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My Secret Romance - Episode 7 Spoilers


Round Two for Mock Elections has arrived. Congratulations to the victors! Keep an eye out for Round Three!

When Yuri on Ice was airing I had a thumbnail on Yuuri seductively lying on the rink, then episode 10 aired and it turned into THIS.


every westallen scene ever (27/?)

Secondary Check

A/N: A tradition in my family is that we all must become (basic) first aid certified. My younger brother is working on getting his, and I was reading through one of his books when I came across secondary checking. I know what it is, of course, as I am certified myself; but rereading the procedure made me think about how awful it would tickle if used gently. Solangelo is literally my joy in life, so I used them in this fic. It’s based… shortly after the Heroes of Olympus series, I guess?

(Also, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in a while… please accept my apology along with this mediocre fic.)

“Please, Nico?”


“Oh, come on-”

“I said no!”

Will huffed at his boyfriend, annoyed with his stubbornness. 

“Nico, I just want to practice secondary checking. Is that so wrong?” Will asked, crossing his arms. “No, but I don’t want to be your guinea pig!” Nico responded, crossing his arms as well. 

“You make it sound like I’m some evil scientist,” Will mumbled, rolling his eyes. 

“You could be! We just got together, I don’t know what you’re capable of yet,” Nico retorted in a sassy tone, and Will couldn’t help but smile. Nico was just so cute when he tried to act all stubborn and tough.

In consideration of recent events, Will had decided he wanted to completely perfect his first aid; he had been practicing on everyone, constantly asking other campers to be his next “victim”. Hey, is it a crime for a medic to make sure they know what they’re doing?

“Come on, just once? I want to really know what I’m doing. Son of the god of healing or not, I need to review stuff!”

With a sigh, Nico looked up at his boyfriend and rolled his dark eyes. “Fine, but just because you’re annoying me, and doing this will make you shut up. And only once!” He reminded as Will gave him a bright grin.


“Yeah, yeah.”

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this is pretty long though but I’m just feelin my boys here anon forgive me

{ Valentine’s day special }


- Valentine’s day was just another day for him; Work everyday, have a meeting, go to dinners, but coming home to his lovely Elizabeth the 3rd was always exciting. However recently, he’s found himself.. Less enthusiastic about his daily life. He still loves his cat but; part of him just feels empty coming home now. It was lonely. He was lonely. He did notice how much he looked forward to her phone calls. Her jokes in the chatroom. Her herself. It frightened him; reminding him of the emotions he felt with Rika. MC was very different from her though, he never wanted to compare the two. However this was the exact same situation, different but same concept and feelings. And he didn’t like it. MC is Jihyun’s… Not yours.. He had to painfully remind himself. Driver Kim thankfully pulled him away from his thoughts.

“ Any plans for Valentine’s day, Mr Han? ”
The older man glanced into the rear view mirror with a smile– Which Jumin returned alongside a curt shake of his head.

“ No.. Its just another day for me. I’ll spend it with my love Elizabeth the 3rd. ”

Driver Kim laughed softly, muttering a small ” Thats what I thought you’d say. ” before returning his attention back onto the road ahead.

Jumin glanced down at his phone, it was on vibrate; and he noticed her picture illuminating the screen. Instantly his heart sped up, having to clear his throat before answering.
He was greeted with her energetic,
“ Good evening Jumin! ”
To which he replied
“ To you as well, MC. I hope you’re having a good night so far. ”
He envisioned her smile which caused one of his own to appear on his lips, she hummed in approval before continuing.
“ Yes! I am. Jihyun fell asleep though, He was very tired.. Long day I suppose. ”
His smile was replaced with a scowl as he furrowed his brows; It was just like Jihyun to do something stupid like that. He never was a night owl; Leaving MC so lonely, what a shame.

“ Ah. So you called me for company? ”

“ Yeah.. I wasn’t sure if you were doing anything. I’m sorry if I interrupted. ”

His eyes scanned the lights of the cities as they passed by. He wished he was doing something– Something with her. He knows what restaurant she loves; Taking her there would make her happy. Or bringing her to his home, letting her play with his precious Elizabeth the 3rd. He knows how well they get along together.

