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I'm a sucker for some good Marichat sleepover sin & fluff

Okay, I’m not technically taking prompts right now, but reading this ask gave me an idea, and I couldn’t say no, so…

“I haven’t looked.”

Adrien sat up slowly, rubbing his head and trying to make sense of where he was. “What happened?”

“Ladybug dropped you off here,” Marinette answered, facing towards the wall. “She said you umm… got hit by some catnip? She couldn’t stay, and she asked me to keep an eye on you.”

He slowly recognized the shapes of her furniture and the bits of photographs he’d seen before in the slivers of moonlight creeping from her windows. “Catnip?” His mind felt slow, as though every thought was fighting through a thick layer of fog to reach the surface.

“Yeah, she said it should wear off overnight. As soon as you, um… lit up, I made sure I didn’t look. Your identity is still safe.”

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Sanvers Dog Walking AU

I love AUs where Alex and Maggie meet under different situations, at different times in their lives. In this one – like in my other one ( ) – Maggie is single and Alex is out to herself and the world.

Kara isn’t the first to notice the brunette jogging with the retriever. But she’s the first to notice that Alex is staring.

Because hell.

Alex never notices when she’s staring.

Kara nudges her in the ribs slightly, a small grin on her face.

“You like going for runs, too,” she singsongs, and Alex splutters. 

“What are you – “

“You could ask her, you know. If she wants to go running with your dogs together.” Kara giggles. “It’d be like a double date. You and the girl. Gertrude and the retriever.”

Alex glances at the woman one last time – guiltily, now that her sister’s called her out, because true to form, she hadn’t even realized she’d been staring, open-mouthed, at the woman in a tank top and biking shorts, glancing down at her retriever every few steps and egging her on, a grin on her face and sweat running down her toned arms… Alex gives her head a swift shake – and forces herself to meet Kara’s gaze.

“Gertrude and I don’t mind being single. We have each other. And we have you. Isn’t that right, Gertrude?” Alex squats down to take her husky’s face into her hands, rubbing her nose onto Gertrude’s until the pup squirms away.

Kara laughs, and she relents.

For now.

Because Alex hadn’t noticed – Alex might be the best secret agent Kara’s ever met, but damn, does she fail to notice a lot when it comes to women – that the jogging brunette had nearly tripped over herself when she and her dog turned down the path facing Alex. When her eyes had fallen on Alex.

So Kara just grins, and makes a mental note to ensure that Alex will come back to the park with Gertrude at the same time tomorrow.

And she does, because she may put up a solid fight, but when Kara, J’onn, James, and Winn all join forces to tell her that she needs to take more breaks, she needs to spend more time taking care of herself – when they bring Gertrude into the DEO as both proof and incentive – Alex relents.

And she finds herself in the same park, along the water front, watching while Gertrude plays off leash, while she dashes across the grass, ebullient and powerful and frenetic and purposeful – part Kara, part Alex, through and through.

She takes her eyes away from her husky when a chewed up tennis ball lands by her feet. When a retriever comes bounding up, all energy and spirit and focus, to grab it.

A retriever that Alex recognizes from the day before.

Her stomach backflips as she offers the dog the ball, as her ears take in the sexiest voice she’s ever, ever heard.

“Aww, come on, Spotty, let the pretty lady enjoy her day, huh?”

Alex tries to remind herself that she can talk to women. That she’s good at talking to women. That women like her, that women find her attractive, that women…

She looks up, and she’s lost.

Because the woman from yesterday, the woman jogging up to her, with sparkling eyes and the hints of dimples playing on her face and her hair pulled back in low ponytail and a sleeveless flannel shirt that Alex immediately wants to unbutton and jeans that Alex immediately wants to take off?

It’s going to be harder to talk to this woman than it would be to take down all of Cadmus single-handedly.

But she said she’s pretty, she said she’s pretty, she said she’s pretty.

Which makes it even harder.

“I… she’s not… bothering… she doesn’t have any spots.”

The woman stops and chuckles as her pup nearly barrels her over, eager to show her that she’d found the ball, eager for her praise.

Hell, Alex can’t blame her. She’d like this woman’s praise, too.

The woman tilts her head and squints slightly.

“Come again?” she asks, and some thought forms in Alex’s foggy head about making this woman come as many times as she wants, but the English language – or Russian, or Kryptonian, or any of the others Alex can normally pull up so easily – is simply refusing to translate through her lips right now.

The woman’s probably not a lesbian, anyway. 

And even if she is, or even if she’s bi, she’s probably got someone.

There’s no way she’s into girls and single.

No way. 

And, single or not, Alex had better stammer out some words before she loses patience, before she loses that curious gleam in her eye.

“Your dog. She doesn’t have any spots. But you… you called her Spotty. Spot. Right? But she doesn’t have any spots.”

Good god. She sounds like Kara around Cat Grant. Like Kara around Lena Luthor. 

It must run in the family.

The woman just laughs, and it’s a sound Alex wants to hear over and over and over again.

“I know. I uh… I was into irony as a teenager.”

Alex grins. “My sister says my punk rock phase was very – oh hey honey!” She drops to one knee as Gertrude comes barreling back over, alternating between her arms and wanting to sniff the newcomers.

“Can she – “

“Hey, Spot, you wanna try to make a new friend? Sure, yeah, go ahead.”

They watch as they circle each other, as they sniff each other, as Spot drops the tennis ball from her mouth and nudges it toward Gertrude.

They watch their pups bond, and then they watch each other.

Both of their breaths hitch when their eyes lock, Alex still on one knee.

“So uh… so you’ve had her since you were a kid,” she clears her throat, hoping the woman can’t tell why her heart is beating so damn fast and then reminding herself sternly that she’s probably not, in fact, Kryptonian.

She blinks as she stands, as she takes the opportunity to take in Maggie’s entire body. As she notices the detective shield on her hip. She points to it casually. “NCPD’s finest.”

The woman shrugs. “Sometimes. Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.” She reaches her hand out, and when Alex takes it, her world inverts. Maggie’s hand is calloused but smooth, her grip firm but not overcompensating for anything.

Her handshake is perfect, and god, so are her eyes.

“Alex Danvers, FBI.”

Maggie’s eyebrow shoots up. “Patrolling the park, Danvers?” she grins, and Alex fights to act casual, because their hands are still connected.

But Maggie isn’t moving away, and dammit, neither is she.

“Boss-enforced lunch break. Something about working too hard.”

Maggie grins, and Alex thinks she feels her thumb stroking the back of her hand briefly, gently, before they finally release each other from their grip. 

Alex’s entire body keens at the loss.

“Same,” Maggie says, and Alex needs her touch again.

“Science Division, huh? And a detective. You must be good.”

Words. Words coming out of her mouth in coherent sentences.

Kara will be so proud. Lucy will be even more so.

Maggie shrugs, and Alex decides that she likes Maggie’s balance of self-deprecation and knowledge that she is, in fact, good at what she does.

“Quantico’s only supposed to take the best. And seems like they only let you guys have the cutest puppies, too. May I?”

Alex glances down at Gertrude as Maggie sinks into a squat, and Gertrude seems eager to get to know this new woman.

There’ll definitely be an extra treat for her tonight.

“Yeah, sure,” she says, and she watches with a slowly melting heart as Maggie lets Gertrude sniff her before touching her, and when she does touch her, starting on her back, starting slow, before bringing her hands to the more intimate space of her face.

“You grew up around animals,” Alex observes, squatting down, too, and wondering what it would be like if this was… family.

Maggie stiffens, and Alex apologizes.

“I’m sorry. FBI training. The way you are with Gertrude. That’s all, I didn’t do background on you or anything – “

“Sorry, yeah, no no, I… yeah, I did. Blue Springs, Nebraska. Left when I was seventeen and never looked back, but uh… I do miss the creatures.”

“Took Spot with you though, huh?”

Maggie turns to her friend and kisses the top of her head. “She drove the getaway bike,” she grins, and Alex watches an expression that reminds her of the one Kara gets sometimes when she talks about Krypton flit over Maggie’s face.

