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Chauffeur’s daughter part 06

Summary: Based off the classic Audrey Hepburn film, Sabrina. A chauffeur’s daughter falls for the son of the wealthy Holland family.

Word count: 1.8k

Pairings: Harry Holland x reader, Tom Holland x reader (slow burn)

Warnings: Tears and heartbreak. 

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Tom Holland sat in his father’s office, discussing the terms of an upcoming business merger. His mind drifted slightly as his father looked through the extensive paperwork.

‘Where’s the provision determining the ratio of investment to controlling interest?’ the senior Dominic Holland asked, flicking through the pages of the document.

‘Page 192, paragraph six, subdivision B’ Tom replied without hesitation.

‘Good, good… well this all looks to be in order. Onto other matters, we’re not having any trouble with…. I forget the garage girls name.’

‘[y/f/n]’ Tom replied, once again without hesitation.

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Radio Silence

pairing: finn balor | original character

i hope my lack of response will send a message, though shinsuke tells me that the only message that it sends is one of cowardice. i don’t disagree.

“Why don’t you come visit us tomorrow night? Everyone here misses you. I know it may not exactly fix things, but it’ll be nice to see everyone, right?” Shinsuke’s voice is warm, familiar. Even so my stomach churns painfully just the same.

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Fave Brad looks

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“T” 》The Shirt

A Tour of Nobita’s House in Doraemon

So a change of pace. I’m not sure if I ever mention this but Doraemon has always been my FAVORITE manga of all time during my childhood. It’s probably the only thing I’ve ever read until I was able to visit alone to our nearby bookstore and be expanded by the endless journey of an Otaku. A future cat named Doraemon who travels back to the past in his mission of helping Nobita, a clumsy elementary schooler, in changing his destiny with many many interesting, helpful, but sometimes not so much… gadgets. The manga consisted countless of adventures, short stories on those awesome gadgets, and along with sentimental life lessons about love, friendship, and self-improvement. My childhood will never be the same if I have not open Doraemon when my sister first passed down to me. I don’t know how many time it had made me unknowingly cried T.T. Which is why, if you asked me what manga should you introduce to your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. Doraemon is no in doubt my final answer! >.<

Well, enough of my babbling and let start you with the tour to one of our main characters, Nobita, and his home! Enjoy! 

Based on the outside design of the house, we can see that this is a mix of tradition and modern architecture layout. A tradition Japanese’s wood roof typically colored in brown, red, or ashy tone with a basic build. A traditional home consisted of small surrounded space - since it is a cluster living-environment in Japan -  (aka backyard) for hanging clothes, a small storage house, a garden, etc. The modern design can be seen with the influence of the type of fence they used; stone, for example, painted in white just like what you would see in a typical American’s house. Also, the house was built on the ground making the foundation more firm and steady (unlike a traditional one would be supported by some sort of a platform). 

When you first enter the house, a “front porch” for umbrellas and a shoe’s cabinet was required in every Japanese’s household. It is a custom in Japan to leave your shoes outside before walking into the house. A flower vase was used as a decoration piece. 

This is a two-story house with a spacious hallway. 

To your right is a small ½ bathroom. Must be for the guests. 

The next-door room is our main bathroom and also the laundry room. And where is the dryer? Well, the Japanese typically hang their clothes outside so there’s no need for such installment. Let mother-nature do its thing.~

Behind that sliding door is a traditional Japanese’s bath set-up. Unlike the Western, there is no standing-shower with separate glass door. Instead, a tub is built so that you can get both experiences of bathing and showering (the entire space is for you to shower anyway). A bucket is usually presented for filling the water to rinse because the Japanse believe in no such thing as wasting water by keeping that hose running. In addition, it’s amazed how thoughtful they are to even include a cover-up so that the tub would not get dirty when they aren’t in use (unless there is some other purpose that I missed out). 

Straight down in the hallway is the kitchen where Nobita’s mom is normally seen cooking. His mom must be a very neat person since everything has its own place and hanging; making the room quite spacious. 

