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but you prolly already knew that

lol Yeah, but still good to see a sentiment shared. I want to enjoy it, I do, and I know that not being a fan of Toph can color how I view her appearances in Book 4 with Korra, but besides that. There’s Wu, and saddling Mako with him not really doing too much for development in the long-run of the Book, Kuvira not being handled as well as she could have been, dark!Korra going…. where??, Asami pretty much on the sideline (yet again), and simply bringing in too big of a “character crowd” to effectively handle.

It’s just. All over the damn place, which personally. I don’t like.


I cannot believe people actually liked my other submission, let alone that you guys actually posted it???? omg here have another one you guys are the best

I have this feeling that when they’re out on the road, Ignis and Prompto handle the budgeting together. I know I know, Ignis is the smart guy and he knows what he’s doing, but he’s still from a wealthy family and has probably never had to actually budget himself before, let alone for four people.

Prompto, on the other hand, is a commoner, and was at least middle class growing up. Especially without his parents around, he must have learned how to budget himself, as well as how to get the most stuff for the lowest prices.

So, it’s now my headcanon that they do the budgeting together, as well as the shopping. Ignis handles most of the math, but Prompto gets them the most bang for their buck.

Desensitization is real cus after hearing they’ve literally let every single cop involved with Freddie Gray’s murder walk free I’m sittin here thinking ‘I hope the highway wont be blocked off so I can get home at a reasonable hour’ and thats disgusting but also I cant keep getting my soul trampled on with daily news that our lives matter less than a dog’s, but this is a convo to have with other black people, alone, yet here I am airing it on

I have a couple of former teachers, women who are twenty or more years older than I am, who I’m friends with on Facebook who have posted about how they never thought they’d see the day where a woman is the nominee of a major political party, and (understandably) expressing their joy and excitement about it.

I think that very much sums up the generational gap in things. Parents and grandparents of anyone under about 35 or so did grow up in an era where the idea that we would elect a woman into the highest office was a distant dream. I mean we’re a long way from gender equality alone, let alone any other kind.

But me, for people my age and younger (and some a little older) have lived a different experience. My first presidential vote cast was for Barack Obama. The world I live in has always had people talking about, wondering about who the first woman would be to break into the White House. For us, a woman president has pretty much always been a ‘when’ scenario, not 'if.’ Especially after President Obama got elected, we we set on this idea that we WERE going to see a Madame President in our lifetime, and possibly more than one.

And that’s why, I think, there’s a sort of heel-dragging from millennials who were on board with Bernie towards the concept of voting for Hillary. We believe it will be a game changer to get a woman in the White House, and we wanted the right woman. And we’re not entirely positive that Hillary is that right woman. She’s now the nominee, but I’ve said it before, I firmly feel that she has been running to grab that title of the first woman president. Not because she believes she can do the job, but because that’s going to be the ultimate feather in her cap.

So if the whole situation is looked at with that light, yeah, Hillary getting the nomination might be historic, but it’s not a dream come true like the older generation believes it is.

(Note: Do remember that I’m speaking in generalities here.)

i was at the beach today and before i left i was walking along looking for sand dollars, and there was a girl walking ahead of me and she stopped to look at the water and i passed her. not too long after i also stopped cuz i was getting tired and walked pretty far, and i could see the girl and was like OH she’s cute!! and she was just by herself standing knee deep in the water watching the waves and i just liked that because im at the beach by myself regularly (like once or twice a week lately), not necessarily DOING anything, just for the sake of being there and appreciating it i guess.. but i don’t see too many other people just spending time at the beach alone, especially Young People, so i thought it was nice to see this cute girl hanging out alone watching the waves. on my walk back when i passed her i stopped to tell her she was really pretty, cuz she was, and that was going to be my very casually gay moment of the day. but then she smiled and she had SUCH A GREAT SMILE and it slayed me, all 58 of my lesbian beach fantasies flashed before my eyes and still haunt me now


This week on A Cups, Ann and Angela interviewed prolific writer and founder of the Illuminati Girl Gang, Gabby Bess to discuss her recently published book Alone With Other People and more. We talked publishing zines, social media + audiences, female companionship, being 20, sexism in writing, self-organizing, “alt lit”, and much more. We also talked about selfies because…why not? Also Gabby has really awesome ones.

Thanks to everyone at Radiohive! The show wouldn’t exist without your support <3. Also thanks again to Mary Prankster (one of my adolescent heroes) for allowing us to play her song Piss Off in our intro. 

Also hey did I mention that you can download all of our past episodes on iTunes? You know you want that shit. xoxo


Here are some cool old/new/forthcoming things from Banango Street contributors that you should read. 