“Can I take you to dinner? Or coffee? Or – it doesn’t have to be coffee, it – but cops love coffee. Is that a stereotype? Coffee and stakeouts, and – I’m sorry, I’m rambling, you’re probably not even – “

“Not even what?” Maggie asks, her voice soft and her hands still and her eyes fire.




“Available,” Alex stammers, and Maggie knows.

“To a woman like you? With a pup like this? I’m as available as you want me to be, Danvers,” she says, and Alex decides that when Maggie finally says her first name, it’ll be her favorite sound in the world, judging by how her body reacts, how her heart leaps, just from the sound of her last name on this woman’s lips.

God, is Kara going to be proud.


wot in safe transportation

A Gift For The Ones They Call “Khaleesi”

REQUEST: Oh oh I have one! Can you please do a Daenerys x reader imagine where the reader is trying to lay low bc she’s a Lannister from Westeros in Meereen who left to find Tyrion, but ends up being captured by one of the masters, who sends her as a “gift” to Dany? And Dany is angry of course, because HELLO she’s a person not an object. Which somehow ends with something cute n fluffy between the two? (Did any of this even make sense?? lmao sorry if it didn’t, I ramble a lot.) thank you!!

Sure thing, baby

daenerystargaryen x reader

Y/N was unafraid, strong, brave but most importantly smart. Once she found out about Tyrion captured by Jorah, she had to what was right. In her head, the name Lannister was not only about the riches and wealth but to her, the lion represented so much more. It was about protecting the pride, her family but she knew she was the only one who would.

The day Y/N set sail was possibly the greatest mistake of her life so far. With her brother nowhere in sight and everyone knowing that she’s a Lannister, it made it impossible to hide from those you know would pay anything for your dead body to be placed on a spike in their town square.

Y/N managed to hide for a few weeks, if even. She wasn’t keeping track to be fair. Y/N stole bread and whatever wine she could get her hands on. She did everything she tried to lay low and not cause a scene whilst still trying to find her brother but to no avail. Y/N heard them whisper in the drunken alleyways about her brother, The Hand? Surely, that could not be.

“I heard his mother fucked a troll and gave birth within a week.” Another whisper again. “I heard his brother and sister go at it on their sister’s bed.” The talk was unbearable until Y/N snapped once she heard that “ Tyrion used to rape his sister, ats what i ‘eard!” The laughs, the mockery of a name once held so high that those who spoke badly of it would be executed on sight.

Y/N unsheathed her gold and engraved dagger that Tyrion gave her as a 10th birthday gift and was ready to slice the drunkards throats until a firm hand grasped her once she reached the beggar’s neck. A strong brute of a man with burn marks on his face and a scar down his nose. “Send our love to the Mother of Dragons.” The man’s voice came from directly behind Y/N but as she whipped her head to catch a glimpse of him, the brute knocked her out cold.

Daenerys was ready to sail home and reclaim all that was lost to her once she heard a man screaming on shore. “My Queen, a package! A package!” With her guards aimed at the man, she steps off her ship and warily approaches the large package in wood. Once signalling to her men to open it, she finds a girl, no older than herself, beaten and blood splattered everywhere. With a shocked and disgusted look on her face, she bends down to help her up onto the ship with the help of the guards.

“Y/N……” Tyrion whispered yet Daenerys could hear. Y/N, she thought, may you wake up, young Y/N. “It is my sister, my queen. she must have followed me to find me. Stupid girl, always playing the hero.” He muttered whilst Daenerys was entranced with the burn mark left in the shape of…chains.. and wings? “The Great Masters”, she inhaled, “Tyrion, your sister, Y/N, is a gift from the Masters.” Tyrion held a look of neutral displeasure which slowly turned to rage as he flipped off crates into the ocean and punched a guard. “I’ll gut them! Everyone last one! She was the last good one in our family!” With Tyrion being dragged away screaming, Daenerys wrapped a spare cloak around your naked body and asked the guards to move you to the beds below deck.

With at least two days of travel left until the journeys end, Y/N woke from what felt like death. With a pile of clothes laying near to her, she put them on and headed for above deck. Y/N saw tens to hundreds of ships slowly marching along the water and in front of her, a bloody angel. White hair, pale skin, and eyes that could cut a man in half if he stared too long. her black robes matched yours with a slim cut that enhanced every perfect thing about her from her waist to her obvious ascent to royalty. As Y/N slowly moved forward to her direction, she was tackled by what seemed like a dog but ended up being her brother. “Y/N! Thank the maker you’re alive! Thank you!” Y/N opened her mouth to respond but was cut off with a hand to help her up. The Queen, you presume. Y/N bowed in front of her and Daenerys giggled. God, I could listen to that all day. “A friend of My Hand is a friend of mine” she states.

With only a day to go until they reached land, Daenerys had been informing Y/N on all of her recent ongoings, from owning dragons to Daario, something that makes Y/N’s heart sink but also fills with joy. As night time slowly crept in on the pair, Y/N felt a shiver run down her back to which Daenerys responded with cloak being placed around Y/N’s neck. “ Now you’ll be cold!” Y/N sleeply exclaimed as she didn’t want Daenerys to freeze to death before she could ask to court her. “ I would freeze before seeing you cold, my dear.” And with that, Y/N’s cheeks ignited and Daenerys full forced chuckled which Y/N felt right through her. “ I see your warming up, Y/N” Daenerys gazed into the side of her face where Y/N’s was still resting, Y/N took her head off her shoulder and lightly punched it  due to her pwn tiredness and that she didn’t want to hurt Daenerys, which could’ve been due to the dragons or that she was slowing falling for her. “Y/N” Daenerys whispered,” I know a way in which we could both  be very warm.” Y/N’s cheeks lit up again, “ Dany, I swear if you don’t stop I’ll-”  “You’ll what?” Daenery’s face was closing in on Y/N and Y/N whispered, “I’ll do this” Y/N placed just a sweet gentle kiss on the others mouth to which slowly became more passionate and lustful. Once they broke away from the kiss, Daenerys audibly gasped and whispered, “ I want you” Y?n becoming more confident  stated, “ I’m all yours”

To that night, Y/N and Daenerys ruled side by side as Queens of the Seven Kingdoms and became the most respected and loved couple that anyone had ever laid eyes upon. Long Live The Queens.

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A/N: idefinalty made majority of this up so we can all mutally agree that its now an AU where icant agree whcih season to even put anything in thank u

Sick Day

Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 721

“I didn’t know that super soldiers could get sick.”

“Go away, Y/N.” Bucky rasps. “I feel like crap, and you’re not helping.”

You furrow your brow. “Sorry. Can I get you something? More tissues? Some ibuprofen for the headache?”

“Ibuprofen, please.” He groans.

“Ok. I’ll be back in just a minute.”

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obiyuki; you're the hot neighbor who jogs by my house right when I'm watering plants AU

Shirayuki bit back a curse as she shuffled through the dry grass to her finicky rose plants. Her nose scrunched up and she reached out to stroke the leaves, wondering if it was the heat, or the lack of water, or poor soil… or maybe it was just a combination over everything.

Probably everything, honestly.

[more under the cut]

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Reader x Murtagh

An arrow whistled in front of you and stopped you running any further. When you turned to go back the way you came another arrow stopped you, Murtagh jumped down from his perch and pulled the arrows out of the wall.


“Murtagh you very nearly took my head off!” You huffed through a giggle.


“Very nearly.” He pointed out and laughed when you darted off again and hurried out into the small gardens.


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A short little something I wrote based on the finale last night. It’s kinda sad so don’t hate me.

