assorted cosmere femslash february doodles that never made it properly over here



1.   What Makes Him Fall for You
2.   Corny Pick Up Lines He Uses
3.   You’re Failing at School
4.   Texts From Him When He’s Bored
5.   When He’s Mad for No Reason
6.   What He says When He’s Scared
7.   Something He Does that Annoys Everyone Except You
8.   Little Things He Does That Drives You Crazy
10. When He’s Hungry
11. You Left Him Alone With Your Child H/Li/N
12. What He Misses The Most When He’s On Tour
13. What Makes Him Fall For You
14. In His Arms
15. He Likes You But You Like Someone Else (PART 1)
16. He Likes You But You like Someone Else (PART 2) - HARRY
17. You Can’t Sleep when He’s on Tour
18. On The Road
19. The First Thing He Notices After Tour


1. Clues - Harry
2. That Moment - Niall
3. FaceTime - Niall
4. Doctor’s Advice - Liam
5. Strangers - Niall



1. Flights - Niall
2. Stalks - Harry


1. Harry
2. Niall
3. Liam
4. Zayn


1. Fight - Harry
2. Date - Niall
3. Flat - Liam

- STAY ( Harry ) *Warning : Extremely Emotional*

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3

Will be updating more preferences and imagines soon! Do send me ideas :) x

to add to all the support from the wonderful wbs family in the tag: the wbs admins are genuinely wonderful people. please do not take a reaction of frustration and hurt out of context, do not paint them in a bad light. each and every one of these admins are kind, and thoughtful, and considerate, and above all human. extremely and wonderfully human. from what we’ve all seen, the past couple days ( and likely more ) have been stressful as it is, and this incident did nothing to help that; it isn’t fair to say that they are ‘ rude ’ and ‘ unapproachable ’ for reacting as they have, especially when the people at fault gave them no such considerations. they have been exceptionally helpful and accommodating to everyone so far, and as human beings they are allowed to react negatively when negative things happen to them ( and this isn’t even the first time something awful like this has happened to them and this rp, unfortunately ) and it’s incredibly insensitive to say otherwise. they have had their work blatantly stolen, they’ve been harassed by disrespectful individuals hiding behind the anonymous function in multiple instances, and now they’re being outright played with. quite honestly, i see nothing wrong with how they’ve reacted, and most, if not all, of the contributors to the tag have rallied behind them and supported their feelings. a simple irritated reaction in a time of stress and negativity should not badly reflect on them when they’ve been nothing but kind, generous, and considerate to us all.

@gingerhulksmash we are the Mom Friends™ and this is our life style, thank u @h-otokichan
(Feat. @cindersart because gurl u and hoto are the children)

Knowing that you
will sit down with me
at the brink of my shadows
to watch them silently
and understand

Knowing that you
will encourage me
to turn away from darkness
and fight side by side
until sun rises again

Knowing that you
will give me a smile
when all warmth has vanished
and see perfection in me
whenever I can’t

Knowing that you
will mirror my soul
find the right words
a friend who will never
ever leave me alone


me, trying to flirt with a guy: -is sassy and sarcastic, makes him laugh a lot- 

me: this is going less terrible than normal!!

him: starts calling me “kid” 


(Another) rough translation. This is taken from Drama CD in Cloud Nine Single. Where Furuya was searching for his pants, Harucchi found Sawamura practicing (likeidiot). I remember 2015 calendar when they were fishing and Furuya caught big fish while Sawamura got the little one www.

Basically Sawamura is idiot, Furuya is innocent idiot, Harucchi is pure innocent i need to cry <3 I love them damn damn damn much!! Please stay freshmen D’: /no.

I don’t include audio file because… err.. tumblr keep failing my upload so.. yes.. Please forgive for mistranslations, shitty grammar, and my intense fangirl reaction.

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