SO YES the golf bag is real and it is so much better than I could have imagined.

1. It’s the most awful pattern of black and white. I hope this isn’t something they actually market, because…look at that. Also, it lacks gold trim or red highlights–both of which we know a certain someone is a fan of. 

2. His name is on it in freaking impact font like it’s some sort of garbage meme.

3. His name is President Trump–meaning that if/when he leaves, it’s either going to stick with him as a reminder of his failures and the worst four-or-fewer years of his life, or it’s going to be sold and discarded like the rubbish that is his tenure.

4. His name is on a golf bag. This is his legacy.

5. They have the “Stanley Cup Champions” there to remind him of what quality looks like. They’re tooting their own horn, signing this piece of magnificent trolling like a professional graffiti artist tagging their work. 

6. I can’t get over the Adidas logo for some reason. It’s just…up there at the top. Garish, gaudy, another piece of product placement along with everything else. Trump doesn’t even get to have his name adorning this thing along, it’s crowded in there with two other logos. 

7. They gave him a golf bag instead of a jersey. They broke with a longstanding tradition to give him a half-joke, half-insult. 

I’m proud of them for this. It’s so hideous.


04.23.17 // wrote up 30 invitations to an upcoming orchestra concert and reviewed some korean notes to help prep for upcoming finals! :)

There are sides of this fandom that want to immediately write off what we say for a number of reasons, but one thing that is often lost in that dismissal is the fact that 1D was caught in an incredibly toxic and damaging cycle of abuse and mistreatment for years. That’s it. That’s the whole truth of it. They weren’t exempt from the ugliness of the music industry just because they were kids, or just because they were “white boys,” or just because Simon Cowell handpicked them himself. In fact, it was probably /because/ SC handpicked them himself that they were exposed to incredibly vicious things. And when you have several people coming forth about the abuse they were forced to cover up and ignore under SYCO, and when you see the inescapable rigidity of the America’s Got Talent contract (also Simon’s show, though not nearly as paramount as XF UK) and imagine five kids signing it with lawyers that weren’t even their own, blinded by hope after Simon Christ swooped in and saved them after coming in 3rd place…. Sure, Larries reach a lot but this isn’t a reach. It’s fact. It’s happening. It happened. And the fact that it, along with everything else in these various industries, is brushed under the rug is tragic

Fasting tips/ tricks/ info Credits to: @fastgirldreamin

fasting tips/tricks/info

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Alright, we all fast. Some do it for 12 hours, some for 72 hours.

What happens when I fast?
First 3-6 hours:

-your body is using up all the sugar and carbs (glucose) in your body. You feel normal. It’s all good.
6-36 hours

-your body is now using fat cells (and will continue to do so after this point as well) but it’s not what your brain wants, so you might be craving foods like pasta and bread and very sweet things because your brain literally thrives on carbs and such

After 36 hours:

-your body is now using PROTEIN to get its energy, you might be experiencing muscle cramps because your body is breaking down muscles and fat to get the energy it needs.


-drink water!! Not only does it keep you healthy but your body is losing a ton of water because carbohydrates cling to water, so when they’re being used, so is the water.

-drink 0 cal vitamin water. You need vitamins especially if you’re doing a particularly long fast. It keeps your brain healthy along with everything else.

-if you feel like you’re going to pass out, but do not want to eat, you may have low blood sugar. A spoon full of honey should help (or a small bottle of juice)

-after 36 hours of 0 cal fasting, if you still don’t want to break the fast, try doing a liquid one (so things like fruit juice, watered down tomato soup, almond milk etc)

-IF YOU ARE DRIVING DURING A FAST, DONT! Your reaction time, and overall reflexes/thought processes are hindered MAJORLY after about 15 hours.

-gum. sugar free gum is a life saver when cravings pop up (normally about 17 hours in for me)

-coffee/caffeine pills/diet pills are all great 0 cal appetite suppressants !

-0 cal sweeteners like Splenda can make water or green tea taste great.

After Fasting:

Your stomach should have shrank if you fasted more than 15 hours, so when breaking a fast:

-try something high carb, low cal, such as plain oatmeal (100) and half a banana with cinnamon (60)

-eat it slowly so that you have time to register that you’re full, a too full stomach after a fast hurts!

-then wait at least 3 hours before your next meal, which should include some protein

-make sure you don’t binge!!

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andreil in a hospital?

One of the things Andrew has recently grown more comfortable with is touch. He still doesn’t love it, won’t accept it from most people, but thanks to the cats he’s less likely to jump or default to his knives if something brushes against his legs.