Post 12x23

A quiet stream echoed along the empty forest. Dean was sat in front of the water, watching the day go by. The scene felt similar to a dream he had once years ago. A deep breath reminded him everything was okay. A hand brushed his shoulder and he couldn’t help the fluttering his heart did every time he felt that hand. Without a word, Castiel sat next to Dean, watching the gentle waves of the stream pass by. The two sat like that for a while, no words needed in able to enjoy each other’s company.
Dean looked to the angel, studying his face so carefully. His vessel was showing some aging, noticing some wrinkles that weren’t there before. His eyes were heavier and his shoulders were tighter but he was still the same stubborn angel he had met years ago. Castiel turned and met Dean’s gaze, giving him a gentle smile. Dean smiled back, suddenly distracted by every detail on the angel’s face.
“I’ve missed this.” Dean muttered, unsure if he actually meant to say that out loud.
Castiel nodded, reaching his hand over to Dean’s. Dean accepted, intertwining their hands together. Castiel started rubbing his thumb over Dean’s and Dean couldn’t help but laugh.
“What’s so funny?” The angel finally spoke, still drawing circles over the hunter’s hand.
“I’m just,” he paused, looking back to Cas. “So happy right now. It’s weird to actually say that, you know? But I think this is what happiness feels like.”
Castiel smiled gently, but his eyes did not match his mood. He slowly brought their joined hands to his mouth, giving Dean’s hand a gentle kiss.
“You can’t sleep forever Dean.” Castiel said, giving him a stern look. Dean frowned, tilting his head trying to understand what he meant.
“What do you mean?”
Suddenly the stream of water turned black, the waves becoming a little heavier.
The wind picked up causing Dean to shiver.
“Cas? Are you leaving?” He asked, trying to keep his voice leveled.
Castiel looked away, finally letting go of Dean’s hand. It felt cold.
“I was never here, Dean. You just wanted me to be here.” His voice was distant even though the angel was right next to him.
The trees around him were jostling around and everything was becoming so loud but all he could focus on was Castiel’s face.
“Dean?” That wasn’t Castiel’s voice.
Dean jolted, looking around him. He was in the impala. Sam was shaking him awake.
“Dean? Are you okay?” Sam asked, eyeing him cautiously.
“Where-” he paused, taking a look around. “Where’s Cas?”
Sam paused, looking at Dean like a child.
“Dean, he’s-” He cut off, hoping Dean would remember.
Dean stilled, the previous night coming back to him. The portal. Lucifer stabbing Cas. His wings scorched on the ground. Tears instantly filled his eyes and a lump formed in his throat.
“I thought it was a dream.”

Hot for Teacher  // Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could write an Isaac Lahey rough smut? Thanks ( I love your writing by the way)

Thank you so much love ♥ I went the road of Teacher!Isaac, which I hope is okay with you;) Also, I probably went a little overboard because there is something about teacher!isaac that just adkgjkfds shit. Personally, this may be the hottest thing I’ve ever written.

Warnings: smut (daddy kink, teacher kink, spanking *with a belt*..shit like that. Trust me, you won’t find God here) Also, I was right, I got carried away so this is hella long.
Word Count: 3,338 

Mr. Lahey was God’s gifts to women, you were certain. Eighteen years of living and you had never found yourself so sexually attracted to someone before let alone your sixth period history teacher. You had spent your entire senior year drooling over such an unattainable man and it drove you crazy. He was tall, towering at least six inches over you. There had been many occasions where you caught yourself staring at the way his broad shoulders and arm muscles constricted against his tight button-downs. Black, blue, or white were the usual colors of his button downs, paired with a pair of black dress pants that made his ass look phenomenal. You’d never admit it out loud but whenever he would sit down, you would stare at the way his pants constricted against his cock. He was endowed, that’s for sure. The way his shirts were always tucked in and a thick black belt tied around his waist made your mouth dry. And when he wore jeans and a t-shirt of casual Fridays, good lord. His tight jeans would hang low on his hips and whenever he raised his arms just enough, his shirt would rid up, giving you a perfect view of his toned stomach. Even his hands were beautiful. They were wonderfully large and you yearned to know what it would feel like to have them massage your breasts or wander between your thighs.

           His face was sculpted by the Greek Gods. You were sure his jaw would slice your finger open if you ever got the chance to touch it. Even with the slight stubble, it looked sharp. Whenever he would clench it, you had to resist moaning out loud in the middle of class. Oh and his eyes, they were such a bright blue. Whenever he looked at you, it felt like your skin was on fire and he was burning holes through you. His hair was your favorite part, though. The sandy brown curls were always disheveled, like he had just rolled out of bed but you knew that he styled it that way on purpose. You often imagined yourself yanking on it as he pounded into you over and over again. Or scratching your nails against his scalp as your tongue explored his mouth. You imagined him to be a great kisser with lips so plump and so soft looking. You were certain his mouth was capable of earth shattering things, like wrapping themselves around your clit as his hands held down your withering thighs. 

           Mr. Lahey always stood with authority, as well. He was fresh out of college but you would never be able to tell with the way he controlled the classroom. He knew how to joke and have fun but was stern when he needed to be. You loved when someone would act up in class and he was forced to scold them. The authority in his voice would cause goosebumps to rise on your arms. More times than not, you day dreamt of Mr. Lahey using that voice to command you to drop to your knees or to tell you the bend over his desk as he gripped on to your thighs and dove into you. You would also imagine your name falling from his lips in breathless moans, but that’s beside the point. By the end of your little fantasy, you would be biting your lip and clenching your thighs together, desperate for some kind of relief. But  with your senior year dwindling down to a mere two weeks, you were determined to make your fantasy come true. 

           You noticed the way Mr. Lahey’s eyes would trail down your shirt whenever you talked to him. Or the way he would lick his lips and rake his eyes up and down your legs when you wore a short dress or shorts. You had a plan, you were eighteen, and almost graduated…what did you have to lose? So when sixth period rolled around two Friday’s before your last day of school, you sauntered in a tight white dress. The v-neck dipped low and the pleated skirt bellowed out at the waist, stopping mid-thigh. You wore your hair up in a tight pony tail, exposing your tan skin. 

           You smiled at Mr. Lahey as you entered his classroom. “Good afternoon, Mr. Lahey.” You said coolly. He was wearing the usual-black shirt, tight black pants-and your mouth was already watering.

           Mr. Lahey looked up from the paper he was grading and smiled back at you. “Afternoon, Miss Y/L/N.” You watched as his eyes settled down your body and he swallowed thickly. This may just be a lot easier than you expected. You slid into your seat in the front row and crossed your one leg over the other. The rest of the class filed in, taking their seats.

           Once the bell rang, Mr. Lahey stood up from his desk and took his spot in the center of the classroom. “Alright Seniors, two weeks left. Let’s make these two weeks good ones, yeah?” The class grumbled in response and Mr. Lahey half smiled. “Take out the worksheet I gave you guys for homework last night, please.”

           You reached into your backpack, pulling out your folder along with a water bottle. Mr. Lahey stood in front of the desk next to yours and you watched him through your eyelashes. He was going on and on about the answers to the worksheet but you had your own agenda on your mind. You placed the water bottle in front of you, wrapping your one hand around it as much as possible. You removed the lid and wrapped your lips around the tip as if you were going to take a drink from it. As soon as Mr. Lahey looked your way, you lifted your lips off the bore and ran your tongue along the rim of it. Mr. Lahey chocked over his words, his eyes practically bugging out of his head. 

           You smirked to yourself as you hallowed out of your cheeks, sliding your mouth down the water bottle. He couldn’t tear his eyes off of you but he miraculously kept his instruction to the class going. You slowly bobbed your head up and down on the water bottle, watching as Mr. Lahey gulp. When a student raised their hand, he was forced to look away and you released your mouth from the water bottle, a smirk plastered on your face. Who knew it was so easy to get Mr. Lahey so hot and bothered? 

           His eyes continually scanned over the class as he taught, his eyes lingering on you a few seconds longer than everyone else. Every time he looked at you, you flirted with your eyes, biting your lip and running your hands up and down your body. He was struggling to stay focused, you could tell. He rocked back and forth on his toes, probably searching for some kind of friction against the tightness of his dress pants, if things worked out in your favor. Finally, after what seemed like the longest class period you’ve ever experienced, the bell rang. Students scurried to get their things together and began to leave the classroom. Mr. Lahey returned to his desk and you waited from the class to be empty. If everything worked out the way you wanted it to, Mr. Lahey would ask you to stay back. 

