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Aw, man, you took all my good options!  Eh, that’s okay.  If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s coming up with creative alternatives to any situation!  That, and drawing pufferfish.  

I dunno about you, but I can draw a mean pufferfish.  And by that I mean a nice one!  But yeah, uh, anyway…

So I have to fight Bill alone, huh?  Yeesh, who came up with that?  Do you want me to get my face rearranged by a triangle whackadoo?  But bleh, I guess that’s what I gotta work with, so let’s see…

Oh, wait, I got it!  I’d create…wait for it…a Pines pinwheel!  See, all of my family and friends would be arranged together in like, this giant pinwheel thing, right?  And I’d be the one in control of the pinwheel, so I’d just spin them faster and faster until their giant pinwheel powers blow Bill into the next dimension! (Or at least really far into the Pacific Ocean.)

I know it sounds crazy, but like, so does getting attacked by a floating yellow shape man, am I right? You gotta try everything!

And before you say that doesn’t count because my family’s part of it, guess again!  I’m using them as the weapon itself, so it totally counts.  Haha, loopholes!

Oh, geez, I hope Dipper doesn’t throw up from all that spinning…


My watering hole…
or one of them, as there are so many in our beautiful nature.

This one was shot during a 3 day trip to really smallish islands here in Sweden.
1 day per island, and sleeping in old houses used by the lighthouse managers in the early 1900s.

More photos to come, and me being more “alive” as well!!

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Untitled by Emma Katka
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With Drake gone, and now the phones provided by Nora unusable, there was no way to disclose the truth, only superficial talk. It had been almost two weeks…and only the one text.

“Hey Nora, it’s Kai. Deposits are still erratic, interest went up.”

“Ok, yeah I can do that, he’s making it very easy to miss the next payment.”

“No worries, I’m fine. Kadie will go to my Mom’s if I sense any danger at all.”

“Oh, Drake sent me a text, said he couldn’t find a sim chip for his phone, do you have anyone over there? Is there any way to…”

“Yeah, ok, just thought I’d ask. It makes things a little more difficult but we’ll get through it. Thanks.”

Kai hung up, took a deep breath and dialed his Mom’s number… just in case.