I hate how Peridot’s metal powers have taken away a lot of her disability rhetoric.

In too short to ride she explains that she can’t shape shift and doesn’t have any powers or weapons.

This was huge because all the gems we’ve seen do, making her legitimate disability representation.

But then the ending threw all that out the window with her sudden metal powers.

Not to even mention how awful they’re (the crewniverse ) showing her autism, she’s so bad it’s almost offensive at this point.


04.23.17 // wrote up 30 invitations to an upcoming orchestra concert and reviewed some korean notes to help prep for upcoming finals! :)

Tumblr oftentimes romanticizes self care (along with everything else involving mental health), and with that romanticization can come guilt that your way of self care isn’t “perfect.” What tumblr doesn’t usually talk about is the self care that isn’t so beautiful. Simply showering, paying bills on time, taking time to prepare a meal, managing your money properly, getting up at a decent hour, making an important phone call. These are all ways of taking care of yourself that may not be as beautiful as a candlelit bath, but are just, if not more, effective in getting you back to where you want to be.

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Ten times Yuuri ended up wearing Victors clothes (and one time Victor wore Yuuris)?

10) Once he and Viktor were post-sex cuddling and the doorbell rang so Yuuri just grabbed the first things he could find lying on the floor to put on, one of those things being Viktor’s shirt. When he answered the door and Yurio saw him plus the state he was in he just turned around and walked away like ‘I don’t want to know and I don’t want you to tell me’

9) The first time he came to visit Viktor in St Petersburg, the first morning together, Viktor woke up to Yuuri humming happily making coffee in nothing but one of Viktor’s oversized sweaters and had to take a few seconds to recover before he could speak

8) At a competition Yuuri was getting cold and so Viktor draped his coat around his shoulders which made the entire stadium go ‘aw’ simultaneously

7) He is the worst hoodie thief ever and since Viktor usually doesn’t wear hoodies he didn’t really notice until he went to look for one in his wardrobe, couldn’t find any. When he skyped Yuuri that evening Yuuri was sitting wearing it because he had forgotten it was Viktor’s when he put it on during his last visit to Russia and worn it back to Detroit and then started wearing it all the time because he missed Viktor

6) At the Russian rink at one point Yuuri woke up late, pulled on the first things he could find and went to see Viktor. He didn’t realise why everyone was staring at him until he realised that he was wearing the ‘Do you want to win gold? Because I’ll make you come first tonight’ shirt that Chris had bought Viktor as a joke and they had both forgotten about. He never lived it down.

5) Viktor had a tendency to keep gifts from his fans even if they are a bit weird and one day Yuuri found the ‘I ❤ Viktor’ shirt that someone had sent him, got kinda jealous and then wore it the whole day just to make sure everyone knew that he was the no.1 Viktor fan

4) Yuuri wore the Eros costume several times, once for the Rostelecom Cup, a handful of times for photoshoots and during the times when he was skating his ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ pure pettiness ice show routine that was mentioned in a previous top ten

3) He wore several of Viktor’s past costumes when they decided to jokingly play dress up with all of their old stuff. So Yuuri ended up trying on some of his old costumes from iconic skates like the Olympic ones as well as some of Viktor’s old costumes from his junior days and Viktor tried on some of the costumes from routines that Yuuri liked (hello red shirt and waistcoat) as well as trying on some of Yuuri’s old stuff although Yuuri banned him from doing it after a while because if Yuuri can fit into sixteen year old Viktor’s costumes there’s no way twenty-eight year old Viktor can fit properly into anything of Yuuri’s without seriously risking ripping it

2) Yuuri tried to return the shirt he stole from Viktor all those years ago but Viktor told him to keep it. At one point Yuuri ended up wearing it out on one of their dates and Viktor was very distracted that whole evening

1) The morning after the end of chapter 14, Yuuri put on Viktor’s skating jacket while he was wandering around the room waiting for their breakfast room service to show up and Viktor was halfway stuck between wanting to rip it off him (along with everything else that he was wearing) and asking him to keep wearing it forever.