           But he didn’t. The class emptied and Mr. Lahey didn’t look up from his work. You waited a few seconds and when he didn’t look up at you, you sighed in defeat. You stood up to gather your things, a hot blush on your cheeks. You just spent the entire class period trying to seduce your teacher which seemed to be working and obviously it didn’t. Slinging your bag over your shoulder, you headed for the door with your head down. Before you could walk out the door, an arm reached over you to slam it shut and lock it. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, are your requests open right now?? I really love this blog and I'd be honored if you could do some headcanons for me! About Iruka's (and maybe Kisame's, if you have time?) s/o waking up super early every morning and just generally being a big morning person? With lots of pre-sunrise walks and work outs? And then she's just super sleepy by like, 10pm? Hope this makes sense 😅

Oh, man, it made complete sense to me, you don’t even know. Honestly, I related to this one SO HARD. I mean, except the whole big morning person and exercise, but I get up super early and im dead tired at about ten-ish. I hope you enjoy!

Iruka’s and Kisame’s S/O Being A Big Morning Person and Being Really Tired by 10pm


- He’s usually the first one up because of the Academy, so when he wakes up after her, he thinks he’s late. He panics until he sees the time and thinks “Oh, thank God…”

- Since she’s a really big morning person, Iruka hears the sound of food being made, whether it be eggs, or pancakes, or Belgian waffles. He can smell them, and hears his stomach growl, all but dragging him out of bed.

- His hair’s a mess, down and hanging around his shoulders (owo) as he realizes what she’s doing. He walks up behind her and holds her from behind, hoping some of her endless energy ebbs off on him.

- “Your heart’s racing…” Iruka mumbles into her shoulder.

- “Cooking’s not the only thing I did, Iruka.” She smiles back at him.

- He had no idea she was able to do all these things first thing in the morning; working out, yoga, pre-sunrise jogs. No wonder she was always so happy. Iruka was jealous about this.

- “How in the world are you always so happy in the morning though…?”

- “Work out with me, one day. Get up earlier than usual and go on a morning jog with me.” She smiles that glorious smile that Iruka loves.

- The day passes by, with her dropping off a lunch for him at the Academy. Once more, he forgot it. Now, knowing she cooks, he conveniently forgets about, in attempts to see her during the day.

- Normally, Iruka would fall asleep at about 11:30 to about midnight, but he was always marking things, so he never really noticed when he didn’t see her at about that time. As luck would have it, he had no marking to do, no tests to make up, and no assignments to organize. Looking around, he saw her unconscious on the chair. Smirking, he walks over and picks her up.

- “Not even ten thirty and you’re asleep… Will wonders never cease…”


- Gets up with her, but he’s clinging to the coffee pot for mental and physical support (same yo).

- His first sound will always be a grunt, as a good morning, rather than her jumping up behind him, smiling and kissing his cheek gently, whispering soft good mornings to him. He loves it, his blush is proof of that (can fish blush?), but all he can manage at this point in time is a quick, sluggish grunt.

- Much like Iruka, he’s a little skeptical as to how happy and energetic she is first thing in the morning, and then proceeds to watch her stretch out and do yoga. Feeling compelled to do the same, he gazes into the warm brown liquid in front of him, downing the rest of his cup, even though it burns the roof of his mouth, and follows her.

- He gives up early as his muscles refuse to bend the way she’s bending, and resorts back to his beloved coffee, waiting for his body to wake up. Most likely falls asleep drinking the rest of the coffee on Hidan, and when he comes to, she’s no where to be seen.

- Panics at first, then runs to the front of the base and watches her run along the shore of the river in front of the base, the water splashing over her feet. Since it’s not quite dawn yet, and there’s still a bit of a nip in the air (cold won’t be good for my crops), he ends up joining her, enjoying that early morning sting of the coolness attack his still warm arms.

- As the night draws nearer, he hardly pays attention to how tired she’s getting. They’re out on a mission when she’s getting really sluggish around ten.

- “Kisaaaameee…” She hums, her voice slurring words together. “I’m tiiiired…”

- “It’s early, though…” He stops a few feet ahead of her. When he sees that she really is absolutely exhausted, he runs over to her before her face attacks the dirt. “I sure hope a bedroll is more comfortable than the dirt…” He jokes.

#191: He Falls Asleep On You


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”Is that drool on your leggings?” The sudden question made you plug out your earbud, looking over at Michael with a curious expression until you looked down at your lap. A small smile embraced your face by the dark stains visible even if the fabric was black and you ran a hand through Luke’s hair carefully. You hadn’t realized yourself, you had expected him to just rest his eyes for a short minute but he was out like a light. No wonder though he had been up since 4 this morning to catch the flight. Not to mention that the plane didn’t have much space, leaving Luke to be smashed up against you on the small seats. His long legs were cramped with the lack of space and he was in a serious need of sleep but finding the right position wasn’t optional. Until he moved down so he was resting on with his head and upper body on your lap. “He’s sleepy. It’s only a good sign.” You giggled and ran your fingers through his hair once again, expecting that was the main reason why he had ease with it. Michael made a short disgusted look that only made you laugh even more when he shook his head and focused back on the book in front of him.


“What’s your star sign?” You questioned after scanning the magazine page of horoscopes, spending majority of the time reading on your own until you finally settled on finding Calum’s. Looking down with a curious expression your lips parted and your eyes widened slightly. His cheek was pressed against your shoulder, the bass resting on top of his stomach with his hands placed on top of it. You hadn’t even realized he had stopped playing until now but the way he was looking was pure. You could tell how comfortable he was, the way his eyelashes were moving as if he was having a great dream. His lips were pursed but they still wore the corners upwards. It was a lazy Sunday which meant that not much was on the schedule and Calum used that for the benefit. He wasn’t the one to take a nap but when he did he would do it at random moments like these. But they always seemed to have the same thing in common and that was being next to you whether it was just his cheek touching your shoulder or hands linked. Focusing back on the magazine you smiled happily and leaned your head against his, feeling a sudden rush of relaxation go through your veins. Moments like these were your favourite.


“Is he sleeping?” Calum questioned while looking up from his phone, catching your attention and made you look down at Michael. “I can’t see his face.” You giggled and moved forward with your neck to at least get a glimpse of his face, seeing his lips pouting while his eyes were closed. His head was situated in the middle of your chest on the couch in the dressing room, the faint sound of music being played on the stage for soundcheck. “He is out like a light.” Calum observed while scratching his chin, and you noticed it too. “No wonder though.” You giggled and ran a hand through his hair, “He went to the dentist earlier. He had to get eight fillings.” Calum’s eyes widened in realization of Michael’s source of tiredness. Looking down at the poor boy with a sad smile he nodded his head understanding and clapped him on the knee. “I hope he feels better when he wakes up then.” You nodded your head agreeing while pressing your lips against his forehead, giving him repeated kisses and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Me too. I don’t like seeing him as exhausted as this, he sat at the dentist chair for three hours.” Smiling up at Calum your eyes went back to Michael lovingly, pressing one final kiss.


“Do you think you can eat something or should I just make a bowl of yogur-,” Pausing in track by your question when your eyes adverted down to his tired state, his eyelashes resting against his cheek sleepily. “Wait, when did you start sleeping?” You questioned yourself out in wonder, not really knowing why you did that because it was obvious he didn’t really have a reply to that. You did hear his faint snores while watching TV in front of you but you hadn’t thought much of it. A package of medicine was resting neatly on the coffee table in front of you along with a glass of water. Ashton’s tonsils had grown lately, to the point of him barely speaking without sounding like someone who was getting choked. It took him some while to drag himself to the doctor but when he did, he found out he was in fact infected with tonsillitis. “I can’t even find something for myself.” You giggled while watching him rest his cheek against your stomach, your hand resting on top of his back while caressing through the fabric. It was such a pure and sad moment even if you were at the point of starving you couldn’t get yourself to wake him up just to get it, rather wanting to smile down at him and nuzzling his cheek hoping he would get better.

anonymous asked:

If you have time~ Style 5 scenario where their s/o has a nasty case of the hiccups and the guys try things to get rid of them? I dunno I just think it'd be cute haha..

