Nerdfighter Monopoly - started in the Adult Nerdfighters Facebook group

Features all Vlogbrothers-related channels as properties, John’s books instead of railroads, Hank’s albums instead of utilities, Decreasing World Suck instead of Community Chest, and Forgetting to be Awesome instead of Chance cards.

Also features the Evil Baby Orphanage instead of jail, DFTBA instead of free parking, and of course the Project for Awesome and Subbable.

Tokens would be French the Llama (llama in a beret), Hank’s guitar, Red Green (of poopy Nintendo fame), a giraffe, a Hanklerfish, a honey badger, baby Hitler, a puppy-sized elephant, crossed hands doing the nerdfighter gang sign, a pair of glasses, a video camera, and a microphone. It would be really cool to make 3D printed tokens, but they’ll probably end up needing to be printed along with property cards and everything else.

We are working on chance and community chest cards that feature such things as “Spend 15 hours in a Target, pay $50”, “Eat a blenderized happy meal, lose a turn”, and “Nerdfighters meet Kiva goal, collect $100.”

I would love to offer these somehow as perks for the Project for Awesome. Reblog so that maybe Hank will see this post.

One day I’m going to befriend Joss Whedon.  I’m going to trick him into becoming emotionally invested in a story I’m writing.  I’m going to find out who his favorite character is and either kill that character, horribly disfigure them, or turn them into a completely irredeemable villain.  I will then watch as he discovers this, and once he is curled into the fetal position on the ground, tears pouring out of his eyes, I will throw my Buffy DVD Box Set at him. 

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// My awesome fabulous friend  ナナシ シノ has found time to help me do this short translation thingy without trouble~ 

Out of all the ones we’ve done so far, this is by far the best quality one because we were provied by the actual original material instead of just random ones people found somewhere over the rainbow and submitted to us. We even decided to translate all the sfx and small little words here and there in the background~ I put in little captions as notes for each image so please check them out ;v;



[[ Owari no Seraph fan book 108 ]] by メケコ (as I am told by the submitter)


Two days ago I strangled a woman to death just with my hands. That’s a strange sensation. Something so tremendous done by something so simple. The first ten seconds were.. uncomfortable, a feeling of limbo, but then your muscles tense, and she struggles and fights, but it almost disappears in the background along with everything else in the world. At that moment it’s just you and absolute power, nothing else. That moment stayed with me.


some mina redesign notes, redesigning characters and stuff is so fun :D

I’m tired of waiting on someone for years that claims intentions but never does anything actively about it. I hate that someone else came along that has everything I want and need in a relationship, except my heart. But I can’t wait on someone another 3 years.