+1) One day they were at a competition and due to do an early morning press conference they were really late because they slept in and just when everyone thought it had been cancelled they both half-ran into the room trying to look really cool and composed except they both had bed hair and Viktor was wearing one of Yuuri’s shirts. It was just small enough on him that everyone got a really good view and all the reporters thought it was better not to mention it in case he decided to change


“Two days ago, I strangled a woman to death. Just with my hands. It’s a strange sensation. Something so tremendous done by something so simple. The first 10 seconds were… uncomfortable. A feeling of limbo. But then your muscles tense. And she struggles and fights, but it almost disappears in the background along with everything else in the world. In that moment, it’s just you and absolute power. Nothing else. That moment stayed with me.”

Mr. Robot (2015-, dir. Sam Esmail)

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I like the things you post about the smurfette principle and females in cartoons in general. I don't want to tell you how to run your blog or anything, but could you post more of that along with everything else? I find it very interesting

im really passionate about female characters in media and i do like talking about the subject, but its one of the topics i get hate for the most lmao

Another awesome episode! I’m waiting for AIDA to go postal, there were more signs of her jealousy and restlessness, as well as Radcliffe bossing her around and taking her for granted again.

And oh Mace you precious fool! But he’s good at buying himself time and the new suit has GPS.

Loved all the season one throwbacks and everyone working together, especially the Bus Kids :D

And though I don’t see how Nadeer could have survived this is AoS, so I need to see more proof that she’s gone.

“Why do we have to wear suits at a beach party?” he grumbled to Tucker the next night. There was already sand in the stupid shoes Vlad had given him, and the grit rubbed uncomfortably through his socks. Wind whipped off of the ocean, blowing more sand onto his feet.

Tucker straightened his over-sized brown blazer, which he’d borrowed from his dad along with the rest of his baggy outfit. “Dude! When have we ever gone to a party where we had to wear ties?”

“I look ridiculous. You look even more ridiculous.”

“No way. This suit has been giving Foley men swagger since the seventies. My style is timeless.”

Excerpt from Treading Water, by The Full Catastrophe

Danny has always had a bit of an attitude, and even more so when Vlad Masters is involved.

This is, of course, before he lost his pants…along with everything else.

Date the boy who fell in love with entropy, once upon a time. She taught him how to smile at decay and introduced him to Death and Inevitability. She took his memories and burned them in her hands while they laughed together, because all things fade and nothing ever comes back.

Now the love has disappeared along with everything else, and the boy is alone. He lights candles no matter how expensive they were, and is never scared to enjoy what he might forget forever. One day his love will die away and wither into ash along with his body, but for now, he’s still burning, and the fire is bright. Date him.

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Can Pidge get any more adorable? Yes, she prolly can. Ok, but what about her hair? Does she go through a "i want my hair to be long so i can slap mean people with it" or does has she always kept her short-ish? Does she simply not care all that much? What about her family (bet keith wants to be the hairstylist lol)? <33

[The Voltron Family] The time Keith was away for a week, Shiro was not aware he was going to be on hair duty along with everything else. He was currently preparing the kids’ snacks and lunch when Pidge came down to the kitchen looking forlorn. 

“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” Shiro asked, dropping everything he was doing to attend to his daughter. 

“Daddy, when will you do my hair?” Little Pidge asked. 

“What?” Shiro’s eyes widened. 

“My hair,” Pidge pointed at her head. “Daddy Keith ponytails it and sometimes braids it. I can’t go to school without my hair in braids.”

Shiro just stared at his daughter, completely at lost. He was no hairstylist like Keith, nor was he an expert. However, he was good at tying Keith’s hair. Braids, ponytails…  Surely, they were not that different.

He swallowed a lump in his throat. “Yeah, okay. We can… we can do that now.” He looked around the breakfast table and then back at Pidge. “Here. We’re doing your hair here.” He picked up Pidge and placed her on one of the stools. “Let me just get a comb and—”

“Got em!” Pidge cut him off showing a little comb and some star hairbands.

“These hairbands,” Shiro softly said as he took them. “I bought these for you.”

Pidge nodded, beaming at him. “You did. It’s my fave now. I love green stars.”

“Sweetheart,” Shiro sniffled. He looked at Pidge and he just adored her to bits. With newfound determination, he nodded. “Alright. Let’s do this. Let me just call your Daddy Keith.”

Keith was currently on the screen of the iPad that was on the table, giving specific instructions on how to make a simple braid. “Yes, good. Now go under the first one and there we go. Be careful.”

“Ouch,” Pidge winced.

“Oh god. I’m sorry!” Shiro panicked, releasing his grip on Pidge’s hair. “Did I hurt you badly?”