I’m so sorry this took so long!! :(( But here it is! I died writing this oml, the cuteness in my head was unreal

Your hiccups had started half way through dinner. You were sat peacefully, munching away on mackerel, again, lost in your own thoughts when the first one came. Hic. Trying to push them down, you continued eating. Hic. This time Haru looked up at you, slightly confused at your irritated expression. Hic. Hic. “Oh. My.” Hic. “GOD!” Haru couldn’t help but smile at your irritation about your sudden case of hiccups. His chair made a slight scraping sound as he got up to get you a glass of water. He placed it in front of you, along with an animal straw Nagisa had accidently left there months ago.

“Plug your ears and drink.” He instructed as he sat back in his seat. You followed his orders, grimacing as you swallowed the water. However, when you removed your fingers from your ears you realised your hiccups were gone.

“Thanks, Haru.”

It was the middle of the night. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get to sleep, so instead you were lying awake staring at the ceiling. Makoto was sleeping like an angel next you, his arm hooked over your waist as always. Half way through making a mental meal plan in your head, you hiccupped. Freezing in fear of waking up your boyfriend, you tried to surpass the next few hiccups. To no avail. The persistent hiccupping awoke Makoto and you felt him stir next to you, his arm shifting off your waist to rub his eyes. “____? What’s wrong?” His morning voice, or more like 1am voice, was deep and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“It’s nothing babe, go back to sleep.” As soon as you finished your sentence, you hiccupped again.

“You know…” Makoto said as he leant over and ducked his head down, connecting his lips with yours. At first you were shocked, but soon you kissed back and wove your fingers through his hair. Pulling back for air you laughed.

“Damn, Tachibana, getting frisky are we.” You chuckled as you rolled over and shifted so the pair of you were entwined. Kissing your nose he replied.

“Ah, but your hiccups are gone aren’t they.”

Half way though your homework, they hit. A continuous stream of hiccups. Nothing worked to get rid of them either, no holding your breath or drinking water or even standing on your head. Which was a very dodgy attempt up against the wall, almost resulting in a trip to A&E. Giving up and realising the you would have to live with them for now, you sunk back into your seat, picking up your phone to text your long term boyfriend, Nagisa.

From ____

To Nagisa-chan

Nagiissssaaaaaa I have a horrid case of the hiccups and my homework is driving me insane! Who even needs to know this any way??

From Nagisa-chan

To ______

Ha, your hiccups should go soon! And no slacking on your homework, we made a promise, remember!

You sighed and chucked your phone onto your bed, watching it bounce to a stop before picking up your pen and staring at the crap on the page in front of you. 

Half an hour later and you had finally finished the first set of questions. But, of course the damn hiccups were still there. Yawning, you stretched stiff limbs.

“Honey I’m home!” You flew of your chair and screamed as Nagisa flew through your door hollering a greeting. He started laughing hysterically as he saw you lying on the floor, white as a sheet with an expression of sheer terror on your face. “Oops, ____-chan, are you okay?” He said as he walked over. You began to giggle at the situation.

“Yeah, I think my hiccups are gone as well.” You said as he offered you a hand.

“Okay so, I’ve researched it as much as I could and come to this conclusion. You must eat a lemon.” You snorted from your place on Rei’s bed.

“I don’t care if I die from hiccups, I am not, ever, eating a lemon.” Rei sighed as if explaining the situation to a young child.

“I never said it had to be an entire lemon, it only has to be a slice. Just enough to send your body into a slight shock.” Rei pushed up his glasses and you laughed at his dorkiness.

“Okay fine. But if it goes wrong dinners on you.” You quirked an eyebrow at your boyfriends antics as he rushed out of the room, you couldn’t help but feel as if he was using this as an excuse to see you freak out. Soon however, Rei returned, holding a perfectly cut slice of lemon triumphantly in front of him. You laughed and hiccupped at the same time, resulting in a strange noise that both of you laughed at.

“Open wide.” Rei said as he put the lemon towards your mouth. Grimacing, you lent forward and bit into it. Sour juice squirted into your mouth and your eyes squinted as you sucked, constantly thinking that at this rate you were going to turn into a sour mouthed grandma. Rei was laughing at the vast array of facial expressions flickering across your face. Spitting out the lemon, you shivered in disgust.

“Remind me to never listen to your ideas again, Rei.” Rei pushed up his glasses again.

“It worked though, did it not.” You realised he wasn’t actually wrong. Your hiccups were gone.

“Breath in.“ Rin made a gesture with his hands as he sat cross legged in front of you. "And in. And in.” You gave your boyfriend a strange look as you began to feel like you needed to breath out. “Hold it.” A look of disbelief passed across your face, was he trying to kill you? Rin rolled his eyes at you and your expressions. “I told you to trust me didn’t I? Now let out a little breath.” Relieved at the thought you might be able to breath without hiccups soon, you followed is order and let out a little breath. “And another. Good, now let it all out slowly.” Now it was your turn to roll your eyes as you began making elaborate gestures, as if you were a very flamboyant yoga instructor. You sighed as you finally took in a deep breath of well needed oxygen.

“That was strange.” Rin laughed and pushed himself up, only to tackle you to the floor.

“Worked though, didn’t it. Lori taught me that.” He kissed your nose and you wrapped your arms around his neck, happy to finally be rid of the hiccups that had been bothering you all day.

Newt Scamander x reader- That Time Again

As soon as you got home, you ran into the bathroom and rummaged through every draw, unable to find what you were looking for. You were about to scream when you heard the front door open, making you immediately shut up.

“I’m home love!” you heard Newt yell to you. You tightly wrapped your arms around your stomach and tried to calm your nerves to suppress the pain, which really didn’t do much.

“Hey!” you yelled back, trying to not to show how much pain you were in. Newt being Newt, he of course could tell you were in immense pain right away. You heard him drop everything he was holding, even his case, and run to you. An extremely scared and worried expression crossed his face once he saw you clutching your stomach and bent over, looking pale. Newt didn’t give you the chance to say anything before he picked you up and carried you over to the couch, looking over your entire body to find the source of the pain.

“What’s wrong.” he demanded, trying to keep his composure, which he was doing an okay job at. He’s had to take care of his beasts and deal with them being in pain and did just fine, and they were his babies. But this was different, it was you, the love of his life.

“It’s nothing.” you whispered, trying to find the right position to make the pain go away. You were telling the truth, this was nothing major like Newt was thinking. This was something you’ve been dealing with since you were 13, but it still hurt like hell.

“Clearly.” Newt said back. You started swatting at him, trying to get him to stop. Him checking every crevice wasn’t helping with the pain at all, only giving you ideas. He can’t help with this kind of pain. Sometimes you hated being a women.

“What are you doing?” Newt asked, becoming annoyed by your constant swatting and you not letting him help.

“You can’t help me here babe.” you groaned, pushing your face into the couch cushion.

“I can and I will.” Newt stated, still looking.

“You can’t help me here.” you repeated in a more serious voice, glaring at him, which you knew you had no real reason to do. He was just trying to help and be a good boyfriend, something jay was extremely adorable. Newt stopped for a minute, a bit frightened by your sudden mood change, but his need and want to help you far exceeded his fear. He knew he would have to try a different approach to get you to let him help.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again in a more gentle tone, giving you a loving smile. You looked up at him and your resolve to hold back in front of him cracked as soon as you saw his smile, one of your favorite things about him.

“It’s that time again.” you mumble softly.

“What?” Newt asked, unable to hear you.

“It’s that time again.” you said a bit louder, a heavy blush forming on your cheeks. Newt stared at you confused as your face just got redder and redder. It took him a while, but he eventually got what you were hinting at.

“Oh.” Newt said, a blush deeper than yours splashed across his face. Now that he got it, you wanted to run away. You never wanted to deal with this in front of Newt or have him help you deal with it, it’s so embarrassing.

“Right, be right back.” Newt said. You watched as he ran around the apartment, gathering random things and even went to his case.

You couldn’t help but get up and follow him down, wondering why he would need to go down there or you, a human. You slowly lowered yourself into the case and was automatically greeted by Dougal, who looked worried.

“I’m fine Dougal, don’t worry about me.” you tried to reassure him, but he didn’t move. Instead, he took your hand in his and led you over to a chair, gesturing for you to sit down.