Next is our living room, where Nobita’s dad usually read his newspaper in the morning. The big window provided the room full of natural lighting so I don’t see the need of adding an extra lamp or chandelier. Which is why this room is probably the only room in the house that has the most plant decorations. Very eco-friendly. 

The final room on this first floor is the family room (where the family mostly spend their time together at) and as I believed also Nobita’s parent’s room. They sleep on the floor, btw. There is a TV, mom’s vanity, and a low Japanese-style table so that the family can lay the tatami blanket during the winter and eat snacks while staying cozy.

As I mentioned above, a small backyard is provided for hanging the clothes. Also where the chores that Nobita hated the most in doing: sweeping the leaves and plucking out the grass. 

There is only one room on the second floor which is Nobita and Doraemon bedroom. Again, windows played a big part of providing this house lightning. 

And finally, we are at the iconic room, the room where these two boys meet for the first time and the beginning of their unforgettable adventures (hint: look inside his desk’s drawer~). As you probably could have guessed by now that the household slept on futons, a Japanese traditional bedding. It’s all about saving the space! 

And there you have it! A complete house tour of the Nobis’s house. I hope the post is somewhat informative and intrigue you enough to start cracking the series. I can never forget the memories that Doraemon had embedded into me and the lessons that it had taught me to become a better person, child, and friend. Thanks for reading! :)

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What can you guys tell me about male Aquarius & female Virgo being best friends? Like how will they get along and such idk

aquarius: do u have my *insert sentimental object here*?

virgo: nope

aquarius: *insert whining*

virgo: go away idk where ur thing is

aquarius: *sadly slithers away*

virgo: *takes out lost object* this is what u get for stealing my cupcake 7 years ago on may 22th at 1:09pm MUAHAHAHAHHAA–


My Problems with Trump and his supporters

I comment occasionally or often depending on how I feel that day on posts about Trump.  I sometimes get responses but rather then getting into an argument with someone as I have no way of knowing why they think the way they do I have decided to put down all my reservations and concerns to direct them to from now on.

To start at the beginning I thought it would be fun to have him around for a little while because of his stupid statements that demonstrate an emotional response but have nothing behind them I certainly did not think he would ever be taken seriously.

This is part of the problem he has been taken seriously by at least a 3rd of our party (hard to truly tell at this point).

First my reaction to that - naive I admit to but I really never thought we had this many bigoted people in our party - I was convinced that although odds are we had some they were mostly in the liberal camp (could still be true as polling is not quite convinced they are actually polling Republicans vs Liberals - so you see I still hold out hope).  Why do I say that - he makes the most outrageous statements about peoples/groups/races etc. and although I have admitted sometimes it can be a fun emotional response in reality one should be repulsed after 1 second and actual thought about what he said and what it really means. Since Obama has made race relations worse in decades here is a man on the Republican side willing to tag along and continue these sentiments - of course I am concerned and my question is why isn’t everyone.

We just went through 7 years of a narcissist who actually does not know anything about what is going on around him so a large group of people decide to follow another one because he says he is a Republican (barring the fact that he has never stated 1 conservative statement).  So now we have a group of populists that want the same thing for another 4-8 years - how on earth could that be productive for our country.  The bigger problems as I see it is that Obama is actually idealistic (sickly so with his fascist socialist belief system) but Trump has no ideals and only believes in himself and what he can get for himself (sounds like Hillary) so I am actually afraid that he could be worse and this is one of the reasons I am concerned about the Republican party.  If he is selected and he has no real platform - ideals then what do we stand for and since we have been in a losing battle for awhile (in my opinion) this could be the death knell for our party.

We could not stand Obama’s (and continuing to this day) “Hope and Change” just for the sake of change - nothing good here.  Now we have a sizable number of people swayed by “I will make America Great” because “I am a winner”.  Yes I can see how that makes the big difference. 

Just like Obama he speaks without actually either knowing the truth/facts or just does not wish to acknowledge them.  I think in both it is more not knowing truth or facts because when you are that great you can create your own and don’t care what is true or not. Another serious concern for another 4 - 8 years of a Presidency.