“ No– Don’t apologize. I’m spending my evening with Elizabeth the 3rd and a bottle of wine. Nothing extraordinary. ”

He stated– Tugging on the cuffs of his suit to keep him occupied. He always felt odd talking to her without V being around. He wanted to say things that he wouldn’t normally say. Wanted to tell her things he would never tell anyone else. It made him uncomfortable. Not because of her– the emotions. He hated it.

“ Ooh. Sounds pretty extraordinary to me. A beauty on your lap and some chateau montrose at your side. How lovely. ”

He chuckled lowly at the fact she remembered his favorite wine, nodding his head before realizing she couldn’t see the action

“ Ha.. I suppose. I only wish you could join me instead.. ”

His voice trailed off as he noticed the penthouse coming closer and closer into view– straightening his posture and clearing his throat before continuing.

“ Ah. I’m nearly home. I’m afraid i’ll have to end this conversation here, MC. ”

He didn’t want to, but he knew if he stayed on the phone while he was comfortable at home the conversation could last for hours. That wasn’t fair to either of them, nor V.

“ Alright.. Thanks for talking with me Jumin, goodnight. Happy Valentine’s day.. ”

The click broke him of his frozen state, the car had already stopped and Driver Kim sat with a knowing look on his face and a sad smile. Jumin was quick to see him off, wishing him a goodnight before making his way to the penthouse.

Elizabeth the 3rd was there to greet him at the door as always. Her soft purrs caused him to smile bittersweetly.
“ My dear Elizabeth the 3rd, please explain Jihyun gets everything I want.. I want to be happy too.. ”
He sighed heavily as she replied with a meow– one he wasn’t able to decipher.
“ Sometimes I feel as if it isn’t fair. But I suppose this is the way it has to be. At least I’ll always have you..”
He smiled down at the kitty– rubbing gently under her chin as she closed her eyes in contentment.


- He woke up in a cold sweat, his breathing uneven and fragile. His fist clenching the cushions as panic rings through his mind, White patches blurring his vision. The feeling of being so trapped and helpless burned in his chest, He wanted to scream the pain felt so unbearable. Suddenly, a warm hand is placed on his shoulder. Initially causing him to flinch, but he could recognize that warmth anywhere. Instantly his body relaxes into the touch, his mind begins to clear as his eyes quickly turn back meet her soft ones. She gave him a concerned smile before pushing the stray hairs away from his face.

“ Did you have a nightmare, Saeran? ”
She asks, his head lowers before nodding in acknowledgment like a child would. For some reason, he always felt so comfortable talking with her after something like this. It was odd but natural. She comforted him so well. She brought him into an embrace– His head buried into her shoulder as he looses himself in her presence– Inhaling deeply. She smelt sweet, like cherry blossoms.

“ Saeyoung will be back soon.. He’s getting ice-cream; Your favorite kind too.”
He smiles softly, but in the same breath he didn’t want Saeyoung to come home. Not now. It was selfish, but he wanted her to himself. Saeyoung would take her away from him as soon as he got back.. They had dinner plans tonight– It was a “ special ” day today apparently. And he would be left all by himself once more.

“ Don’t go.. ”

He mumbled into the shoulder of her red dress, he had only caught a glimpse before she brought him into her arms. She looked beautiful, but not for him.. She did it for Saeyoung– He had to remind himself through clenched teeth.

“ Saeran– You’ll be fine here, I can call Yoosung to come over if you’d like.. ”

“ No. I want you to stay with me.. Don’t go.. ”

His grip tightens on her, she shifts to sit beside him on the red couch that matched her dress. He broke the embrace to look at her, she looked nice as always. She gave him a reassuring smile– running a palm up and down his arm in comfort. His ears were still ringing, and he was tired. Maybe that’s why he felt so needy today.

“ Hey– You’ll be fine Saeran. Trust me. But you know I have to go with– Oh, Saeyoung! ”
Who had just loudly entered the home interrupting her sentence, making him groan in aggravation as he moved away from her touch.

“ Woah babe.. You look beautiful! ”
His brother wolf whistled before dropping the bags on the kitchen counter– seemingly ignoring Saeran as he made his way to MC behind the couch. Leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek, causing Saeran to tense.