“Thank you Dougal.” you smiled, placing a light kiss on his forehead. Dougal did the same to you before running off, probably to get Newt, and you were right. Dougal came back, dragging Newt right behind him.

“(F/N), why did you come down here? You should be in the apartment resting.” Newt said, slightly annoyed but more concerned at the fact you moved. He ran over to you and put a basket full of plants and herbs in front of you along with a glass of water.

“I didn’t want to be up there alone when your right down here, but you’re right. I should go back up.” you replied, able to tell that you annoyed him. You slowly began to stand until Newt gently pushed you back down into the chair.

“No, stay if you want. I prefer you here with me anyway.” Newt said with a smile, giving you a kiss before going back to the basket, rubbing herbs together and adding them to the water. Newt held up the glass and examined it before handing it to you.

“Drink this. You’ll feel much better.” he said. You examined the water yourself before drinking it. It had somehow turned into a dark green color and appeared chunkier than water should be. You looked at Newt confused and a bit concerned. He just nodded to you, gesturing for you to drink already. You took a deep breath and counted in your head before chugging the whole thing.

You felt it start to come back up as soon as it went down, but you were thankfully able to hold it down.

“What the hell was that!” you yelled at Newt, trying to find something to get the taste out of your mouth.

“Medicine. How do you feel?” he asked, taking the glass from you and giving you some clean water. You sat there for a minute, assessing yourself while drinking. The pain was mostly gone.

“Better. A lot better.” you laughed, feeling stupid for reacting how you did.

“Good.” Newt smiled, letting out a sigh of relief as he sat down next you. Newt wrapped his am around your waist and pulled you close with you cuddling into his chest.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.” you apologized.

“It’s okay. I know that was hard to drink.” Newt said, kissing the top of your head.

“Do me a favor?” you asked Newt.

“Of course darling.” Newt replied.

“Get me pads? I know I’ asking a lot now considering how much trouble you went through for me but….” you trailed off. Newt pulled away and looked at you for minute before giving you a loving smile and a sweet and gentle kiss.

“Of course.” he smiled, getting up and heading out of the case.

“Hey Newt!” you called after him.

“Yes!?” he called back.

“I love you!” you yelled. You heard Newt run back and he peaked his head into the case.

“I love you too. More then you will ever know.” Newt smiled. You could feel your face heat up at his words. He was too sweet and kind. You noticed Newt blush too at the sight of you doing the same, which was adorable.

“I’ll be right back.” Newt said after you two spent a good few minutes just blushing and smiling at each other, something you actually did often.

You had no idea what you did to deserve such a sweet and caring guy, but you definitely had to do something for him later to thank him for everything he’s done.

Good Girls, Bad Girls

Summary: Namjoon doesn’t like bad girls. He likes good girls, the kind that are soft, proper, and you take home to meet your parents.

Original Scan: ©

Namjoon doesn’t like bad girls. He likes good girls.

When he was five the first girl he liked was Euna and she was tiny, she picked flowers that she handed out to all her classmates. Sometimes she shared her lunch with him and she’d giggle at the funny things that Namjoon would say. On sunny days she’d let him chase her and they’d play on the jungle gym.

But when he tried to hold her hand she shrieked and called him gross.

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Joe Weller

Playlist was done, but you couldn’t go home due to your flight being canceled and it being the only one for about a week, Joe Weller was just about to leave the hotel so you were saying your last good bye “So when do you go home?” He asked

“Well not for a while my flight was canceled, so it’s gonna cost me big bucks to stay here for like a week longer” you sighed, you guys were sitting really close together on the bed, but you didn’t mind being so close to him, you had a tiny little crush on him

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microgirl8225  asked:

Prompt : One of the Caskett kids suffers from depression and Kate and Rick and the rest of the family helps them through the bad days

It wasn’t even eight AM yet but already Kate new that it would be a Bad Day.

They all started the same.

Marti would come out of her room dressed in loose clothes, usually ones with long sleeves, and her hair would be loose and wild around her head, like she couldn’t even find the energy it would take just to brush through it. She usually had to be reminded to put on shoes and/or a coat on days like this. Today was no different.

Thankfully Johanna, her twin, was already on top of that. She made a beeline straight from her room into her sister’s and came out with a simple zip-up hoodie and blue converse, setting them atop Marti’s backpack so she would be forced to put them on.

Marti wouldn’t even attempt breakfast, so Kate would make her dry toast and put it, along with a glass of water and her medication in front of her, planting a kiss on her forehead as she bustled around. 

Castle made lunch for all of them and wrote each of them a personalized note or story to entertain them through their meal. He placed extra, encouraging notes into Marti’s bag and even sneaked them into her backpack to find when she took out her books, if that happened at all today.

RJ would sit next to her at the island and tell her jokes and funny stories just to see the shadow of a smile she’d give him. Martha always came out to say goodbye to them all before they left, making sure to hug Marti as tight as she possibly could, getting the flowery scent of her perfume stuck to her, where it would remain all day.

“I am so proud of you,” the matriarch would whisper in her ear and would rejoice if Marti hugged her tighter in reply.

Nate, who was the baby and a full decade younger than his sisters, would hold her hand tightly as they walked to school, planting a big fat kiss on her cheek at the gates of his preschool.

“I love you, Marti!” he would exclaim, before saying the same to his brother and sister and parents.

Kate and Castle would embrace her in a warm hug, whispering comforts into her hair before doing the same for their other two children. Kate would squeeze her hand before letting Marti head into the school, flanked by her siblings.

All throughout the day, Johanna and RJ would make excuses to check up on her. Joey sat with her at lunch and RJ and his girlfriend, Nia, would meet up with her during free periods, along with Sarah Grace and Claudia, her best friend. They spent the entire time talking to her and keeping her mind occupied.

When she got home, Alexis would call, no matter where she was or how much work she had. She always had time for her baby sister. She would ask about her day and listened to all of Marti’s concerns and problems. She never offered any unsolicited advice; of that she made sure.

After their phone call ended, Castle would enlist her help in making dinner. If she didn’t feel like it, then Johanna would help her with her homework, or the two would cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, anything to pass the time.

When dinner was ready and Kate came home, they would eat and talk about their days. Kate always encouraged Marti to eat at least half of her plate before putting the leftovers in the fridge.

After dinner, the entire family gathered on the couch for a movie; an unspoken rule was that Marti always got the choice on a Bad Day. Nate would sit on her lap and usually fell asleep in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. Marti would kiss his forehead.

When the movie was done, everybody hugged and kissed goodnight, before moving to their respective bedrooms.

Marti would lay in her bed in the dark and not say anything aloud, but, sometimes for the first time all day, she would smile a full, genuine smile, and take a deep, calming breath, her father’s note clutched in her hand:

It gets better.”

“Please don’t leave”

pairing: michael x reader

word count: 1,968

requested! hope you like it xx 

i lowkey wanna write more angsty shit like this 

Checking your phone once more, you glanced at the time: 7:40. You two had made dinner reservations at 7:30, and you had shown up right on time, briefly explaining to the hostess that your boyfriend was on his way and could be a little late. It was nothing new to you; Michael was busy most of the time and was rarely on time, so you figured 5 minutes or so wouldn’t hurt.

But this was the third time a waiter has come by asking if you wanted anything to drink. You looked up at him, shrugging. “Water’s fine.”

He left you for a moment, and you tapped your fingers on the table subconsciously, your head resting in your hand. When he returned, he placed a bread basket in front of you along with your water. “Is someone else joining you tonight?” 

“Yeah, he’s just running a little late I guess.” You said, checking your phone once more to see if there were any missed calls or texts. Nothing. “He’ll come soon.”

“Alright.” The waiter said, nodding and heading off to tend to the table next to yours. 

7:50. You had just sent him a text seeing where he was, because you were getting a little worried. You hadn’t touched any of the bread in front of you, so you quickly snuck a piece, nibbling on it and trying to rid yourself of how starving you were. 

By 8:15 all the bread was gone, and he still hadn’t texted you. You faced it; he wasn’t going to show tonight. And even your waiter knew it. 

“Never came?” He asked, refilling your water glass.

