Things I love to think about: How NONE of my fav Bruce characters would survive loosing their significant others.

I mean, Lee would only survive Amanda’s death to take care of the kids (ahem ahem look at this fic just look at it) but if Joe took them away from him (like he did IN THE FIC SERIOUSLY JUST LOOK AT IT) he would not be around long.

A Jet-less Alan would be absolutely distraught by Lora dying I MEAN he almost completely looses himself when Kevin goes missing, and he has Lora to help him through it. Loosing both Lora and Kevin? Nope. Also I like to imagine Kevin actually going back to the real world after a long time (shush Legacy didn’t happen) only to find out two of the people he loved the most in the whole world are dead L O L. How’s that for angst.

And last but not least Sheridan loosing Delenn after S5 would literally destroy him completely. They were so sure they had 20 years, he had never even thought that they wouldn’t even make it so far and that he’d have to live his remaining years without her. (Bonus points if in his darkest moments he wishes Lorien had let him die in z’ha’dum)


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Ibn Qayyim said:

 إذا أصبح العبد وأمسى وليس همه إلا الله وحده تحمل الله سبحانه حوائجه كلها وحمل عنه كل ما أهمه وفرغ قلبه لمحبته ولسانه لذكره وجوارحه لطاعته وإن أصبح وأمسى والدنيا همه حمله الله همومها وغمومها وأنكادها ووكله إلى نفسه فشغل قلبه عن محبته بمحبة الخلق ولسانه عن ذكره بذكرهم وجوارحه عن طاعته بخدمتهم وأشغالهم فهو يكدح كدح الوحش في خدمة غيره كالكير ينفخ بطنه ويعصر أضلاعه في نفع غيره‏.‏ فكل من أعرض عن عبودية الله وطاعته ومحبته بلي بعبودية المخلوق ومحبته وخدمته‏.‏ قال تعالى ومن يعش عن ذكر الرحمن نقيض له شيطانا فهو له قرين

When a servant awakens and spends his day with no concern except Allāh alone, then Allāh the Exalted will take care of all his needs and concerns. He will empty his heart for the love of Allāh and his tongue for the remembrance of Allāh, and cause all of his faculties to be used in His obedience. However, if he awakens and spends his day with the world as his concern, then Allāh will make him bear its distress, anxiety and pain. He will leave him to the care of himself, cause his heart to be distracted from the love of Allāh towards the love of the creation, cause his tongue to only remember it, and cause his faculties to be used in its obedience, its servitude and its occupation. So he will strive hard, like the striving of an animal, in the service of other than Allāh. Everyone who turns away from the worship of Allāh, His obedience, and His love, is burdened by the worship of the created, its love, and its servitude. As Allāh the Most High has said: Whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful, We appoint for him a devil and he is a companion for him.” - Qur’ān 43:36

Al-Fawā’id 159

—-out. fuck everything i’m crying like i do at the end of casino royale the world can eat a bag of dicks 

Me everyday

“I can draw this I WILL draw this”

“I’m t r a s h I will never be able to draw like (insert fav artist here)”

“I can draw this I WILL–”

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.Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: “Sleep - Poets Of The Fall” (Well, ok that’s fine for me :D)

.Second song will describe your love life: "It won’t suck itself - Steel Panther” (Lucky Me)

.Third song will be played at your weeding: "Bad Religion - Motörhead” (Fuck Yeah)

.Add ‘in my pants’ to the fourth song: "Wee Ahr so Breit in my pants - Zaunpfahl” (I guess you have to speak german to get this one :P)

.Fifth song will be played at your funeral: "Hellion - Children Of Bodom” (That’s kind of funny because sometimes  I work at a record store called Hellion)

.Sixth song is your theme song: "Numb - Exodus”

.Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: "Curse The Gods - Desctruction”

.Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eight song: “Bastards Of Bodom “with a shovel and a screwriver” - Children Of Bodom

.Ninth song will describe your week: "Over The Top” - Motörhead 

.Tenth song will play when you miss someone:  “Low Man’s Lyric” - Metallica

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Valentines Day with Ashton.

This is my first Ashton imagine, so I got a little bit too creative with this one! *Y/u/n = Your Username *Y/n = Your Name.


Today is supposed to be a day filled with love. Yet I’m here at home, alone, because my boyfriend has to be on tour. I mean, yeah, it’s not Ashton’s fault that he couldn’t be here for Valentines Day but he could of at least offered for me to come to him.
Today, I don’t really have anything planned but to sit on my ass all day and watch chick flicks and eat ice-cream, as cliché as that sounds, its honestly so fun.  
-knock knock-  
I got up off the couch and went to my front door and opened it and was met with a lady holding a huge bouquet of flowers,
“Miss Y/n Y/l/n?” she asked me,
“Yeah that’s me” I smiled back at her,
“These flowers are from Mr Ashton Irwin” she said to me before handing me the flowers,
“Awh thank you so much” I said to her as she walked away back into her car to go off and deliver more flowers to some very lucky people.

I went over to the kitchen table and set the flowers right in the center of it and grabbed my phone to take a picture of it,
@Y/U/N: oh my gosh! The cutest boyfriend award goes to                                   @ashtonirwin !!!! love & miss you, Happy Valentines Day! xoxo
I posted it and within a second after posting it I went on my messages and texted Ashton,  
Y/n: Thank you so much Ashton! They’re beautiful! xxxx
20 minutes had past and he still hasn’t replied back to me, what’s going on?
He would normally reply to within 5 minutes to me texting him, I hope hes okay.
I got up his contact and called his number but it took me straight to voicemail, I got up Calums number and called him,
“Hello Y/nnnn” Calum said through the phone,
“Hi Cal, is Ashton with you by any chance?” I asked him,
“Nope, last time I saw him was last night when we all headed off to bed, why’s that?”
“Awh okay, because I texted him like 20 minutes ago and he didn’t reply, so I called him and it went straight to voicemail…” I said trying not to start tearing up,
“I’m sure he just turned his phone off so he could get a sleep in” Calum said reassuringly,
“Yeah, I guess so, thanks anyway Cal, I’ll talk to you soon, byee!”
“Byeee Y/n!” Calum said back before hanging up the phone. Just as that phonecall ended I heard another knock at the door, I walked over and opened it up and was faced with my smiling boyfriend.
“Did you miss me?” he said as I threw myself into his arms,
“Oh my god Ash! I thought you were ignoring my calls and texts!” I said with happy tears streaming down my face. I pulled apart from Ashton and he reached his hands up and held either side of my face and gave me passionate kiss on the lips, he went to pull away but I softly held the back of his neck and pulled him back in to keep the kiss lingering for longer.
We eventually pulled apart and gave me a few more pecks on the lips before saying,  
“Happy Valentines Day Y/n”, as he gave me his famous big gorgeous smile,
“Happy Valentines Day to you too Ashton” I said wiping away the tears from my face, I pulled him inside and he closed the door behind him. I gave him one more big hug and nearly squeezed him to death before we both went over to the couch and watched chick flicks together for the rest of the day.  
Best. Valentines. Day. Ever.