alone in my head



It was a week after their classes’ Ski Lodge trip where Lucas and Riley had finally became official. Everything was falling in place and was starting to feel normal again. No more angst or unspoken feelings. There was just one thing that was weighing on both of their minds and that was a kiss.

They had only ever kissed once, it was on the subway for their first date way back in 7th grade. It was short and sweet which unfortunately set the tone for their relationship that year. Super sweet but short lived.

They were older now and actually together and they couldn’t help but wonder when the next one would happen. They hardly ever had alone time together.
Lucas for sure thought it was going to happen on the Ski trip but her parents and Uncle were around and all of their classmates. Every time they thought they were alone someone would pop up and ruin the moment.

Riley hoped it would happen that day when he walked her home, but as he leaned in to kiss her goodbye, her Uncle Josh opened the door and interjected the kiss with his hand between their faces. It was starting to get a bit ridiculous. She knew they meant well but she was 15 now and this was her first boyfriend, they knew this would happen eventually.

At school it wasn’t any better. They both assumed that now that they were a couple their friends would give them some space but that wasn’t the case at all. 

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I always thought you were something special. But there’s nothing special about how much pain you’ve caused.

I can’t tell you how often the line “I eat a ham sandwich alone in my office nook” pops into my head

Dear Cutter,

Come a little closer,
Come to me.
I am the only one,
That can set you free.

Your friends and family,
They don’t care.
So I’ll be your friend,
Since no ones there.

I can cure depression,
I can stop the tears.
I can take away the pain,
That you felt for years.

I’ll never break a promise,
I’ll never tell a lie.
I’ll never be the one,
That makes you wanna die.

I’ll be right there,
Until the end.
And I promise to be,
Your very best friend.

Your broken heart,
Will become a spade.
Now no more heart ache,
Love Sincerely, Razor Blade

P.S. I’ll try not to hurt you,
But there’s no guarantee.
You might even like,
The sharp side of me.


i’m lying alone, with my head on the phone, thinking of you till it hurts.
i know you hurt too, but what else can we do? tormented and torn apart. ♫


so the comic

Black Paladin Lance and crew vs. Haggar

Lance:This is Voltron
Back together
And we’re never going down at the hands of the likes of you cause we’re so much better.
And every part of us is saying go get ‘em

Hunk: The five of us ain’t gonna follow your rules

Pidge:Come at us with out any of your Galra Fools
Let’s go just us on you

(Keith,Allura,Coran: ??????)

Lance: Go ahead and try and hit us if you’re able

Hunk:Can’t you that our relationship is stable?

Pidge: I see you hate the fact we can mingle.

Together: But I think you’re just mad that you’re single!

Hunk: You’re not gonna stop the force we are together,

Pidge: We’ll protect this world forever,

Lance: If you brake us apart we’ll just come back stronger,

Together: But we’ll always be twice as brave as you are.
We are made of lo~oooove
(Lance: Watch your footing. Pidge, shield! Evasive manuvers!
Hunk: I’ll activate the shoulder cannon.
Keith: They’re charging up their ion cannon!)

Lance: This is who we are,

Pidge: This is what we do,

Hunk: And if you think you’ll stop us than you need to think again.

Lance: Because we are connected and our bond will never end.

Pidge:We won’t let you hurt these planets

Keith: And I won’t let you hurt my friends.

Lance: Go ahead and try and hit us if you’re able

Hunk:Can’t you that our relationship is stable?

Pidge: I know you think we’re not something you’re afraid of…

Together: But you haven’t seen what we are made of!
We are even more than the five of us,
Everything we care about is a part of us,
We are our Fury, we are our Patience
We are a conversation~
We are made of lo~oooove~oooove
And it’s stronger than you

Inside my head

“I love you.”

Every time I imagine us saying that to each other it’s always you first, because I’m too damn scared to say it like that. I know for a FACT I’ve said it to you before. Every chance I get and even sometimes when it doesn’t make sense. I’ve said those words to you HUNDREDS of times. You just didn’t understand how serious I was.
So excuse me for not saying it like that first, but your going to have to take the lead on this one. Because I don’t want to freak you out.
You don’t understand. I notice EVERYTHING you do. That little smirk when I do something not quite right. How your eyes light up when we talk about whatever your passionate about. How your laugh sounds when we joke around. How you smile when you do something you enjoy or how happy you are when you talk with your friends. How you connect with people you just met and bring out the stars in their eyes. How you can make even the worst situation seem like a dream.
See the only problem with this is, it will never happen. You will never say those three words to me in THAT context. You will never realize all the little things I notice. I will never be like that, to you.
So I’m sorry, that in my head I have to lie to myself. About you. And about our relationship, but you deserve SO much better then what you have. You deserve the world AND the stars AND everything in this universe.
And most certainly, you deserve to be around people that see you for YOU. Not your accomplishments or your abilities, but you. Just you and your pure existence. Not those people that just see through you, like your just some door they can walk through or some window they can open just to get fresh air. YOU.