along water street

anonymous asked:

If your request box is open, could I ask for fluff? Maybe a love at first sight sort of deal with Ignis where he loses himself at the sight of his, not yet, s/o? I hope this made sense. Also, thank you for making song recommendations, they're amazing. Keep up the amazing work you do!

Of course you can ask for fluff. You came to the right place 😊

Although some people consider love at first sight to be either fake or only “lust at first sight”, I still hold out hope in my hopeless romantic heart that it does exist out there somewhere.

I’m so honored to hear that you enjoy the music recommendations!

I love pairing my writing with a musical mood; I think it really enhances the experience. ❊


Song: “Embraceable You” by Claude Thornhill ⭐️

There was something special about that rainy evening in the capital of Lucis.

The shine of the street lights reflected freely into the rain water along the street, collecting and splashing color around every corner.

Greys and blacks were painted with hazy reds and blues with a good bout of yellow to spare.

The residual, curiously sweet aroma of dew and freshly fallen rain perfumed the atmosphere.

Wandering thoughts and residents walked drifted along the pavement as though in a distant dream, removed from reality and absorbed in the tangible fantasy.

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