Pidge shook her hair slowly. “No, it’s okay. It’s okay, Daddy Shiro.”

“Keith, I’m not cut out for this!” Shiro turned to the iPad, looking devastated. 

“Yes, you are,” Keith assured. “It just takes practice. You’ll get a hang of it.”

“Are you… watching Youtube tutorials on hair styling?” Allura asked Shiro as they ate lunch together at work.

“Indeed I am,” Shiro nodded. “Keith’s out for a week and I ain’t letting my daughter leave the house without looking like a warrior princess from space.”

“Shiro, that’s…. that is such a Daddy thing to say,” Allura cooed. “I’ll offer my hair for you to practice on.”

The following day, Shiro was prepared. He didn’t need to call Keith anymore to ask for guidance. So he entered Pidge’s room. She was already dressed in her uniform and they both shared a look… a look of determination.

“Today we’re doing a French braid.” Shiro announced and Pidge smiled with so much glee. 

The hair styling session ended with so much kisses. 

“I did it,” Shiro cried as he called Keith right after. “I’m sending you a photo and you’re going to love it whether you like it or not.”

Keith laughed. “I’m sure I will.”

“Also Pidge said, and I quote ‘Daddy Shiro’s my new hairstylist now!’” Shiro chuckled. “That’s right, Keith. You’ve been fired. I’m sorry.”

“Oh no. What will I do for a living now?” Keith faked gasp and then laughed. “Doing a French braid is no easy feat. I’m proud of you, Takashi.”

“Thank you,” Shiro smiled. “Maybe I can teach you a thing or two.”

“Now don’t get ahead of yourself,” Keith chuckled. 

@little-noko got me thinking about the possibility of a vibe!Papyrus, so my brain ended up coming up with this poor dude.

This is the Papyrus from the Vibes’ timeline. He was consumed along with everything else by the verse. Most were torn apart to be used as energy or resources. Papyrus, however, was…well, put into ‘storage’. He exists in a short time loops (though time in the verse is…iffy at best), spending most of his time confused and searching for his brother. 

He’s more of a faded echo than the actual Papyrus, though he is conscious and he remembers a little of previous loops, but his memory is pretty unreliable, which doesn’t help with the confusion.

His colours are a little faded due to the verse, which is also responsible for the distortions (when panicked or having a break down he loses all colour and the flickering gets worse). None of the Vibes have any idea he’s there. Even if they did, the verse wouldn’t let them see him. People accidentally teleporting into the verse might come across him, and occasionally the verse distorts reality as it reaches out to other AUs, which could place him there for a short time.

Living With The Murderer

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Tittle: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Gangau! 

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2615.

Description: You’re parents are dead and you’re old enough to live on your own. So how on earth is it fair that you have a government worker staring you down in front of the house to your parents murderers?

This wasn’t easy for you, you were eighteen, you should have been able to buy a place of your own to live in. But somehow, the law had turned on you and you were standing on the land of the very men, the very people who witnessed your parent’s death. And in the house you stood in front of the very man that killed them was residing comfortably within the walls of safety somewhere.

Because he lived there, and it was safe for him.

And somehow you had been made to look him in the eye every day, to live under the same roof as him, to be put in the area of danger and be surrounded by however many others were there to witness the look of horror that would have flashed across the eyes of your father when your mother was killed in front of him, seconds before he faced his own death.

“You’re not getting any of our money, and you get your hands off my wife!” Mr Y/L/N didn’t know how he thought either of them could come out of this alive, there was so many of them against the two of them. Just a sweet innocent wife and her loving, protecting husband who wanted to carry on with their journey home, because they had you there waiting for them. The image of your smiling face and the thought of how his mother in law must be holding onto a thin sheet of patience as you both waited for their return spurred Mr Y/L/N to push his wife away from the threatening gun being raised.

“I’m not asking for much old man. All I want is enough money to get the seven of us on to a train, so hand over the money” There was an echoing click, a warning but the man didn’t back down, taking steps away from the aim of the gun as he spoke.

“I already told you, you’re not getting our money, so get lost before I call the cops kid” Mr Y/L/N had his hand in his pocket pulling his phone out as he used the other hand to keep his wife behind the shield of his body.

“That won’t be happening” A gunshot rang through the area as well as screams loud enough to render one deaf.

