the signs as Shawn Mendes songs

aries: aftertaste

taurus: something big

gemini: air ft. astrid

cancer: never be alone

leo: show you

virgo: strings

libra: one of those nights

scorpio: life of the party

sagittarius: i don’t even know your name

capricorn: stitches

aquarius: imagination

pisces: a little too much

Okay, late night spooky story time:

My brothers and I as little kids used to have this weird anomaly that we liked to call “the alone feeling” whenever we were playing video games alone. I would get it in the shower sometimes; and it’s basically this overwhelming sense of paranoia, and it would usually take being around other people to get rid of. At one point it got so bad that I actually started screaming for help. 

It doesn’t happen that much at all anymore; in fact I haven’t truly experienced it in about three years. But I’m still curious as to what it could have been? Like, even to the point where I’m considering the presence of malevolent spirits or something. Why did it only happen when I was little? Why was it only when we were or felt alone? 

I don’t know, man. Spooky stuff.

It is long overdue that us fae join together

I’d like to propose the idea of Faerie Circles to all faekin

These will be groups of like-minded fae (same elemental bases or certain fae types) who join together in the same way Wolfkin and other therians have made packs.

Faeries can meet each other, talk, and share experiences and feelings, using social media.

Perhaps in a different world faerie circles are portals to the fae world, but here they are ways for faekin to meet and befriend eachother. The fae were not meant to be alone.

N͖̦͖̬͐͐̎ͮ́ͅot̉ͤ̄ͬͨ͑̓͏̪͔ḭ̱̐c͙̞͂͒ͤeͬ̾͏̥̼ ̖̯̹̰̜̬ͥ̀ͥm̜̦̖͍̭̏͆͒e̛̱̲̘̼͋̈̊̋ͅ ͨ͋S̛̞̖̳̳͇͚̖̀ͨ̈͛́e̦̙̤̬͍͔̣͐̈́̊ͧ͝n̖̤̥̖͇ͩp̼̭̾̿ͬ̉͐̀ä͙́̐̈̇i̭ͯͥ̇͊ͅ…

Heh this took way longer than necessary. I rly like it tho.



I finished watching Mark’s playthrough of The Evil Within and through the whole thing just wanted Leslie to be okay, WHY SON. I got really attached to him. I also realized the reason he was smiling in the rain was probably because he hadn’t felt it in so long since being locked up in the hospital QAQ. fHFHFHRAAGAGAHAGH.
Also I thought he was like 16 but he’s older than me.

controversial topic, please reblog with your thoughts in the tags

okay, so is it okay to leave a friendship where Friend A is going through a hard time and vents to Friend B and Friend B starts developing stress and anxiety because of Friend A? And Friend A and B are close where they talk on a regular basis but not to the point of ‘super best-friend’ status

Tbh when people get me mad I like using little information about them that’s get under their skin to make them upset. I don’t really like doing that but like you called me a bitch and that’s why your dad left you and you’re in remedial classes