Thanks everyone for the comments on the elevator kiss. I’m the one who asked if tongue was involved. & I saw the BTS today!. Anyway.. Since the start of Dakota & Jamie an interview that Brad Pitt did has alway been on my mind. See what he says about movie rolls & interesting lives. I find that similar to Jamie. He’s been working crazy since fifty ended & he’s not stopping at least Dakota is taking a break. Why hasn’t he taken a break?!? He’s suppose to be private & his family comes first that’s what he says. It doesn’t seem like that w the movie rolls lining up & I’m glad we haven’t seen any photos of Dakota, maybe she needs time away to think. & if Matt’s w her it doesn’t mean her family likes him. She could of just asked him to come along, where has he been w everything else when she’s w her family. & Jamie went to the zoo so what millions of ppl go to the zoo. What I want to know is why Jamie cares to correct fans telling us he’s only friends the more the man says that the more I know it’s a lie. If AW is insecure that’s his fault not fans. She should be secure enough in her marriage & trust him to know what he’ll do or won’t do. He can get off social media bc of Damie fans or say it’s not healthy & make up stupid things but it won’t change how he feels. No matter how far he runs, he’ll still have those feelings when he sees D again & if Damie wasn’t/isn’t real why is AW keeping him away from Dakota at premiers. Why did D leave Berlin early?!? Why can’t she be nice to D?!? & finally, what does Jamie say about all this, on how his wife acted toward his costar. -RN-

julia477 asked:

Hello, are you going to see teen wolf? I wonder if all the theories that you exhibited last season they continue in this. I miss your metas..

Heya. Sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve just come back from a trip and a conference (and have, of course, now come down with a cold).

I know other people will be interested in my answer to this too, which is why I’m publishing rather than answering privately.

I don’t know yet whether I’ll be watching Teen Wolf s5. Teen Wolf is now on my “don’t trust” list, along with pretty much everything else I watch (except for iZombie, which is still currently on my “trust” list). What that means is that I’ll be waiting until at least three, and maybe as many as six episodes have aired before I make up my mind about watching season 5.

If the audience reaction is generally positive, then I will watch. If the reaction is more problematic, then I probably won’t.

This is how I decide to watch a lot of shows I don’t completely trust. Most recently, I used it for Supernatural – I watched s8 and s10, but skipped s9 using this method.

If Teen Wolf s5 ends up being awesome and I do watch it, then I will write meta as usual. Until then, it’s just a matter of wait and see.