You looked back at the car of the government worker, he sat in the driver’s seat, sharp eyes staring you down as you stood there, frozen and full of anger. You received a raise of an eyebrow and you rolled your eyes as you turned back to look at the painted wooden door before you. With one more glance back at the government workers demanding eyes you raised your hand to not so eagerly knock on the door.

But the door swung open before your knuckles could collide with it and your eyes widened as you took a step back.

“And you’re here” You were greeted by a tall, really tall male. You had seen him before; you had seen everyone that was probably in this house before. This man particularly seemed to have some sort of keen obsession to put you under his care and you could only snarl at him when he greeted you.

“Yay now I can die without anyone finding out, lucky you” You snapped and his face dropped.

“I should have expected this, come in Y/N. I’ll show you where your room is” He sighed and turned around, taking the bag you had sat on the ground, before entering the house with you following behind him, dragging your anger and suitcase with you as you slammed the front door shut. You were led down a hall and towards a staircase. You followed the giant man up the stairs and down the right side of the hall, stopping at the third and final door on the left side of the hallway.

“This is your room now, make yourself at home. I’m Choi Junhong or Zelo just in case you didn’t know, come down whenever you want and I’ll introduce you to the others, I don’t think they’ll be going home tonight so take as long as you need” Zelo gave you a smile and you just stared at him as he shut the door to your room and walked away, leaving you alone in the room.

You took the opportunity to look around, the room was simple, it had a double bed and a study desk with a chair, there were white curtains on either side of the window where the sun was lighting up the room. Anger overtook you quickly, though, so your surroundings had no place in your mind and you almost threw your suitcase along with everything else in the room at the door, you wanted to scream and punch all of them but somehow you knew you couldn’t do that.

Probably because there would be six grown men with guns and who knows what other weapons against one girl, who had no strength or weapons right now. The weapons part could be changed real quick, the strength would need a good nights sleep and a few warm ups first. Opting with the throwing tactic, you threw yourself onto the newly made bed, bouncing on the mattress before landing face first into the softness of the pillows and blankets.

“At least the beds in hell will be comfortable” You muttered to yourself, bring your legs to your chest and curling up into a ball of warmth and comfort in an attempt to block out all of your negative emotions. You didn’t know how long you had laid on the bed avoiding the people downstairs and the negativity floating around you. But you were startled out of your daydreams of better places by a knock on your opening door.

“Hey umm, so like dinner is ready and I thought you might be hungry so like, why don’t you come on down and eat with us?” Zelo was back, and he had someone standing behind him.

Mrs Y/L/N gripped the arm of her husband tightly, she was more of a realist than the man in front of her. And though she appreciated her husband protecting her, she couldn’t see a real way out of this without their lives being lost.

Especially not when they were at the firing end of a gun.

She didn’t hear the steps gaining from behind her, she took several steps back, pulling her husband with her and saving the other person those several steps they would have had to have taken otherwise. There was a gun in his hand that he raised when he made eye contact with his fellow gang member, there was a resounding click, the sound of the bullet being one step away from leaving the gun.

The only colour left in her face drained and Mrs Y/L/N became more rigid than she had ever been in her life.

“Don’t shoot kid!” Mr Y/L/N demanded, raising his hand out as a further silent notion for him not to fire.

“Give us all the money you have on you or I take your wife” He muttered darkly and Mr Y/L/N glared.

“I’m walking out of here with my wife and my money” He gripped her hand tightly and there was the repeated slap of feet hitting the ground, several feet hitting the ground coming towards them.

“There they are!” Someone exclaimed, the intruders wasted no time in charging at them, guns raised and bullets flying from the moment they rounded the corner. Mrs Y/L/N screamed, dropping to the ground with her husband as they tried to avoid the bullets. Mr Y/L/N took her hand in his and the two of them crawled along the ground until the were back to back with the dirt covered wall. Bullets continued to rain down on the area and they both shook as they tried to disappear from the war zone. A bullet zipped past Mr Y/L/N and he watched in horror as it wedged itself into the chest of his wife. He let out a cry and caught her in his arms as they both fell to the ground again.

“No thank you” You muttered, there was a look in Zelo’s eyes, one of those ones where he wasn’t going to give you a choice, he just didn’t know how to make that happen without crossing any boundaries. The shorter man behind him shoved his way through Zelo and the door, making Zelo groan in pain has he crashed into the door frame with a smack.