You held your hand up to stop him. “That’s okay, I was just going to leave anyways. Do I have to pay for the bread because I ate it all, or…”

He waved you off. “That’s not necessary. And I’m sorry about tonight; it sucks to be stood up. If it helps, he was probably an asshole anyways and missed out on a beautiful girl.”

“Thanks. I mean, we’ve already been dating a while and it’s not like it’s the first time it’s happened.” You said, standing up and putting your purse over your shoulder. 

“It’s happened before and you’re still with him?” You shrugged. “You must really love this guy.”

You nodded, smiling at the kind waiter and bidding him a good night, catching a cab back to yours and Michael’s shared apartment. It was almost 8:30 when you finally reached it, twisting the key and opening the door into the empty living room. 

After taking a long shower–and crying just a little bit at how he always forgets about you–you tucked under the warm blankets on your bed and put on a movie, trying to distract yourself from how angry and sad you were–and hungry. You debated on ordering a pizza for yourself, but decided against it in case Michael came home soon and wanted some of it. 

You tried falling asleep, but even then your thoughts kept you awake. Your feet were cold even though you were under all the covers, you had a pounding headache and you could nearly feel your blood boiling at how mad you were. How could he be so inconsiderate to just forget about you like this? 

The first time it happened was the first time you ever had a fight, but it ended with cuddling in bed and him kissing your neck and whispering how sorry he was. The second time you didn’t even make a huge deal out of it–maybe he was just too busy and couldn’t make it. You were slightly bummed, but nothing like the first time.

But this time, you’ve had it. It was just a realization to how he usually puts you second after anything else, whether it be the band or the boys…anything. And you were honestly getting tired of it.

It was almost 2 AM when you were finally drifting off to sleep, but of course something had to wake you up. And of course, it had to be Michael.

He stumbled into the house, his eyes dropping and barely able to walk from the amount of alcohol he’d consumed while out with friends tonight. He opened the door to your bedroom, seeing you already in bed, and his eyes lit up.

“Y/N!” He screeched, making you roll your eyes. “I found you!”

“Where else would I be,” You sighed, sitting up tiredly and leaning over to turn on your bedside lamp. 

Michael frowned at you, walking over and sitting on the floor beside the bed. “You’re annoyed. You’re doing that weird thing with your face where it goes all WOO ‘n shit.” He said, twisting his face up and crossing his eyes, mocking you somewhat. 

“Michael, just get in bed and we’ll talk in the morning.” You said, patting the spot next to you and flattening the blanket. 

“No, I wanna make my Y/N not all pissy and mean.” 

“Seriously, just shut up and go to bed.” You said through gritted teeth.

He leaned against the bed, facing away from you and crossing his arms in front of his chest. “No. I’ll go to bed once you stop being such a bitch.” 

His words hurt you, though you wished they didn’t. You wanted to scream at him, pulling at your hair because you were so mad. You wished he was sober so he would realize the severity of the fight you two were about to have. You wished he would’ve just remembered you, then this would never be happening. 

“You wanna know why I’m so fucking annoyed, Michael? Maybe it’s because we had a date tonight, and you being your dumbass self forgot again. This is the third time you’ve forgotten about me, Michael. Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me, you know what they say when you screw me a third time?” He just stared blankly at you. “Nothing. Because there should never be a third time. But I’m just an idiot I guess for actually caring about you and our relationship more than you do.”

“Hey now, I care a shit load about you.” He said, pointing a lazy finger at you.

“It’d really be nice if you showed it every once in a while.” 

“I do!”

“No you don’t, Michael!” You shouted. “All you do is go live your exciting life with your band, hanging out with loads of famous people and partying with models and all you do is come back home at 2 in the morning drunk as hell to your little girlfriend you never spend time with. And I’m stupid enough to just hang on your arm, always pining for you and for your attention and I only get it when you’re horny and you need a quick fuck. And I’m tired of it!” 

Your screaming must’ve scared all the drunk out of Michael, and he relaxed against the bed, his mouth hanging open in shock. “You don’t actually feel that way, do you?”

You nodded, continuing to play with the ends of the bedsheets anxiously. “You know, the guy at the restaurant saw how I waited almost an hour for you, and when I told him it wasn’t the first time something like that has happened, he thought you were a asshole for forgetting me like that. He asked why I’ve stayed with you through all that shit and I actually thought about it, and I realized the reason I’ve stayed with you is because I love you that much. I want to try with our relationship and I hope that one day you’ll actually try too. I want you to care that much, but I really just don’t feel it. Ever.”

His eyes were glowing in the darkness as he stared at you, swallowing the lump in his throat. You just shrugged, dropping the sheets in your hands. “If you aren’t going to say anything either go sleep on the couch or I’m leaving.”

“No,” He said, jumping up quickly. He sat on the edge of the bed gently and took your hands in his; you hung your head and squeezed your eyes shut to create a barrier for the tears starting to form. “Please don’t leave.”

“Give me a reason, then.” You said, not daring to look him in the eyes.

He was silent for a moment. “I guess I never really knew how much of an asshole I was treating you, Y/N, and I never wanted to ever treat you that way. I know I say I’m busy all the time and I am, but they’re really petty things. You should always be my first priority–unless I’m actually on stage and performing, then I guess I have to focus on that,” He said, chuckling a little. You bit back a smile. “Look, Y/N, I’m not going to sit here and make half-assed excuses for me neglecting you, because then I would be a liar. You didn’t deserve it, none of it, and I’m so sorry for making you feel that way. You can do what you want, and if that means leaving, then go ahead. If it makes you happy, do it. I’m not going to stop you of achieving your own happiness. But just know that I now realize I was a total asshole and I promise you I will actually work towards our relationship and making you feel loved. Because if you knew how much you meant to me…you’d never believe it.”

You let everything Michael say soak in for a minute, and before saying what was on your mind, you took a deep breath to compose yourself and blink away the tears. “What I want is someone that’s ready for a committed relationship. And honestly, I don’t think you are. You say it yourself, you have your band that takes up all of your time, and settling down with a steady girlfriend shouldn’t be getting in your way.” You told him, looking into his eyes. They were glossing over, his bottom lip trembling just enough for you to notice. You fell forward and hugged him tightly. “I love you, Michael. But you need time to straighten up your life some.” 

“Please,” He said, loosing his grip on you and letting his hands fall to your waist. “Please let me make things right.”

“You can in time, but I’m going to go. I’ll be back and for now, I want to be treated as one of your friends, the ones you go out and party until 2 in the morning with and not as the girlfriend you never have time for. Can you do that?”

He nodded, shutting his eyes to hide how hurt he was. “I love you so much, Y/N.” He whimpered.

“I love you too, Michael. Always.” You whispered. “Hopefully one day we can go back to the way things were, but for now…”

“Friends.” He stated, nodding to himself. “But Y/N?”


“Can I spend one more night with you in my arms?” He asked pitifully.

The ends of your lips curled into a smile. “Of course.”

He scooted over to his side of the bed, lifting the covers and getting underneath them. He turned on his side and faced you, his arm slinging over your small frame and pulling you close. You cuddled into him, lacing his fingers in between yours and bringing his knuckles up to kiss them gently. You hummed contently, fluttering your eyes closed. You weren’t even thinking about whether or not he would remember this conversation in the morning and how the hell you would gather the courage to leave without breaking down again. You were strong. “I love you, Mikey.” You whispered one last time.

“I love you Y/N.” He whispered back. “To the moon and back.”

Gubler Catch 22

Characters: AU Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader, Criminal Minds Cast
Warnings: Angst, fluff
Notes: Based on the sentence starter sent in by anon: “Please don’t chase me anymore unless you’re ready to catch me.“ Spencer Reid or Matthew Gubler fluff I don’t care!! You’re amazing!! 

