alone in the universe

Steven Quartz Universe has one major flaw that I hope the show addresses sooner rather than later. If he likes you, he’ll do anything for you. If he doesn’t like you, too bad for you.

In Beach City Drift it was revealed that Steven hated Kevin because Kevin was a jerk to Stevonnie. His hatred and anger was so great that he was willing to fuse with Connie just to get revenge.

And then we have Restaurant Wars. He basically forces Ronaldo into pretending to date Kiki, ignoring all of Ronaldo’s protests, including Ronaldo’s confession that he has a girlfriend. And when Ronaldo’s girlfriend does appear, and the misunderstanding causes them to break up, Steven shows no regret whatsoever. He doesn’t even look the least bit sad or regretful. I think it’s because Steven doesn’t really like Ronaldo all that much. Ronaldo has been loud and pushy, and tried to dissect the watermelon Steven, and tried to throw Lars into a house. Steven likes his watermelons, and Lars is his bff. So Steven has negative feelings towards Ronaldo, which show in him not really caring too much about Ronaldo’s happiness.

And now we have Alone at Sea. I was very disappointed in Steven during this episode. Lapis was trying to confess that she wasn’t perfect, that she had done bad things, but Steven refused to believe or even listen to her. And as soon as Jasper appeared, Steven outright called her a bad person. The possibility that Jasper might have suffered through her ordeal meant absolutely nothing to him. Jasper was big, loud, pushy, and that apparently meant that she was evil. Steven was not willing to admit that his friend might have done something wrong.

I really, really, really want somebody to let Steven know some of the less than savory things that the Crystal Gems did during the War. Something more than Greg’s “no such thing as a good war, kiddo.” Because right now he has a very black and white view of things, of good vs evil, and as long as he’s unwilling to admit that his friends aren’t entirely good, he’ll also remain unwilling to admit that his “enemies” aren’t a hundred percent evil. He’ll continue to dehumanize them, which is not a good thing.

a look into ‘alone at sea’ and abuse.

i’m gonna’ be covering a few things after tonight’s episodes, including

  • lapis’ symptoms as an abuse survivor with ptsd, including self blaming and stockholm syndrome
  • jasper’s actions, and how she is fully capable of redemption, but is still currently resemblant of an abuser 
  • rebecca’s involvement with the episode and direction of the story and how this is important for survivors 

warning for mentions of abuse and assault.

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How much has Greg Universe spent?

Greg Universe has around $10,000,000

Remember those math problems from fourth grade? Well they’re finally coming in to use. 

  • 3 tailor made suits, each being around $3000 average, $9000
  • An overnight hotel (let’s assume the Four Seasons in New York for reference) is $35,000
  • Room service let’s assume was $1000 (Room service is expensive)
  • All those singers/waiters $500 each, $5000
  • the car he bought: Let’s assume since it’s used but could match speeds of a Lamborghini, $4,500
  • Pole $100
  • tablet cost: $200
  • Okay so the boat one was the trickiest bit for me, but I looked up yachts to play it safe. The cheapest one I could find was $1,000,000, it had a 35m deck and was the closest to the show.
  • So the distance from Ocean City MD (City based off for beach city) to New York (Empire City) was  236.4 mi and a 1980 Chevrolet van (Which is a good base for Greg’s van) has 16mpg, which means that it would take 14.775 gallons to go to empire city one way. 
  • Let’s assume that that he filled his tank once in beach city and once in empire city. It would cost $29.55 for the gas in beach city (if we’re still using ocean city , MD as a model) and abut $44.33 in Empire city (if we’re using New York City). Combined adds up to $73.88
  • The Dondai Supremo’s tank of fuel probably cost about $20
  • The tables Greg has bought, let’s assume each one was on the nicer side, so there were three (one broken, two used in restaurant wars) each being $350, so that amounts to $1050. 
  • 6 wooden chairs, let’s assume he got them at Big lots or at Walmart, then it would be $600
  • Now for a speed round, Steven and greg both give out a stack of cash. Let’s assume each is a pile of ones (for cheap sake). A one dollar bill is  .0043 inches thick, which means a thousand of which would be 4.3 inches thick, which aligns with the show’s general image. So $2,000.
  • Valet: $50 (expensive hotel)
  • Greg gives away about $500 to staff as tips, ($100 to broken table to charge his bank account, and $400 to staff members after Pearl stops dancing)
  • As for taxes, I don’t know, but If someone would like to discuss what would be a proper amount, I’m up for it.

So, let’s add this all up, what does it amount to? $1,058,093.88

Which means, he still has $8,941,906.12 left over.

His shenanigans are far from over.