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I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names


Immigrants respond to Trump’s executive orders by declaring #ImAlreadyHome on Twitter

  • In his first week, President Donald Trump signed one executive order laying the groundwork for his infamous pet project, a wall along the Mexican border, and another executive order turning America’s back on refugees, especially those from Muslim-majority countries. 
  • Trump also plans to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants and defund sanctuary cities.
  • While Trump has made it explicit that he’s ready to throw out the founding principles of America and say no to immigrants, immigrants have something to say back: #ImAlreadyHome. 
  • After Trump signed the executive order beginning the wall, the Huffington Post called for people to respond with stories of their families on social media. And they did. Read more.
a Twenty One Pilots poem

Columbus, Ohio is where the story will start
A young boy with big dreams and a passionate heart
A basketball in one hand and a pen in the other
As well as an encouraging kind older brother
Whether singing about tacos or rapping about birds
His brother quickly realized this boy had a talent with words
Recording songs in his basement and thinking about death in his bed
Throwing out a rubber band and confronting demons in his head
While not a fancy singer or a skillful soprano
He continued to work hard composing tunes at his piano
Gave up the hoop and threw away the free throws
Set out for the road and began to play shows
Created a band, wanted to see who would listen
But along the years he realized something was missing
Before a concert, one of the drummers disappeared
A substitute came, quit his job, and all the worry had cleared
They played a great show, bowed together in stage light
Decided to become a duo, kept the name, it felt right
Twenty One Pilots: Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
A whole new adventure of their life had begun
They were amazing, had potential, but didn’t want to exaggerate
So these two humble friends began to work and collaborate
Dedicated their lives and made music their choice
Drums, ukulele, bass, and an unusual voice
Made an awesome record, put their grandpas on the cover
Word was spread on Twitter of Laura, a proud mother
Soon they were playing festivals, a song on the radio too
Their first hit single titled Holding On To You
Josh’s nose ring, hair dye, and gages make him look strong
But it wasn’t but a couple years before anxiety came along
Tyler’s tattoos and ego might make him look okay
But on the inside he was battling depression every day
These two boys came to realize they’re not the only ones with this infection
And this is what helped inspire their music’s strange direction
The melodies were always happy, the lyrics were always dark
But the relatability of the music is what helped create the spark
People of all ages heard Tyler’s message and Josh’s rhythm
And it didn’t take very long before people sang along with them
Ski masks, skeletons, Mexican food, and more
People were anxiously waiting for what else was in store
From working on a farm to a political top debate
These boys started gaining reputation in every state
With hilarious interviews and discovery of Vine
Their music career without genre was doing pretty fine
Soon mysterious messages began to surface
People created theories and searched for its purpose
A stellar new album that hit the top of the chart
Featuring Stressed Out, Ride, and Tear in my Heart
With a unique sound and message called Blurryface
They soared towards fame and the duo found their place
Fans spotted with red beanies, kimonos, and a logo on their hand
While the boys took weird photoshoots and joked “You’re out of the band!”
Their live shows were astounding, they blew everyone away
Rolling around in a hamster ball and climbing stuff on tour all day
They almost caused an earthquake, as well as almost got sued
One of their festival shows was canceled, and leaked Heathens started a feud
However, they kept their heads up, continuing to play Mario Kart 8
And after shows they’d drink Red Bull and eat cereal staying up late
Spooky Jim Christmas would watch Stranger Things or eat Reese’s Puffs
And although filming heavydirtysoul was freezing, they both skipped out on earmuffs
They played Madison Square Garden and sold out hundreds of shows
Their names quickly became trending like #JoshDunsLegs or #TylersNose
They took off their pants at the Grammy’s and won the APMA’s
And we’ve got plenty of fanfics and fanart to last the clique for days
If you go to a show stay hydrated, nobody in the pit wants to faint
And if you’re lucky you’ll see Josh’s red eyeshadow and Tyler’s iconic black paint
But if you see Joshler kissing pictures, shut up, we all know they’re fake
Although we can find them hugging or doing their legendary handshake
Whether creating awesome remixes or performing the Hometown magic trick
These two happy boys will always be absolutely sick as frick
So while I probably most likely left a couple things out
The most important thing is to stay alive, because that’s what this band is about

Here is a photo of the Berlin Wall being torn down in 1989 (the year I was born).

Today, Trump signed an executive order for the construction of his wall along the Mexican border. Not only are American taxpayers paying for this wall (after Trump said Mexico would pay for it), but history tells us walls *NEVER* work.