Gabby Bess
Alone With Other People (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2013)
Dining Alone at Plaza Azteca (Banango Street, 2012)

Nick Sturm
How We Light (H_NGM_N, 2013)
How We Light (Coconut 17, 2013)
The Era of Confusion Begins (Banango Street, 2012)

Ben Tanzer
I Am (Artistically Declined Press, 2013)
DING (Barrelhouse, 2012)
I Am Your Ancestor (Banango Street 3, 2013)

Alone With Other People
Gabby Bess wrote a book called ‘ALONE WITH OTHER PEOPLE’ and dedicated it to me, which feels like a great honour. I think I won her heart using my legendary gchat style, so I have included some excerpts here from around the time that the book was in its final edits, along with some pictures of certain pages. Prepare to scroll down. I feel really proud of Gabby for writing this book and I would recommend it to anybody who is experimenting in the art of being a person.    Gabby: hi  me: hey!   stop appearing offline   who are you hiding from?  Gabby: loll   no one really  me: haha  Gabby: i just dont want to talk to anyone  me: lol okay   im not anyone 12:11 PM thinking about marrying john legend   what do you think   so my name is lucy legend

10:04 AM me: whaddup boo    i keep em laced in the illest snakes 10:08 AM Gabby: loll   i have to work in like 2 hours~~   !!  me: ughhh   i have a head ache   but i just went to buy some paint stuff   so i feel okay   any news?? lol  Gabby: niiice 10:09 AM how was irl?  me: it was p bad   like, i dont think i want to go back   i dont have anything to say to anyone  Gabby: lol same 10:10 AM how do you talk to people that dont have an internet presence?   you can’t, you just can’t  me: yeah, you can’t basically    

Gabby: started from the bottom  now i’m here  LK: lol   just slightly above the bottom
  okay i’m feeling good   we can do this    

Gabby: gonna forward the email  me: good 11:30 AM Gabby: also   i think i wrote the best poem of my life maybe   lol  me: haha   okay send that too       Gabby: im thinking about her comment on macbooks   it just seems true to write about macbooks  me: yeah  Gabby: like you write about birds 11:42 AM me: lol no i dont  Gabby: its just like life   its a part of my everyday experience 11:43 AM poems are about how you experience the world   sometimes i experience it through a macbook  me: mostly tbh  Gabby: lol yeah tbh 11:44 AM me: okay   i will think as i drive home  Gabby: okay

Gabby: im excited for my life   post-mailing envelopes  me: :)   i feel depressed tbh  Gabby: damn   why?   shabby is tomorrow!!!!  me: idk   yeah i think its bc i have finished it 4:48 PM and now what   when im working on something, i dont have to think about me  Gabby: yeah   i feel u 4:49 PM me: i’ll have a bath maybe and then come back and write   i was in the zone for like 10 hours today 4:51 PM Gabby: they let you get in your zone   FIRST MISTAKE  me: lolll, right  

Gabby: i’m in class   i want to die  me: same   but work 11:00 AM im so angry today   im being a bitch to everyone  Gabby: lol   why are you angry?  me: because poetry is shit and there’s no point   everyone should quit  Gabby: loll   same  

  Gabby: im bored  me: im sorry im trying to write a poem  Gabby: no  me: lol   no 4:13 PM Gabby: poems… gdi 4:15 PM me: nobody will like this poem  Gabby: loll  me: ;)  Gabby: let me see  me: almost finished  

6:52 PM me: are you here
30 minutes 7:22 PM Gabby: im here
6 minutes 7:29 PM Gabby: r u irl   oh nooooooo  me: lol omg   no way   im here im just writing something so im sorry  Gabby: lol thank god   oh my god   writing something   'writing something’ 7:30 PM we’ve got a writer over here  me: lol  Gabby: NAAAAAAAAAAAAAT  me: hahaha   omg  Gabby: loll   im out of control


It is a book of mildly heartbreaking essays on continuing to wake up as yourself, despite your best efforts. 

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Oh man, now I can't help but imagine Allura in all kinds of cool and cute outfits... like overalls... oversized sweaters... Also I'm not sure why, but I feel like she'd prefer stylish yet practical and comfortable clothes?

allura probably has better socks than me, we can safely assume that allura is QUEEN of clothes, QUEEN of aesthetic, QUEEN of my goddamn life. 

every single aesthetic photo of clothes on tumblr that you have ever seen, every artsy photo of some cali kid drinking a smoothie and wearing clothes they found in a thrift store, every single post- allura happens to have those clothes in her closet. literally just by chance. 

she and lance probably love talking about fashion lmao

yoongi’s mixtape

i was thinking about this a lot at work when my machine was down, and i just wanna say this.

whether yoongi uses beats that has been used by other artists (though i think i heard he produced his own beats???), please, please, PLEASEEEEE, don’t go to the original artists’ page and say, “suga did better” or “suga brought me here” or any of such unnecessary comments. i get that you love yoongi and bts and you want to tell the people, show the people, but in all honesty, your doings are just annoying the people. 

it was already sickening enough to see that during all of bts’ covers already, and everyone just needs to stop. even when a video isn’t bts related, there’s stuff about “bts is better”. like what? . _ .

no one is better and no one needs to know from same multiple comments of the same context saying: ___ brought me here. 

if you want respect, you need to respect others too. 

and if you’re going to be one of those who does this annoying stunt, please leave. 

“Let me up Stanley I need to check something.”

“Just stay the heck in bed already!!”

Sort of a sequel to that pic I did where Ford was covered in blood and Stan was freaking out of screen. 

I feel like whenever Ford gets hurt or sick or otherwise incapacitated he tends to be a pain. He just constantly tries to get up and continue working and doing things. It drives Stan crazy cause he’s constantly having to force Ford back into bed and make him take his meds or sleep or whatever.  

Ford gets that to get better he should rest, but he’s been alone for so long that it can be difficult to let other people do things for him.