“ Are you ready to head out? ”
She nodded before turning her attention back to himself; causing his heart to skip a beat. She rubbed his arm one last time before shuffling to get up, grabbing her bag as Seven dangled the car keys on his fingertips.

“ We’ll bring you back food Saeran– Don’t worry! ”
Saeyoung said through a smile, causing Saeran to scoff and sink deeper into the couch. She came over to him one last time- He tried to ignore her but his eyes couldn’t help but make their way up to meet hers. They were soft and gentle.

“ You’ll be okay Saeran. ”
She nodded towards him before making her way over to his brother; who wrapped an arm around her waist before making their way towards the door, shutting it behind them.
He got up with a huff, digging through the bags to find the ice cream that awaited him. Not even bothering to get a bowl– He laid back down on the couch and mindlessly ate away with a slight scowl playing on his lips.

’ Youll be okay.. ’ Pft. Yeah right. At least he had something sweet to keep him company tonight. Even though the cookies and cream was quickly dwindling away the more aggravated he got. He hated the fact she was with his brother. She was such a joy. Sometimes he wished things could be different. Okay– Most of the time he wished things could be different. But he’s Saeran Choi. He never gets what he wants, even if he’s good. It seems like the universe had it out for him. He just had to learn to accept it.

WiP Wednesday

He slams the doors on whatever cheerful single entendre Christophe is about to say under the guise of being helpful, then leans back against them, eyes falling shut. For just a moment, Victor allows himself the luxury of feeling his own heart roar in his breast, of relearning the pathways his blood takes to pool and pound in his ears, of giving into the compulsion to clench his fists around the hilt of a broadsword, or a neck — all familiar on the field of battle. Enduring it all now without the bloodthirst is awful.

Exhaling shakily, he opens his eyes and finds he is not alone.

Lounging on Victor’s bed, sprawled out as though he were still the greedy brat from years ago demanding Victor read him another story before being kicked out in favor of sleep, Yuri gives him a black look over the edge of the parchment clutched like prey in his hands.

There’s no sense in delaying the inevitable, so Victor smiles and waves his hand; an invitation. “All right. Let’s hear it.”

Yuri clears his throat so loudly that it feels like an expletive, then begins grandly, “His royal highness, Viktor Maxim Ivan Vladimir Karl Alexander Sergei Nikolai Ilya H —” Yuri pauses, then barks a laugh. “‘Hermann’.”

“Hermann,” Victor confirms, sighing. There’s one in every family.

… Pyotr Gleb… is giving a ball.” Yuri sneers, teeth bared like a tiger. How anyone could believe him to be a spectre born of ice and swan’s feathers is a mystery lost to the ages. “’… All eligible lords and ladies are invited to attend…’ I hope you aren’t under the impression that I’m going to be present for this farce.”

“Will you not support your brother in his time of great need?”

Yuri gives an inelegant snort. “I’ll be too busy moving my things into your room. You won’t need it after the unwashed masses finish tearing you to shreds in hopes of claiming a piece of you. I think my bookcases will look splendid against the wall over there.”

“You really won’t go?”

“I’d rather be drawn and quartered.”

In the face of Yuri’s familiar mulishness, the urge to shout I am not a prize —ever since his mother turned upon him a chilly stare and announced he was to sign his life away to a stranger by the ball’s end or she would find a suitable spouse for him (”If you do not do this, my dear, your father might actually deny you the crown and live forever just to spite us both, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction.”)— ebbs like the tide, and Victor relaxes into a real smile. “That is too bad. I hear the good Hero of Kazakhstan means to attend.”

Yuri goes still and says, flat as sword and twice as sharp, “Prince Otabek is coming.”

“So I’ve been told.” Victor shrugs off his jacket with not a little relief. Despite the slide of summer into autumn, the sun shows no sign of relenting its heavy hold on the kingdom. “Last we spoke, he was all talk of you… insomuch as he talks, which isn’t very. You must have made an impression at the trade negotiations, but if your aim is to be elsewhere the night of this idiocy, I will send along my apologies so he does not make a needless trip —”

There’s a sudden flurry of movement as Yuri rolls off the bed and spills to the floor, and Victor can do little except step aside as his brother blasts by and kicks the doors open. 

“So… shall I expect to see you there?”