Though the circumstances are different than what occurred in Germany, our country (a nation founded by immigrants) should be in the business of building bridges; NOT walls.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ~George Santayana

African Union criticizes US for ‘taking many of our people as slaves’ and not taking refugees

[IMAGE: African Heads of State pose for a group photo ahead of the start of the 28th African Union summit in Addis Ababa on 30 January, 2017.]

The head of the African Union has criticized Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from some Muslim-majority countries, saying it presents “one of the greatest challenges” for the continent.

As representatives of the AU’s 53 member states met in Addis Ababa for a two-day summit, the chief of its commission said the bloc was entering “very turbulent times” after the US President’s election.

“The very country to which many of our people were taken as slaves during the transatlantic slave trade has now decided to ban refugees from some of our countries,” said Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

“What do we do about this? Indeed, this is one of the greatest challenges to our unity and solidarity.”

Mr Trump’s executive order prevented people with passports from three African nations – Libya, Somalia and Sudan – from travelling to the US. It also blocked visas for citizens from four Middle Eastern countries – Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

The President has also suspended all US refugee programmes for 120 days, and ended the flow of Syrian refugees to America indefinitely.

Also speaking in Ethiopia, the UN Secretary General commended African countries for opening their borders to refugees and people fleeing violence while other parts of the world, including the developed West, close boundaries and build walls.

Antonio Guterres, attending his first AU summit as the UN chief, said: “African nations are among the world’s largest and most generous hosts of refugees.

“African borders remain open for those in need of protection when so many borders are being closed, even in the most developed countries in the world.”

Mr Guterres didn’t make a direct reference to the recent executive orders signed by Mr Trump, which also included a commitment to build a wall along the Mexican border, but his comment drew enthusiastic applause from hundreds of African leaders, officials and dignitaries who attended the opening of the summit, the Associated Press reported.

'No border wall' mural unveiled in Chicano Park

A mural done by local artist Sal Barajas was blessed Sunday, after the Our Lady of Guadalupe Palm Sunday Mass at the park. Protesting the proposed wall along the Mexican border, the message show on the mural is “love has no borders." 
It was commissioned by local non-profit group
Border Angels

Our beloved Langston Hughes was born 113 years ago today in Joplin, Missouri. I am going to inundate you with photos and links to his poetry today, so I hope you’re ready. This photo was taken in New York City in 1947 by his friend, the legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. The men were once roommates in the early 1930s in Mexico along with the Mexican poet Andres Henestrosa. According to Arnold Rampersad’s biography on Mr. Hughes, he called their place “a vivienda, or apartment” but Mr. Cartier-Bresson insisted that “It was no apartment. It was a shack. We lived in a very humble place near the Lagunilla market and the little bars where the mariachi bands played. It was very cheap because we didn’t have any money. We pooled what we had and worked a little and entertained our girl friends there and enjoyed life a great deal.” Photo: Magnum Photos

10 Things Learned About Beyond the Lights From #DamnNoni

Director Gina Prince-Bythewood took to twitter to talk about her 2014 film Beyond the Lights using the hashtag DamnNoni. Here’s what she revealed:

1. Prince-Bythewood kept Noni’s Union Jack jeans and her black strappy halter from the Masterpiece video. 

2. The final concert was originally set in Glastonbury but festival organizers refused to let the movie film there. 

3. Prince-Bythewood and her crew did not have permission to film along the Mexican/USA border so she and her DoP (Tami Reiker) shot there covertly at 3 in the morning. 

4. Gugu Mbatha-Raw really was the one hanging off the balcony, not a stunt double. 

5. Big Sean auditioned to play Kid Culprit

6. Mbatha-Raw actually cut herself when smashing the glass on Noni’s framed portraits. 

7. After director Lexi Alexander noted that the sleazy music executive played by Tyler Christopher reminded her of a movie executive she knew in real life Prince-Bythewood admitted he was based on a real person.

8. Prince-Bythewood regrets asking Rita Ora to perform Grateful (which was later Oscar nominated) as she refused to promote the song at all. 

9. The scene where Kid Culprit assaults Noni at the BET Awards was originally even more graphic and violent but was cut down by the MPAA

10. Mbatha-Raw had to be lubed into her black and white latex dress.
Watchtowers, drones and a toxic moat: the designs for Trump's border wall
Some proposals for Trump’s border wall may look like spoofs, but they provide a fascinating window into the lurid anxieties of middle America
By Oliver Wainwright

From a first look at some of the entries, it’s hard to tell which ones are spoofs. Alarmingly, on closer inspection, it turns out that very few are. Instead, they are the fever dreams of America’s small-business contractors writ large, which makes them a fascinating window into the lurid anxieties of middle America.