Which is good, because even though the apartment is empty other than them and King definitely prefers Neil, she’s snaking between Andrew’s legs anyway. He stoops slightly to brush her back with one hand—he doesn’t indulge them the way Neil does, but Neil isn’t here to see it, and the cats can’t talk, so ultimately, no harm done.

He needs to stop thinking about Neil so much when Neil isn’t here. It’s a normal occurrence—they both live in Chicago, but they play for rival teams, so their schedules aren’t perfectly lined up. Neil is in Washington this weekend for a game, and Andrew has a home game against Kansas City.

Andrew’s phone vibrates—undoubtedly a text from Neil. He opens it immediately and thinks about how unlikely he is to ever admit to anyone how much he misses Neil. Except for maybe Neil himself, and only if he was on his deathbed or something.

Neil’s text reads, good luck tonight! and is accompanied by a selfie of him and Dan. Cute.


The game is a brutal one, even from between the goalposts. Andrew takes a nasty hit during a brawl early on but doesn’t get benched until the second half, when a fourth ball clatters hard enough against his helmet to leave his vision swimming.

He resolutely does not check the score for Neil’s game—he’ll find out via phone call as soon as it ends anyway, or else a reporter will ask him about it as they leave or someone will announce it to the entire court (crosstown rivals and all that)—and so it’s not until his phone suddenly explodes with messages and tweets that he knows something has happened.

A call breaks through it—from one Dan Wilds, who is currently with Neil, which must have something to do with his phone being swamped with notifications—and he manages to answer it before it, too, disappears into the mess.

“What is it?” he says.

“Andrew? You good?”

He hates niceties and small talk, especially when they get in the way of his finding out necessary information. “Where is Neil?”

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Hello! I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to draw hair. I don't really mean in a realistic style, just something that I can start with. I'm wanting to improve on drawing people, but I can't seem to get the hair (along with everything else, but I'll stick to hair for now lol). Thank you so much!

These are just a few little tips. Remember to use sweeping strokes, rather than short blunt ones!

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Ten times Yuuri ended up wearing Victors clothes (and one time Victor wore Yuuris)?

10) Once he and Viktor were post-sex cuddling and the doorbell rang so Yuuri just grabbed the first things he could find lying on the floor to put on, one of those things being Viktor’s shirt. When he answered the door and Yurio saw him plus the state he was in he just turned around and walked away like ‘I don’t want to know and I don’t want you to tell me’

9) The first time he came to visit Viktor in St Petersburg, the first morning together, Viktor woke up to Yuuri humming happily making coffee in nothing but one of Viktor’s oversized sweaters and had to take a few seconds to recover before he could speak

8) At a competition Yuuri was getting cold and so Viktor draped his coat around his shoulders which made the entire stadium go ‘aw’ simultaneously

7) He is the worst hoodie thief ever and since Viktor usually doesn’t wear hoodies he didn’t really notice until he went to look for one in his wardrobe, couldn’t find any. When he skyped Yuuri that evening Yuuri was sitting wearing it because he had forgotten it was Viktor’s when he put it on during his last visit to Russia and worn it back to Detroit and then started wearing it all the time because he missed Viktor

6) At the Russian rink at one point Yuuri woke up late, pulled on the first things he could find and went to see Viktor. He didn’t realise why everyone was staring at him until he realised that he was wearing the ‘Do you want to win gold? Because I’ll make you come first tonight’ shirt that Chris had bought Viktor as a joke and they had both forgotten about. He never lived it down.

5) Viktor had a tendency to keep gifts from his fans even if they are a bit weird and one day Yuuri found the ‘I ❤ Viktor’ shirt that someone had sent him, got kinda jealous and then wore it the whole day just to make sure everyone knew that he was the no.1 Viktor fan

4) Yuuri wore the Eros costume several times, once for the Rostelecom Cup, a handful of times for photoshoots and during the times when he was skating his ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ pure pettiness ice show routine that was mentioned in a previous top ten

3) He wore several of Viktor’s past costumes when they decided to jokingly play dress up with all of their old stuff. So Yuuri ended up trying on some of his old costumes from iconic skates like the Olympic ones as well as some of Viktor’s old costumes from his junior days and Viktor tried on some of the costumes from routines that Yuuri liked (hello red shirt and waistcoat) as well as trying on some of Yuuri’s old stuff although Yuuri banned him from doing it after a while because if Yuuri can fit into sixteen year old Viktor’s costumes there’s no way twenty-eight year old Viktor can fit properly into anything of Yuuri’s without seriously risking ripping it

2) Yuuri tried to return the shirt he stole from Viktor all those years ago but Viktor told him to keep it. At one point Yuuri ended up wearing it out on one of their dates and Viktor was very distracted that whole evening

1) The morning after the end of chapter 14, Yuuri put on Viktor’s skating jacket while he was wandering around the room waiting for their breakfast room service to show up and Viktor was halfway stuck between wanting to rip it off him (along with everything else that he was wearing) and asking him to keep wearing it forever.