Yuri sniffs and tilts his chin up just a bit in a bid to look aloof. All it serves to do is catch the light on the red flush in his cheeks. “I suppose I can find it within me to witness our dear parents set you upon the auction block, if only so I can laugh myself sick when some country bumpkin covered in pig shit wins you.”

Victor grins. “Otabek will be pleased to see you.”

The flush deepens to scarlet. Yuri turns his face away, but not fast enough to hide the small smile there. “I hope they give you to an actual pig.”

If Cat was there instead...
  • Mxyzptlk: *appears*
  • Mxyzptlk: First let's set the mood.
  • Mxyzptlk: Candles. *Conjures candles*
  • Kara: Who are you?
  • Mxyzptlk: Then Music. *Conjures a band*
  • Kara: What the hell?
  • Mxyzptlk: Next, flowers. *Conjures flowers*
  • Mxyzptlk: And for the pièce de résistance, the ring. Kara, sweetest, it's like I said. I'm your one true love, your soulmate, your one true pairing as the kids say. My name is Mxyzptlk, and I love you Kara Zor-El.
  • Kara: I... uh...
  • Mxyzptlk: Tell me, will you marry me?
  • Kara: *gives a disbelieving laugh*
  • Mxyzptlk: *sings* I can show you the world-
  • Cat: Okay, Midichlorians, that's enough. This is not a Karaoke bar.
  • Mxyzptlk: Oh. Yes, the mentor. *strands* Forgive me, my lady. I-
  • Cat: You are wasting your time. Kara is mine, so you can just run along back to Camelot or Avalon, or the Shire, or where ever it is you came from.
  • Mxyzptlk: Madam, I am Mxyzptlk, a being from the fifth dimension.
  • Cat: Yes, yes, well, say hello to Buckaroo Banzai next time he passes through. Now shoo.
  • Mxyzptlk: I see. I've offended you. You have my most sincere apologies. I see that I should have secured your permission-
  • Cat: You are not listening. Kara is mine. She promised me her complete devotion, and I do not share what is mine. Now, go away.
  • Kara: Miss Grant, be-
  • Cat: Not now, Kara.
  • Mxyzptlk: She's given you her devotion as a student of course, but surely you can see that I'm here to seek her hand in marriage.
  • Cat: *rolling her eyes* I didn't say she was my student. I said she was mine.
  • Cat: *turns, and slips an arm around Kara's waist, pulling their bodies together, then lays a kiss on Kara's lips, bending forward and dipping Kara as if they're dancing while continuing to kiss her, drawing a long, deep moan of pleasure from Kara before standing them both up again.*
  • Kara: *whimpers*
  • Cat: See? Mine. Now, run along.
  • Mxyzptlk: I- see. My apologies. *vanishes*
  • Cat: *looks at Kara*
  • Cat: How do you get yourself into these situations.
Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Jamilton teachers au

- Alex teaches English literature and Thomas reached Drama
- Herc teaches PE, Laff teaches French (too obvious??), John teaches social studies?? Gov and pol??? Who knows not me. Aaron teaches Classics and George is the head teacher
- don’t ask me about the ladies I haven’t thought that far
- imagine if they were all married nd everyone was just like ??? How is this smol grump married to this joyous tol
- then students see them together nd realise that Hamilton isn’t really that grumpy, especially when his husband is around
- or like Thomas being ill and Alex arriving twenty minutes late looking all flustered muttering apologies and something along the lines of “my partner is sick and I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed before I left”
- and ten minutes is wasted on his students fussing over his husband but as soon as Alex gets them all stared on some work he’s texting Thomas to make sure everything is okay
- giving each other little kisses as they pass in the hallway
- professional rivalry when they both teach the same text
- Thomas making sure Alex takes regular breaks from marking essays
- those two teachers that everyone ships and all the students try to get together
- they have classrooms opposite each other and Alex’s class can never concentrate for the noise coming from Thomas’ class
- the pair having “words” with each other after school
- “words” turning into heated make out sessions
- just jamilton teachers man


despite all my efforts not to, i am human and make lots of mistakes. pls never be afraid to approach me to tell me i’ve mucked up again because i wanna hear from you about it so that i can apologize, learn, and change. 

