japan exactly when you’ll be ready for that…” the deep voice halts, taking a moment until the lump in his throat disappears. “Remember what I said 2 years after…” this time he stops because he feels the way his voice shudders, it still hurt saying it out loud. “…I did it.” he finishes, looking away from the gravestone as if it could tease you for his voice.

Only few moments pass before he’s looking back at the stone, eyes turning gentle as he reads the name.

Matsuoka Rin” he whispers softly ”I won”.

He raises the proof for that. Imagining the crimson of Rin’s eyes instead of the black black of the stone.

“I won, for you.”

10 Years

It’s summer again, and Haruka spends over a half day just talking about everything and nothing at all. He must look insane, sitting in front of the gravestone and talking with no breaks, he doesn’t care. He tells Rin about the Iwatobi club he’s coaching now, about how there’s a group that reminds him of them back in elementary. He tells him about how Kou’s baby son has the exact same shade of crimson as him “He’s stubborn, too” he says and a smile climbs on his lips as he recalls the determined look on the little face.

“You know Rin…” he mutters and looks up on the clear sky “.. no one ever took your place…” he pauses, inhaling the warm air. “you always fussed over it, right?” The smile that never left his lips got wider “Was afraid of being replaced, not realizing your own value…”

The raven gets quiet again, brushing his fingers over the stone as if it was the gentle skin of Rin’s cheek. “…I don’t think that anyone would… no one is you. ” he closes his eyes, imagining Rin’s angered reply over this, about how dumb he was and he should fucking move on already. 

“Apparently, I’m as hopeless as you are, romantic idiot. ”

He wonders if it’s something he got from Rin, most likely yes. Along with so many other things that Rin and Rin alone showed him, taught him, gave him.

Love, passion, happiness. 

Haruka’s lips shivers just the slightest, the warmth in his eyes never leaving, as long as he swims, as long as he breathes, he will never forget. Every single moment they shared, every single stupid fight and every single sweet kiss. He will remember them all.

I love you, Rin

as a self employed person, every time I hear a republican candidate say they want to make taxes *so simple* you can submit them on a postcard I want to scream and shower them with receipts for all the deductions I have to itemize. please fit them all on a postcard  

for example, did you know that when you make a purchase online from someone like me, the postage isn’t taken into account separately, it’s lumped together as pure income. it has to be deducted later along with so many other things.

When Bucky sleeps, he curls his arms close to his chest. He feels safer that way, more secure – and it means that the cool metal doesn’t brush against the skin of Steve. 

Though, Steve has never seemed to notice the arm that is no longer made of flesh and bone, eyes skipping over it and fixing on Bucky’s face with an intensity that is hard to ignore. It seems that even after all this time, Steve’s good heart remains intact.

It gives Bucky hope.

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