Units with built-in Distant Counter
  • Ryoma: I am the crown prince of Hoshido, and have inherited the legendary Raijinto, forged by the Rainbow Sage to end the war of the First Dragons.
  • Xander: I am the crown prince of Nohr, and have inherited the legendary Siegfried, forged by the Rainbow Sage to end the war of the First Dragons
  • Camus: In service of my motherland, I have taken up the lance Gradivus, one of the mighty Three Regalia of Archanea, used in the founding of that kingdom.
  • Ike: This sword, Ragnell, belonged to my father before his death. Its history can be traced back to ancient times, where it was forged and imbued with the power of a goddess.
  • Black Knight: My sword, Alondite, is the sister of Ragnell, possessing similar origins and power.
  • Dorcas: I found this real nice tomahawk.

Ike Concept Art

[4] Ike’s initial weapon “Ettard.” Though often overshadowed by Ragnell, you can see the delicate features of the sword and belt’s design here.

[6] The divine sword Ragnell. Aside from the golden blade, it shares its design with the divine sword Alondite.

[5] Three views of Ike as a “Hero.” His physique and equipment has gotten bigger, but his bandana is the same one from three years ago.

[7] Three views as a “Vanguard.” His armor and equipment has become more splendorous. His cape is more fluid, too.

Scans, translations, and edits by Kantopia

fe february: Herons have a type

So obviously back in Serenes they probably mostly had relationships between themselves; but in the game as such, all the heron  characters we have are exogamic and we’re left with a very definite impression of which kind of people they are into.

It’s pretty funny to see the three main heron characters with their own trophy monarchs; but I wonder if there’s not more to that.

Beyond being badass Laguz kings and queens, what Tibarn, Nailah and Naesala have in common is a certain…. let’s call it roguishness. Tibarn and Naesala are pirate kings; and Nailah is also very much a barbarian queen, which gives a very similar feel.

And then we have their distant cousin (so to speak) Micaiah, whose intended mate of choice is much less about taking charge of a country (Micaiah does that herself, thank you very much) but actually is a thief by trade.

And we do know that herons are of the Tellius species the one the most inclined towards order. So what if a part of that attraction was a sort of balancing act, of being attracting by people who are inclined to chaos in turn?

Tibarn certainly spends a lot of time in the latter parts of Radiant Dawn talking about how enjoyable he finds the chaotic energies. And judging by the conversation he can have if he fights Nailah in the climax of the third part of RD, she isn’t of a very different mentality.

How does that fit with Lerhan’s mates?

We don’t know a lot about Altina, although we do know she met the badass (girl was dual wielding Ragnell and Alondite) and monarch qualitative (via founding her own country), but it’s hard to know if she had that brand of roguishness. One could speculate from Nasir saying “As you say, the laguz are indeed now persecuted by the beorc. But long ago, these roles were reversed.” in Path of Radiance; and whether it would have applied to the period in which she lived and framed the reason for founding Begnon, casting her as a defiant or rebellious beorc heroine. However this is mere speculation.

When it comes to Zelgius, he doesn’t really fit the pattern. A least he seems somewhat obedient to a fault, although with enough wild impulses that he focussed on duelling Greil and Ike as he did as one thing he wanted to pursue for himself regardless of his loyalty to Sephiran. But more than that, Zelgius being a Branded means that he’s of the people framed as new and unplanned, a chaotic result of the world itself and its people.

So perhaps there is something to it.



Ragnell is Ike’s signature weapon in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Blessed by the Goddess Ashera, it was originally wielded by Altina alongside its sister sword, Alondite. Both swords play an important, opposing role in the story, as Ragnell was first given to Ike by the Black Knight, Alondite’s wielder and Ike’s sworn enemy. A long, golden blade with black hilt usable only by Ike, Ragnell has infinite uses and doubles as a ranged weapon, making it a perfect choice for a swordsman whose weapon of choice generally has no ranged attack. Also appears in Awakening, carried by the swordsman Priam, as a weaker A-Rank blade with no user preference.