all i want to do with this blog is make the world a little bit better, brighter, and nicer for everyone. so unless i’m having an unusually bad bout of pms or fibro fog/pain (which can sometimes make me less receptive but i always come around in time, i promise!!) i’m always open to reason and change. 💜

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Shinee reacting to coming home and seeing their s/o dancing around to their music in nothing but panties and one of their shirts please❤

Oh my gosh, YES. Thank you for your request anon!! I hope you don’t mind if I make the s/o into ‘you’ because I feel like it’ll be easier to write? Sorry if that’s something you specifically didn’t want! (Let me know and I’ll edit it for you) [also sorry if you didn’t mean for it to be sexy but I mean c’mon] - Admin Mimi

SHINee’s reaction to their s/o dancing in nothing but panties and one their shirts

He’d walk in, quiet and tired. Not paying much attention to anything, intent on curling up in bed, preferably with you at his side.But once he entered the sitting room he’d find you blaring music and dancing about. He’d be stunned at first, certainly this was an unexpected situation to come home to, but the look of pure enjoyment on your face would have him smiling fondly as he’d rest against the door frame, watching in amusement. You’d turn away from him fully and bounce about in time with the music, pulling his attention to the fact you were wearing one of his shirts; and that you were wearing only panties on your lower half. Suddenly he wouldn’t be feeling quite as tired as before. You’d spin around and stumble upon noticing him.
“Oh!” you’d yelp, hands gripping the bottom of the shirt as you steady yourself, “W-welcome home, jagiya…” He’d chuckle and walk towards you his hands falling onto your hips.
“You look cute in my shirt, jagi.” he’d say, kissing your lips softly. “Are you not wearing anything under it?” You’d shake your head and he’d laugh, nudging you toward your bedroom.
[*wink wink* ;D]

Originally posted by mayfifolle

He’d walk in ready to spend the evening with you, shedding his jacket in the area around the front door. He’d notice the music playing, smiling as he’d make his way into the sitting room. He’d pause, shocked to see you wearing one of his shirts. You’d prance past, eyes closed, not noticing him as you danced along with the music. He’d smile fondly following silently behind before grabbing your hips.
“Ah! Jjong! You scared me!” you’d giggle, turning in his arms and looking at him. 
“You’re wearing my shirt, jagi.” he’d hug you closer. You’d wrap your arms around his neck smiling,
“Mhmm, it’s comfy.” He’d lick his lips, his hands falling slightly lower.
“You’re not wearing any shorts.” you’d nod, “And nothing under my shirt.”
“Hehe, of course,” you’d kiss him, “Dance with me?” 
“Of course.”

Originally posted by herewegobebe

He’d open the door, a little cautiously as he’d be able to hear the music from outside the house.
“Jagiya?” He’d call, but you wouldn’t hear him over the music. He’d make his way into the room you’re dancing in, your bedroom, and watch you dance with an amused smile. As you’d continue to dance, not noticing him, he’d sit down on the bed, making himself comfortable until you dance within reach. He’d pull you to him, making you yelp.
“Wah! Kibummie! When did you get here?” you’d ask leaning into his grasp. 
“A while ago, I couldn’t just interrupt your dancing.” He’d place a kiss atop your forehead, “Especially not when you look so nice, dancing in nothing but those panties and my shirt.” he’d add, grinning at your slightly flustered expression. “I can think of some other dancing we could do.” he’d whisper, kissing your lips.

Originally posted by shineebymyside

He’d open the door carelessly, figuring you’d be out. He was home earlier than expected. He’d be surprised to hear music as he stepped into the house, becoming curious as he shed his outer wear. Upon entering the sitting room he’d find you swaying your hips in time with the music, beckoning him closer, as you heard him come in.
“Welcome home, jagiya.” He’d smile brightly in response stepping closer, taking in your figure as you swayed in nothing but a pair of panties, barely visible as you did so, and one of Minho’s shirts.It would ride up showing the panties briefly ever now and then; his eyes would wander as the colours contrasted, bringing it to his attention.
“You’re not wearing anything under that?” he’d ask as he reached your beckoning hand, taking it in his own as he’d pull you close.
“Why don’t you take a peek and see?” you’d whisper, pulling him in for a kiss.
“Don’t mind if I do.”