You just got the call from your manager that you were going to be a guest star on three episodes of Criminal Minds! You should be excited. It’s an extremely popular show, you loved it, you had a few friends on it, but you were having a mild panic attack the moment you hung up the call. He was going to be there. The one you have had a crush on since before he ever knew you, before you ever became famous. Matthew Gray Gubler. He was incredible. You met him and worked with him once for a YouTube skit that a mutual friend was doing. He was sweet and kind and you both awkwardly flirted. You even had dinner together once. It was a wonderful evening of learning about each other. You had so much in common from your favorite books and movies, to food, to traveling and art. Afterwards you waited for him to call after but nothing. No call, no text, not even a tweet. You didn’t know what you did wrong. It didn’t help that you were always so self-conscious, so you just knew the reason he didn’t call was there was something wrong with you. Ugh why did you even go for this audition knowing you would have to work with him again? Oh right, because you love torturing yourself. 

Monday morning comes and you show up at 9am for the read through. You see Shemar Moore your friend from your soap opera days, “Y/N Y/L/N!! Damn girl! It’s good to see you! It has been way to long!” He picks you up in his big strong arms for one of his famous bear hugs. You giggle as your feet leave the ground. “Shemar F. Moore baby! I’ve missed you!!” You kissed him on the cheek as he set you down on your feet. “How long has it been?” He asked holding your hands looking at you. “Uhh two years too long I think!” “You got that right! C’mon! Come meet everyone! I was so excited when I heard you were going to be here!” “Ye…yeah me too!” He was too busy pulling you along to notice your nervousness. The first people you ran into were Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook. “Ladies! This is my good friend Y/N Y/L/N! She is on the next three episodes!” Kirsten immediately enveloped you into a warm hug which was then followed by A.J. “It’s nice to meet you both! I’m a huge fan!” “Aww thanks sweet cheeks! Shemar has told us a lot about you!” Kirsten said. “Oh my, all bad I hope!” You winked at them and everyone laughed. “Oh she’ll fit in here just fine!” A.J. laughed.  “Who will?” You heard that familiar voice and your face dropped and the hair stood up on the back of your neck. Luckily no one else seemed to notice. Shemar spoke up as he slowly turned you around. “This is my friend Y/N Y/L/N! She’ll be in three episodes with us! Y/N meet Matthew Gray Gubler!” 

You looked up and gave him a tight small smile and waved. “Hi.” Was all you managed to squeak out. Matthew just stood there a bit stunned with wide eyes. “In most cultures, the polite appropriate response is to say hello back.” Kirsten said matter-of-factly to Matthew. “Hello again, Y/N.” Matthew said softly. “Wait you two know each other? How?” Shemar questioned. “I… uh… I’m supposed to go talk to the costume designers. Excuse me, nice to meet you all.” With that you pushed past everyone, holding back the prickling sensation behind your eyes and cursing yourself. Cursing him. Kirsten, A.J., and Shemar turned to Matthew, “Care to explain what just happened, Pretty Boy?” “I need to go over my lines.” Matthew turned and headed to his trailer. 

An hour goes by and you’re at the read through. You’re looking for your name on the table; Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, Y/N Y/L/N. Damn. You had to sit right next to him. You sighed out loud. “Wow. I didn’t realize how bad it would be to sit next to me.” You jumped and turned around to stare into Matthew’s hazel eyes. You swallowed hard, frowned, shook your head, and turned to go take your seat. Matthew was still looking after in confusion. “If you only knew.” He whispered. As you were making your way around the table you were finally introduced to Thomas and Joe who both greeted you warmly. As you tried to walk past Shemar, he leaned down and whispered, “everything okay?” into your ear. You simply shook your head no and went to sit down. When you sat down the craft service crew sat a warm delicious smelling drink in front of you along with a bottle of water. You looked to them to ask what it was but they had already walked away. “It’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte,” Matthew whispered to you; his breath hot on your shoulder. “I remember you said you loved them and you were still with the costume department when they were taking drink orders.” Your heart was fluttering. He remembered? You gave him a small smile and thanked him and he returned the smile. Then the read through started. 

A few hours go by and they call lunch. You tried to get up and hurry from your seat but Matthew grabbed your wrist. “Y/N! Wait. Will you… Have lunch with me? Please? I want to talk.” “Matthew, I don’t think that is such a good idea.” “Why not?” You scoffed, “well last time, we shared a meal and talked, I thought things were going great! I waited and waited for you to call me, like an idiot. Thinking that someone like you could actually be interested in someone like me. But I never saw or heard from you again. Until now when you’re forced to work with me.” You ripped your wrist out of his grasp and stormed past him and the cast and crew of onlookers and headed for the trailer the producers pointed out for your use. Matthew just ran his hands down his face and sighed. “Now Pretty Boy, care to explain why my friend, my gorgeous, intelligent, amazing, friend, just ran out of here in tears and away from you?” Shemar sat down in front of Matthew indicating that he wasn’t letting Matthew leave without an explanation. “I messed up, Shemar. A few years ago, Y/N and I met through a mutual friend while we were working on a YouTube Skit. I asked her to dinner. We had an amazing night of just talking and getting to know each other. She is such an incredible person. But I panicked thinking she could never really be interested in me seriously. I mean look at me! I don’t have muscles like you, I’m not the most attractive guy on the planet.” Shemar just laughed, “Dude, she doesn’t care about any of that stuff. Y/N is the most down to earth person I know. She cares about who someone is on the inside. But she has major insecurities. She was in a really bad relationship that had serious emotional abuse.” A look of realization at what you had said passed over Matthew’s face. “Oh God! I’m such an idiot!” “Yep!” Shemar laughed. “Go talk to her!” “She doesn’t want to talk to me!” “Yes, she does. Just go!” 

Matthew jumped up from his chair and went over to the craft service. He grabbed everything he remembered you liked. More than you could ever eat in one sitting, plus some lunch for himself. You heard a knock on your door and figured it was probably Shemar ready to step into the “big brother” role he always played in your life. “Come in.” You had your back to the door because you were at the counter making coffee. You turned around and saw Matthew with his hands full of food boxes. “Matthew? What are doing here?” “Y/N, please, don’t push me away. I just want to talk to you. Please just hear me out. Besides, I brought lunch.” You bit your lip to hide your smile and nodded. You took the boxes from his hands and set them on the table. Your hand accidentally brushed his; causing you both to stop and look at each other. You quickly cleared your throat, “God Matthew, who all are we feeding?” He laughed, “Well, I didn’t know what you were in the mood for, so I grabbed a little of everything I remember that you said you liked.” You just stared at him confused. “I’ll uh… here. Here’s some plates and forks. Thanks for lunch.” You both sat down at the small table in your trailer and you sat coffee in front of both of you. 

“Y/N, about that night,” “Matthew please don’t.” He held up his hand. “Please just let me finish. That night, was one of the best nights of my life. You were. Are. So amazing. We have so much in common. I was so scared that you would only ever see me as a friend, nothing more. I know I’m not the most attractive guy on the planet or the most intelligent. I’m weird, I get it. But I like you Y/N. I have since the moment I met you.” You were sitting there with your mouth slightly open. He moved closer to you and grabbed your hand. You pulled away. “Please don’t do this, Matthew. Please don’t chase me anymore unless you’re ready to catch me.” “Y/N, that’s what I’m trying to say. I have regretted not calling you every day since. The reason I didn’t is because I didn’t think I was good enough. I didn’t think that you would think that I was good enough for you. I didn’t want to call and hear you reject me, I couldn’t handle it.” At this point you had tears staining your cheeks. “Matthew, I thought you didn’t call because something was wrong with me!” He moved right next to you and cupped your face with his hands. “No! NO! NO! NO! God No! I’m so sorry I made you feel that way! You are perfect, y/n! You’re the most amazing, gorgeous, intelligent woman I know! I haven’t dated anyone since that night because you’re the one I want!” 

That’s all you needed to hear. You crashed your lips into his. He cupped the back of your neck to deepen the kiss and you ran your fingers through his hair. You both pulled back breathing heavy and looking into each other’s eyes. “That was…” “…perfect.” He finished the thought for you. “I’d like to do that again now.” He smiled. You nodded and your eyes fluttered shut as your smiled into his kiss. “Hey y/n I was just coming to see if you’re oka…” Shemar stopped mid-sentence and you and Matthew’s mouths stayed close but turned in his direction. “Oh, well I guess you’re good.” He winked. “Way to go, Pretty Boy.”

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