“Daehyun you probably shouldn’t do that” Zelo muttered awkwardly.

“Hey, you bastard put that down!” You exclaimed as the man wordlessly grabbed the handle of your suitcase and took off out of the room as if the ground beneath him were on fire.

“Hey!” You screamed, throwing yourself off the bed and bolting past Zelo and down the same set of stairs the suitcase thief was running down. Zelo followed with wide eyes and you let out what could have been called a warrior cry as you jumped down the last few steps.

“I got your suitcase, I got your suitcase and you’re not getting it back!” Daehyun sang and you began to curse him.

“Give me my fucking suitcase back!” You exclaimed, dumbly chasing him around the table where there sat four men, all turning their heads in sync with their mouths dropped open and eyes wide as you chased after Daehyun like an angry bull.

“Not until you sit and eat with us!”

“So that’s the newbie” Youngjae muttered as if it were some sort of school where the new kid mattered and would be the topic of all conversations for the next week at the least.

“I said give it back!” You screamed and Daehyun dodged your attack, causing you to stumble towards the wall.

“Are you deaf?! Not until you eat with us!” Daehyun continued to yell and Zelo stood at the archway to the kitchen, staring with a slack jaw, unaware of what to do to bring the situation back to normal and to stop you from being angry.

“Y/N, since you’re here, why don’t you eat with us?” You stopped all attempts at getting your suitcase back. The shockingly deep, awkward voice left you stunned into standing by the wall with wide eyes and scowling lips. You looked to who you believed was the source of the voice. Your eyes met with a thin mans, he had shaggy hair that was partially covering his eyes but suited him really well, his eyes looked tired and there were tattoos decorating parts of his body.

The two of you kept a long silent stare between you, but you forced yourself to look away when he used a hand to pull out the empty seat next to him.

“Well, come join us” He nodded to the seat and you stubbornly shook your head.

“I would rather not” You muttered, looking at the others sitting at the table and quickly pushing your way past Zelo. You ran up the stairs and out of sight, leaving your suitcase and slamming the door shut behind you. You didn’t stop until you were throwing yourself on the bed again, grabbing one of the pillows and hugging it to your chest as you turned your back to the door and looked out the window.

“I am certainly not staying here” You deadpanned, it was dark out, you hadn’t noticed how late it had gotten until now, the thought never even crossed your mind when you heard that they were about to eat dinner, but you didn’t care. The quicker they all found their dreamland the better.

You forced your eyes shut and held the pillow close to you. Eventually, you found yourself drifting off to sleep, getting angry had always taken so much of your energy.


It was never strange for you to wake up in the middle of the night once or twice, the need for the bathroom or a glass of water always came in these sort of times. But tonight, you awoke to the feeling of cold air biting at your skin. With slow movements you took your phone from your pocket, turning the torch on and looking at the time.

It was fifteen minutes passed one in the morning, you thought to yourself, at such a late time surely they had to all be asleep. You stumbled off the bed and looked around the room, you hadn’t been wearing a jacket when you got here, it wasn’t cold then but it was absolutely freezing now. Thankfully the door to your room didn’t squeak when you opened it, but you still made sure to close it behind you as softly as you possibly could and tiptoed down the hall with the lightest that you could possibly take.

A couple of the stairs creaked under your weight, your breath would catch in your throat and you would hastily take the next step to bring the noise to a stop. You had made it to the kitchen and there was still no one around to interrogate you, you considered this a success.

You also considered your suitcase sitting by the entry to the kitchen good luck. With haste, you grabbed your suitcase and made your way towards the door. You opened it and closed it just as quietly as you did with the door to the room you were put in. You took this as your win and raced down the front porch and away from the house.

“And where do you think you’re going?” You tried to ignore the voice, you didn’t know who it was so you didn’t care that you were walking away from them at the fastest pace you could muster.

“Hey, you can’t go anywhere”

“And why not? Why do I have to be here?” You snapped, stopping in your tracks and turning sharply to look at them. They had managed to get rather close to you, almost falling in step with you who had already gone long past the driveway.

“And where will you go if you don’t stay here?” He asked in response as you glared at him, the street light illuminating the two of you so you could both dimly see the other person.

“I have people I can go to” You muttered and he gave a tilt of his head as he stepped closer.