[This gif just stole my heart??? Excuse you Minho. That heart flying near him? That’s mine. It’s fine I didn’t need it anyway. Lmao just kidding. But seriously uggghhh my bias <3]

Originally posted by mayfifolle

He’d open the door, pleasantly surprised by the sound of music. You’d prance dramatically past the doorway to the sitting room as he opened it, just missing him. His face would light up as he saw you flitting about the room obviously feeling the music more than trying to do any sort of choreography. As the song finished he’d clap, taking note that you were wearing only panties on your lower half as you practically leaped in surprise at the sound.
“Taeminnie! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” You’d whine hitting his arm. He’d grin, pulling you to him,
“Sorry, jagi. Your dancing was so mesmerising I forgot you didn’t know I was back.” He’d mumble into your ear, placing gentle kisses along your jaw in apology. “You look so cute in my shirt.”
“Flatterer.” You’d huff, pouting half-heartedly.
“It’s the truth.” he’d defend, peppering your face with kisses until you smiled.
“Ah Taeminnie, you’re so cute.”

Originally posted by j-miki

[Because I feel awful about how long it took me to finish his reaction last time, and I watched the Knowing Brothers episode with SHINee and I felt like this was PERFECT.]

Sayonara Hitori began playing and you moved away from Taemin’s reach, sitting on the floor. He looked confused for a moment before realising what you were doing and followed suit. Showing your own inner feelings to his song along with him filled his heart with unbridled affection.
“Saranghae, jagiya.” he declared hugging you tightly.

Also THIS ADORABLE GIF [2min is life]

I hope you like this <3 <3 - Admin Mimi

There’s a very very low chance that either of you will see this, but as someone who just wants everyone to get along, @markiplier@hellagaypokemon, please, apologize to each other.

I know it isn’t my place to say anything about this whole situation since I’m not subject to the amount of negativity that you both get at this point, but from what I’ve observed from both of your posts, both of you are right on some points, and wrong on others.

So please, one of you, any of you, be the bigger person, and apologize to the other. Because honestly, I don’t think this whole thing will stop cycling around and around if neither of you do this.

Again, I know I’m no one compared to either of you, but for the sake of everyone who wants peace in this community, please. Listen to each other. Listen to each other, then apologize. Teach the other what you think they should be taught, then let yourself be taught in return.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to mentally prepare myself for the barrage of “lol stfu” messages.

Thank you for your time.

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Hello, I love your writing. Can you please do #14 with the Uni prompt. Also I submitted a prompt request last week, and I don't know if you wrote it and I missed it, or if you haven't gotten to it yet. I hope that didn't sound rude or that I'm rushing you. I'm sorry if it does.

Hey, friend! Do you remember what your request was? I have a few still waiting in my inbox that I haven’t written yet… If you let me know which one, I can bump it up though and no worries, it’s not rushing me, I definitely need a kick in the pants sometimes anyway! ♥ If I did post it though, you can check here

Extra long one for making you wait for your other request! 

title: Are You Still Watching
pairing: nalu
rating: K+
words: ~2100
summary: Lucy needs a break from her overbearing father. What better way than watching Netflix over someone’s shoulder at the library? (prompt from here)

Her father has Lucy on a leash even halfway across Fiore and it’s a little unsettling to the outside eye to see that he calls her the exact second glasses are supposed to end with a demand worded as a request. He only lets her go to school, really, so he can flaunt the fact that his daughter was getting a business degree to take over for him. Something to brag about to his friends.

It was strange, really, how she went from only worthy of marrying someone and granting him a grandson to the actual heir to his business. She doesn’t quite know which one is better, really, because at least as a baby-making machine she was left to her own interests, as far as though interests didn’t interfere with matchmaking. 

Now, as an adult, she’s stuck under his thumb worse than ever and it’s only the creative writing classes that keeps her going. Maybe it’s not polite to admit she’ll skip out from under his thumb and out of school the moment she can’t take them anymore, but she figures if he can bully her into attending school, she can damn well take a class she actually likes.

