along came larry

Thank you, Mr Butterfield!

Larries aren’t perfect, we just aren’t. We are people and we happen to make mistakes, of course we do. But Larries indisputably possess two qualities:

- We’re smart, like another level of smart. We’re a lot and we know how and what to look for. We are made up by a huge variety of specialists in so many different sectors. We can dig and dig well. We never give up, we never feel discouraged. If something too big happens, we rest a moment, we recollect ourselves and start fighting again. We see through things, we make the task impossible when anyone tries to sell us lies. We are strong and clever enough to not be shattered by hate and constant attacks because we can see the fails in the people who pettily come for us and turn the argument against them. And we always do that with such a class.

- We know love. We respect and support and promote it so much, in all of its forms. Not only we have big brains, more importantly, we have big hearts and that’s something that sadly enough isn’t that common. We have been here for these boys all along and we’ll be here until the very day we’ll see they need and want us to. We’ve had their backs through the ups and downs and we’ve trusted them in a way that’s quite a rarity. We’ve personally happened to sacrifice aspects of our own life in order not to abandon them. 

That’s why it feels incredibly important that in what is very likely the worst moment we have experienced together, someone from the outside, someone with respectability and credibility, stepped in to support us, to stand by us to remember us that we’re not the crazy ones, the bad ones, the wrong ones, to publicly show that everything we’ve been thinking and saying has a solid, rational base, to give us back the dignity they’ve been trying to tear away from us. We did falter a bit and we did get back to our feet all by ourselves, but this article certainly gave us the push we needed to feel all the confidence flow back into our spent but still so ready hearts. So thank you, Aaron Butterfield, you have no idea how much that meant to us. Looking forward for the second part of your work!