along with your best buddy

La Traviata

Happy Birthday Ignis!   

Inspired by @haitori

Ignis leaned back in is leather desk chair and took his glasses off, rubbing his good eye with the palm of his hand. He glanced out his office window, noticing the sun setting in the western sky. The day was horrendously busy and seemed to drag on. He’d needed to set up four formal wedding locations within the Citadel, one of which was a rush job for this weekend. Another room was for a diplomat’s retirement next week.

And it was only Monday…

There was a light knock on the door. “Come in,” Ignis called.

One of the young Citadel wards entered. Ignis tried to remember his name. Donnel? Denzel?

“Sorry for disturbing you in your office, Sir,” said the young man. “But I was ordered to give these directly to you.”

Ignis fished a few Gil out of his desk drawer before giving it to him and accepting the two parcels. “Thank you,” said Ignis before the young man bowed lightly and departed without another word. The first package was an ordinary looking tube with Prompto’s handwriting scrawled along the side. It read, ‘OPEN ME FIRST! <3 Your best buddies!’

Ignis laid the envelope down and broke the taped seal on one side of the tube. With a pop the tube exploded in a sea of silver confetti, sending thin bits of foil everywhere. The spring loaded cup still hung loosely out of the tube. It began playing a high pitched melodic tune of Happy Birthday.


Do you wanna be Hokage?

Do you wanna be Hokage?

Come on, let’s go and train.

I’d like to see you everyday

But now you’ve gone away

Along with Pervy Sage

I wanna be best buddies

I wanna hold your hand

I wish you would notice me

Do you wanna be Hokage?

I know you’d be the best Hokage

(Naruto: See ya Hinata! *runs off*)

Okay bye…

Do you wanna be Hokage?

We’ve all been training for so long.

I think I’m finally catching up to you,

Maybe our senseis too,

But man they’re really strong!

(Gai: Youthful Endeavors!

Kakashi: *sigh*)

It get’s a little quiet

In this big village

Without all the pranks you pull.

*music interlude*

*scenes of Pein attack*


I know you’re in there.

I’m so sorry that I failed.

You gave me courage, and I fought for you

Please don’t give in to

The beast Nine Tails.

I guess this is farewell now

Could you remember me?

I’ll always believe in you…

Do you wanna be Hokage?