+1) One day they were at a competition and due to do an early morning press conference they were really late because they slept in and just when everyone thought it had been cancelled they both half-ran into the room trying to look really cool and composed except they both had bed hair and Viktor was wearing one of Yuuri’s shirts. It was just small enough on him that everyone got a really good view and all the reporters thought it was better not to mention it in case he decided to change

A Sketch Commission for @acellura
Illustration to If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me

Setting his drink aside, an idea suddenly hit Keith. He rose to his feet so that he could stand in front of Lance. He bowed and offered Lance his hand. “To make it up to you, how about you dance with me then, my prince?”

Red took over Lance’s face, and Keith had to fight the smirk that threatened to find its way onto his lips. “Fine,” Lance said with a pout while taking Keith’s hand gingerly. “But only because I really want to dance, and because you killed my chances with any of the girls here.”

Keith helped Lance to his feet, giving him just enough time to put his drink down before they were making their way out onto the dance floor. When they found a spot, Lance wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck as Keith placed his hands on his waist. Keith had to stare up at Lance because of the slight height difference, but for some reason, it pleased him to see the faint blush on Lance’s cheeks. The two of them swayed together, and it wasn’t long before the tightness that had once resided in Keith faded along with everything else going on in the background.

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Imagine being a single, pregnant mom and Dean wants to be the father of your child because he’s been in love with you for years and wants to have a family with you.

“Dean, you really don’t have to do this.” you whispered, placing a hand over your belly as the older Winchester fixed on the last shelf for your books.

“Come on, (Y/n), you have more books than Sam himself. You needed the shelves and I had nothing better to do. What else was I supposed to do? Let you get it done on your own?” he scoffed, shaking his head as he kept going with his work.

“Dean, I could have done it! It’s not that hard, you forget I was able to put up with you and Sam ever since I was a little kid?” you teased with a smirk as he shot you a glare, but at the same time couldn’t help a grin.

“Shut up, you know you love us.” he mumbled and you giggled, nodding your head.

“Yes I do.” you whispered, wanting to bad to say you loved him more and in a much different way than Sam, but holding yourself back in the end “But I mean it you know. Just cause I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t do a thing on my own and you know it. I could have just as well carried everything and put it together on my own, it’s no science Dean.”

“No it’s not but-” he let a small breath as he got back up on his feet, having finished his work “There was no way I was gonna let you carry anything on your own, 9.5/10 pregnancy books say that especially during the latest months of your pregnancy you are not allowed to carry anything heavy, not to mention overwork.” he shrugged as if it was nothing, putting back all of the tools in one place.

“Wait-” you smirked, raising an eyebrow “You- you- how do you know that?”

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Easy clean up

DM: You notice that the wolves you just killed are pretty scrawny, like they haven’t eaten in a while. You also notice that there is something magical and evil about their eyes.
Tiefling Paladin: Wow, that’s odd. I wander what–
Dragonborn Barbarian: I eat the eyeball.
Paladin: …
Dragonborn Barbarian: It says on my character sheet that I pick things up and I play with them!
Paladin: And put them in your mouth?
DM: Roll constitution.
::Crit fail::
DM: You feel a squickening in your stomach. You throw up the eyeball along with everything else dragonborns eat. You also spew ice breath. Take 1 damage.
Paladin: Well, on the plus side, the frozen vomit will be easier to clean up!


“Two days ago, I strangled a woman to death. Just with my hands. It’s a strange sensation. Something so tremendous done by something so simple. The first 10 seconds were… uncomfortable. A feeling of limbo. But then your muscles tense. And she struggles and fights, but it almost disappears in the background along with everything else in the world. In that moment, it’s just you and absolute power. Nothing else. That moment stayed with me.”

Mr. Robot (2015-, dir. Sam Esmail)

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I like the things you post about the smurfette principle and females in cartoons in general. I don't want to tell you how to run your blog or anything, but could you post more of that along with everything else? I find it very interesting

im really passionate about female characters in media and i do like talking about the subject, but its one of the topics i get hate for the most lmao

I hate how Peridot’s metal powers have taken away a lot of her disability rhetoric.

In too short to ride she explains that she can’t shape shift and doesn’t have any powers or weapons.

This was huge because all the gems we’ve seen do, making her legitimate disability representation.

But then the ending threw all that out the window with her sudden metal powers.

Not to even mention how awful they’re (the crewniverse ) showing her autism, she’s so bad it’s almost offensive at this point.