And I was recently told that people that know him personally think he is really nice - a great guy.  I wonder how old that person is because that is exactly what they say about con men, many mobsters and other criminal types.  So I am looking for someone to respect and other then his poor coached children that is not something you hear at all.

Just like our current pompous President Trump does not take well to criticism  that is all we need as President - that will do well for relations everywhere.

Ok - let’s get a little more specific.

Trump exists not because of his great intellect or prowess in business but because he is good at the crony capitalist game - didn’t we used to think that was evil/bad/wrong?.  Now we are supposed to admire it?  He actually has made many poor decisions and is not looked at well within the business/investment world.  Why because he cheats and files bankruptcy so he comes out ok but because he plays the game his backers are the looser and then he makes statements about how they were bad people.  Very admirable. He has made poor investment choices his whole life - actually - Forbes did a study that showed money market funds would have yielded much higher returns then his choices - his whole career - again exactly what I want leading my country.  This is the person you want in charge of the Federal Budget?

He admits that he has achieved so much by buying politicians - oh again I say admirable.  He pals around with mafia (of course for anyone in casinos that might be a given). 

The man is a womanizer and changes arm candy on a regular basis.  Is sorry his daughter is his daughter because he would love to date her and more - sick.  You can not say your respect women and be believed when all you are interested in is looks.  Although we have had many of these in the office of President most had the class to have a real wife and just everyone else on the side but this man is more concerned with the actual physical looks of the person by his side in public and I understand that his pre-nups are quite entertaining to read as to what they are allowed to say about him during and after the marriage - so I think that brings into question any comments made by previous wives.  Again very admirable.

The man has no real understanding of the Constitution (or its limits), economics (or the fact that government should not play a role - but that goes against crony capitalism - his mantra), free market/free trade.  He is against all the things conservatives were supposed to stand for and apparently so is a % of our party because the populism has creeped in and is not necessarily personally beneficial to them individually.  Everything about Trump is personally for him - never for anyone else let alone our country.

Study some of his personal business dealings (along with those of his Father) and you will find that he has been slum lord - implications of fraud/questionable activity. - certainly losing others money for them as long as he came out ok.

He can give no specifics other then some attorneys agree with me - I think that is always the case if you have some money to throw away. 

There is no way this man can beat Hillary.  Common sense will tell you that this is a race for the Republicans to lose.  The majority of the country has become Independent as they do not wish to actually stand anywhere.  So Since I think a good percentage of those are liberal thinking people they will like Trump but when he goes head to head with Hillary he is going to look bad and his cute quips will not work then.  All the polls show he can not win - although we know that all polls have basically no meaning that this time - since he has the largest number of people against him and largest un-likability factors and his conduct will ensure that continues - even if you thought he was better then Hillary (not quite sure what logic that would be based on) he can not beat her and that is a sad statement in itself.

I will give him props for his ability to get the media - he has not had to spend much because he has gotten all this free media - and since we know that the majority is very liberal biased - maybe you should ask yourself why that is?  Is he just that good or does it work for them?  I am going to side with the fact that it works for them in the long run in getting an unpopular hack - Hillary- in the White House along with continuing to destroy the image of Republicans.

Well I could go on and obviously have - I do not keep articles at my fingertips like so many of you do (and I am always impressed) but I do read a lot and remember what I read.

Something to think about - Romney was a real businessperson with a true understanding of economics - free market - etc., but he was considered too liberal because of a health care package he did to avert a worse issue (which came into existence once he left office - and so many of you did no real research to determine actual facts regarding this issue) but now we can follows someone who has yet to spout a real conservative ideal or principle is is more liberal then most moderate liberals - please explain that to me.  I keep asking for any real conservative idea from Trump but as yet have not received an answer.

I will never vote for a Democrat but I also will not vote for Trump if he is the nominee - my respect for myself is far to great!

Thank you if you took the time to read this for allowing me to vent my very real concerns.