“For some reason, I feel like that is not the case, is it Y/N?” He grinned and you sent him a strong glare.

“What would you know? How did you even know I was leaving?”

“I’m a light sleeper, I knew something was up when I heard the stairs creaking, not to mention the front door opening, my name is Kim Himchan” You were too busy listening to his words that you didn’t pay attention to him releasing the grip you had on your suitcase. Himchan turned away from you and began walking back towards the house.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” You exclaimed and quickly chased after your suitcase.

“You won’t leave without your things, that’s a given”

“Give it back” You tried prying his fingers from the handle but he only kept walking, pulling you along with him.

“Just give up for tonight Y/N” Himchan sighed as you got to the front door and you glared as he entered the house.

“Only for tonight” You vowed and Himchan nodded.

“I’m sure you’re a stubborn person” He smiled before giving your suitcase back and walking away, trusting that you would find your way back to your room.

Here is another new series! I really hope I am reaching out to a range of different fandoms with what I have planned, I hope you’ll like this new series as well!

(i will squeeze the life out of you) so shed your skin and let’s get started

or: four times lena luthor was hugged by someone, and one time she hugged someone.

i meant to post some smut on the occasion of my birthday, but no one had had an orgasm 1200 words in so instead here is the saddest, most unsexy ficlet i could manage. this was mostly written post medusa as part of #hugs4lena2k17.

She doesn’t remember where or when it was, she just remembers.

Her mother is a giant in her memory, towering above her. In a photo that is currently in storage with the rest of her Metropolis apartment, the woman is small, with sharp eyes and dark hair just like Lena's— the source of Lena's— but in her memory the woman is the whole world.

Her arms enveloped, and held Lena in her lap so tight that Lena had squealed to be let free even as she burrowed and clung, closer and closer though her arms were too small to reach back.

If it was cold that day, Lena can’t remember. The whole world was within those arms, and when she left them the world was gone.

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I decided to make a lil list of things involved with OCD for reference

  • Obsessions (”A robber is going to break into my house if I don’t check to make sure Iocked the door”)
  • Compulsions (*checks to make sure the door is locked*) 
  • Overlapping and repeating thoughts (this video explains this well)
  • Intrusive thoughts (unwanted thoughts that pop into your head pertaining to things that are against your morals/things that you find shameful or disgusting or are afraid of)
  • Intrusive impulses (same as the above, only with an urge to do something, often with the feeling/thought of “I could do this thing right now…”)
  • Random fears (”what if I’m not really in love with my datemate?” “what if I was adopted?” “what if my friend’s school is being bombed right now?” etc.)
  • Dissociative symptoms (e.g., shoving down emotions and thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, because you consider them to be impure and toxic)
  • Over-analyzing (this tends to go along with/be caused by everything else, but I figure it’s a notable mention)

Hi everyone! I’ll post the full explanation of what happened under a readmore but long story short my original kristoffbjorgman blog was deleted by tumblr so I’ve had to start over from scratch with a brand new blog. 

If you followed me before I was deleted, I’m still here! Just on a new account so you’ll have to refollow. If you want to reblog this as well to kind of spread the word of what happened that would be cool too but don’t feel obligated or anything!

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Secrets & Betrayal

Requested by @fallenfairy16

Note: I started typing this up as soon as I read your message - I am amazed at how quickly some ideas come to me sometimes lol! (hence the delay in actually replying to your message). Hope this answers your request!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1020

Warnings: Nothing other than a small amount of unwanted advances.

You thought you had been careful, that no one would ever find out, but you hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Tinkerbell had seen you numerous times. The ex-fairy was close to Pan, had always been trusted by him, so you were not surprised at all that she had gone running to him. She had always wanted him to like her. It was quite pathetic how much she ran to him actually.

There is no such thing as a secret.”

You are standing before Peter himself, in the camp that he had allowed you to stay in with his Lost Boys, but instead of wandering it freely as you once did you find yourself tied to a tree with rope that he had made appear out of nowhere with a simple wave of his hand. The look in his eyes is the darkest you have ever seen and given that you have seen him mad on more than one occasion this is definitely something new and something rather terrifying for you too.

You have seen first-hand what he was capable of when he was angry.

“I have never had many rules on this island [y/n], you know that, but what was the FIRST thing I said to you when I gave you a home here?”

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