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i was tagged by @this-useless-lesbian to share 10 songs I’m currently vibing to! thanks for the tag anya ily <33

1 - Liar Liar by Oh My Girl

2 - Lonely by (both) Sistar and Jonghyun

3 - Why Don’t You Know by Chungha

4 - Deja Vu by Sonamoo

5 - Happy x Rookie mashup by RV and WJSN

6 - Remember by 9Muses

7 - This Right Now by IU (the entire Palette album tbh)

8 - Time Lapse by Taeyeon

9 - Puppet by Marmello 

10 - Coloring Book by Oh My Girl

I’ll tag @betterthinkaboutittwice @bubbleflexe @fantaesy @taeyepn @sonuyhshidae @snake-siyeon @redvelvetseulrene @hufflepuhf and @therainbowbagel

ID #19792

Name: Deanna
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello! Im Deanna and I enjoy a lot of things. Some of my favorite things are reading, writing, music, acting, anime, movies. I’m a huge nerd. I love DC and Marvel and Supernatural and Sherlock. I am heading into my 6th year of French as I enter my senior year. I’m fairly young for being a senior. Im also in marching band. After I graduate im planning on going into the military originally Navy but perhaps Marine Corps. I am also very passionate about science so while in the military I plan on going to college to get a bachelors in Physical Science and then to another college, hopefully UCDavis, to enter their Forensic Science program Abby from NCIS inspired me to become a forensic scientists along with my love for science. Apologies for the huge paragraph. :)

Preferences: I would prefer no one over 21 right would be easier for instant messaging on like Facebook or Tumblr or snapchat, but snail mail is okay as well .Dont care about your gender or sexual orientation. No racist or sexist or xenophobic or all around mean people. From anywhere so yeah. Nice people.


Found this amazing karaoke video for Peggy Lee’s End of the World that I subsequently sang along to very loudly and had to apologize to my roommate because I didn’t know she was home and she complimented me on my emotion and voice

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Do you think our empathy and affection for Dylan impacts his existence now, whatever or wherever it may be?

As infinite spiritual beings in the universe, our thoughts and feelings transcend matter, time and space.  Our thoughts infused with strong emotions, our love, caring and deep affection will always have impact and influence spiritual being/s on the receiving end of our focus.  Dylan referred to what he called himself ‘this Transceiver of the Everything’ and that is exactly what we all are, both individually and collectively, as part of the unified consciousness.  He  knew too much so soon and he felt this burden of awareness that he didn’t want all this knowledge of how it should be here as opposed to how it IS over there. How at odds he felt about that and struggled with that and raged against it.  He had trouble integrating into our physical plane and felt trapped here with a sense of disconnect and isolation knowing that all should really, truly, purely be connected he knew it to be up/over there.  But we all our transmitters and receivers connecting in with one another through our thoughts and feelings, intermingling and influencing each other. Even though so many of us feel completely alone and separate here - we are not.  There are no boundaries between the living and the dead except for the physical matter that that draws an illusionary line in the illusionary isand.  It doesn’t matter if we existent, now, here, in the material plane, in this man-made timeline, or  as we are with what we call it down here ‘dead’ or ‘passed on’, - aka reemerging and ‘living’ on in a body-less state beyond this world.  

Your reactions to Dylan, to who he was, to what he did,  and all the things you acutely, intensely feel about all of that as you ponder deeply about him,  powerfully affects him.   He is aware of all the energy coming at him.  And perhaps too much, it’s overwhelming for him at times and it’s like, he wants to hide at times from it all.    All of that love and caring as well as the pure hate too. All the good and the bad within that everlasting contrast rebounding back at him to weigh and consider.  The response to his existence here on the earth plane in 1980s - 1990s is part of his spiritual existence lessons to be received and processed as much as it’s our experience to receive the message about him. But this is part of the choice he made and the cause and effect from it which he can derive his own lessons from.  This is the way it is for everything and everyone - not just Dylan.  This is how we are all interconnected and influence one another continually.  So, in short: he experiences us as much as we experience him. He receives our love, empathy and compassion as well as our sense of sadness and anger and yes, hate and disgust, because he took chose the very extreme, permanent actions that he did, to end the beautiful potentiality of his life existence here and to destroy others life potential along with his.

Apologies that my grammar/spelling has probably imploded here but I had to get out what was coming  in.. phew.