Clayton Industries of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who claim to be “revamping the energy sector through matter manipulation”, have proposed digging a 100ft trench along the border and filling it with nuclear waste. A flimsy chainlink fence will run along the Mexican side, followed by a field of motion sensors. If any plucky border-jumpers make it past the toxic trench, they’ll be met with another 30ft wall the other side. Company owner Christian Clayton prefers to describe his linear nuclear weapon as a “conduit”, explaining that the waste would also be used to generate electricity…

Crisis Resolution Security Services of Clarence, Illinois have clearly been inspired by the Great Wall of China with their scheme for a hefty crenelated concoction, complete with decorative parapets, buttresses and square castle watchtowers, all perched atop a vast earthen berm. It is the work of Michael Hari, a former sheriff’s deputy who most recently ran an agricultural food safety certification business before setting up his security outfit, who says it would be “as pretty as the Parthenon”.

“This wall is meant to defend what is truly American,” he adds, “and it can start by being beautiful in a way that ordinary American citizens appreciate, rather than by being starkly institutional or by catering to the controversial and perverse tastes of the elites.” It has a foot and cycle path on top too, for “recreational use”, so upstanding citizens can go on a bike ride while peering over at Mexico.


Just…do I even need to comment

Celebrate MLK Day with activist games!

Now more than ever before, indie games are positioned to educate, empathize, and stand for what’s right. These past IndieCade selections do just that. Today we applaud every activist, big and small. We’re proud to count game developers like you in our midst. and these are just a few. Thank you.

1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday, our 2016 Festival Grand Jury Awardee, is a riveting narrative adventure based on Iran’s defining revolution. Will you survive as an aspiring photojournalist on the gritty streets of Tehran?

…&maybetheywontkillyou is an empathy experience about being poor & black in America. Participants journey to a local corner store but must deflect harassment.  Will you speak out or remain silent? Either way, you must deal with the consequences. …&maybetheywontkillyou was a 2016 Gaming for Everyone selection and a 2015 Festival nominee.

In Sunset, you are a refugee trapped in San Bavón during a military coup. As a housekeeper for the wealthy, you become sucked into a rebellious plot against a notorious dictator. Sunset was at our 2015 E3 Showcase.

Liyla & the Shadows of War is a moving mobile game that tells the story of a little girl living in Gaza during the war in 2014. Help your family get out & run away for their lives. Liyla & the Shadows of War was an IndieCade Europe 2016 selection.

Use of Force is a virtual reality documentary that recreates the traumatic event in which Anastasio Hernandez Rojas was beaten & tasered to death by border control along the US-Mexican border. Dozens of migrants have been killed by border patrol under questionable circumstances, prompting the Department of Justice to review their Use of Force protocols. Use of Force was an IndieCade 2014 Impact Awardee.

How have military drones affected us? In Killbox, critically explore the consequences of the abstraction of killing and extension of military power. Based on documented Northern Pakistan strikes. Killbox was a 2016 Festival Nominee.

Step into some big shoes in Giant Cop, a charming & satirical VR game from our 2016 Festival. It’s up to you to watch all of the citizens of Metro City! Rule with an iron fist or a soft hand: it’s up to you!

There have been many IndieCade games over the years that educate & change us and these are just a few. Thank you to all of the developers for acting in the face of injustice.

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Ok but here's my new fave: terushima x suga Not sure how or why buT I LOVE IT SO MUCH CRI

aye aye, don’t worry anon, i adore them together too, and i also dont know why but they’re both so so adorable oh my 

but here have some SugaTeru headcanons:

  • Teru is always proud of his piercings, and Suga loves em too and one time Teru randomly says, you should get some too, yknow so we’d match, and Suga giggles and opens his mouth to show Teru he’s got a tongue web piercing.
  • shocked Teru because he hasn’t noticed it before and Suga playfully says, it was supposed to be a surprise for this weekend *wiggling eyebrows*
  • what if Suge gets an undercut like Teru and Teru just, how am i so lucky?? because hot hot Suga!
  • and just adorable affectionate all the time in public, although Suga tries to tone Teru down because he is very very loud.
  • they both love mexican food. and they’re loud and they sing along to the loud mexican music that plays.
  • burp contests!!! teru was embarrassed when he first burped in front of Suga because Koushi always seems so proper but Suga burps even louder and tells Teru to “beat that”
  • weekend volleyball dates where Suga sets and Teru spikes and Suga loves how carefree and jolly Teru is about volleyball and it helps him not to overthink like he always does
  • Suga fondly looking at Teru when the boy gets excited over the smallest things, and it amuses him how this hot tough-looking boy was excited over fluffy dogs and funny shaped clouds
  • he’s loud but Teru always enjoys the quiet moments he has with Suga, like he never knew what other people meant when they said “comfortable silence” before he met Koushi
  •  Teru blushing mad when Suga first calls him Yuuji~ and Suga totally speechless when Teru called him Koushi- not because he was using his first name but because Teru looks so damn cute when he’s shy. and just imagine cute blushing babies 
  • party hard couple?? hell yes! drinking contests and dirty dancing and body shots all around mhmm
  • cuddling and comfy pillow forts on movie nights and “who can stay quiet the longest game” coz Teru is just too excitable although he’s learned his lesson and knows when to stop bugging Suga because mad Suga is terrifying Suga
  • and just cutesy public affection because they both know no shame

Billionaire George Soros just sent a $500M f*ck you to  Donald Trump

If you were an obscenely rich philanthropist, how would you give a proverbial middle finger to Donald Trump — who has proposed a “total and complete shutdown” on Muslims entering America and a “beautiful wall" along the Mexican border? Billionaire George Soros’ recent $500 million investment is one way to do it.

all this shit about Coco overshadowing The Book of Life makes me really sad tbh. small studio and  Mexican director make a movie abt Mexican culture and evryone ignores it but a big time corporation comes along, makes a movie abt mexican culture and everyones like


idk it makes me wonder what else we’ve missed bc it was overshadowed by a disney/pixar movie

Apparently Trumps wall along the Mexican border would cost taxpayers around $40billion
I don’t know about y'all but I’d much rather spend $40billion on refugees or servicing our debt or funding public education or health care or literally anything other than on a stupid wall

“Bandido” (homenaje a José Guadalupe Posada)- café, tintas y acuarela sobre papel Arches, 2015. Expuesta junto grandes artistas mexicanos Gangsby y Daniel Buchsbaum en El Kaliche. Gracias a Street Art MUJAM por todo!
“Bandit” (After José Guadalupe Posada) - coffee, inks and watercolors on Arches paper, 2015. Exhibited along great mexican artists Gangsby and Daniel Buchsbaum. Thanks to El Kaliche Café and MUJAM for everything!
‪#‎muertitosdehambre‬ ‪#‎MDH‬


Training Along Side Mexican Marines: Exercise Dawn Blitz

Along with New Zealanders, we got to training Mexican Marines (Marinas) from their special forces/commandos/regular units on MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). These guys have to be the most motivated, squared away dudes I’ve ever worked with. The language barrier was a pain but thank goodness for our divers military. Very awesome to see these guys in action.

fact checking the 3rd debate:

9:14 Donald Trump says that Chicago, Illinois, has the strictest gun control laws of any city in America. In reality, this is a common misconception.

9:19 Donald Trump makes disparaging remarks about partial-birth abortions. In fact, he once supported the procedure.

9:23 Donald Trump suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal agency, supports his stance on border security. In fact, a union of ICE employees endorsed Trump, not the agency itself.

9:26 Donald Trump says Clinton wanted “a wall,” suggesting she supports his plan to build a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. This is half-true. According to Politifact, Clinton has never supported a measure as expansive as Trump’s proposed border wall, but did vote for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which authorized building a fence around a portion of the U.S. border.

9:31 Donald Trump claims that Hillary Clinton refuses to say the words, “radical islamic terrorism.” In fact, clinton has said “radical islamic terrorism” in the past.


Here’s what the common denominator is: To the media’s great shock and to the pundits’ great shock, there are millions of Americans who are very, very angry. And they’re angry because they’re working longer hours for lower wages. They’re angry because they’re working two and three jobs. They’re worried about the future of their children – getting decent jobs and getting homes. And then they look at the leadership of the Democratic Party and the leadership of the Republican Party and they don’t see people addressing – or even paying attention to – their needs. And Trump comes along and starts to blame Mexicans or Muslims or women for the problems facing society. The people are seeing that someone at least is speaking to their anger. And that’s unfortunate. That’s a very ugly approach. But that’s why he’s succeeding.