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First of all, i have to say that your art is what i'm living for. It is sooo beautiful! By the way, what advice can you give to those who are starting an art blog? I mean, tumblr is a little bit confusing and it's hard to find out where to start and what steps to take... Thank you very much and have a nice day c:

After all this time I’m still confused :) I really just draw and somehow I meet nice people who like what I do, I can’t explain it. Where those lovely people come from? That’s still a mystery to me (some say they must be from Canada but I’m not sure that that many people can live in Canada.) Anyway, I guess you’re lucky or you’re not but drawing fanart helps too ;)

You don't get to pick and choose

I want every single person who hates Gal Gadot and call her a trashy Zionist, to boycott any and all movies that Scarlett Johansson is in. You don’t get to pick and choose who you can hate. You wanna boycott Wonder Woman, and hate Wonder Woman because Gal? Fine.Then I need to see ya’ll hating ScarJo and Black Widow just as much, because she is even more outspoken about her beliefs and opinions. If not, then shut. Some of ya’ll are transparent af. *Oh and supernatural fans? You’re very own Jo Harville played by Alona Tal was part of the IDF and is very proud of it and her country, so I wanna see you boycotting the seasons she was on Supernatural and taking down gifsets of her character.

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Writing prompt question: what's the best present that Billy ever gave Teddy and vice versa? <3

The best present Billy gave Teddy was this -

Standing in a circle as they stumble through awkward first meeting introductions, Teddy can’t help but stare at the boy next to him.

It’s not just because he’s gorgeous (oh but he is he really is). There’s something unapologetic in his stance, in the defiant tilt of his chin even as he admits he has no idea what he’s doing here.

It’s a week later and Teddy makes some self-deprecating joke, because of course he does. Billy turns to him, frowning.

“Don’t do that,” he says. He must realize how much that sounded like a command, because his cheeks go red as he starts to backpeddle. “I mean, we’re all new at this. You’re doing fine.”

The best present Billy’s given Teddy is his genuine self, his understated strength, his special brand of protectiveness.

Sometimes, it scares him (‘I want you to die!’) but most of the time it’s something to hold on to, even when everything else starts to fall apart.

The best present Teddy’s ever given Billy is this -

Trust. It’s there from the first time they try to fly, when Teddy looks at him in the eye and with much too much honestly for how little time they’ve actually known each other says he knows Billy won’t let him fall. He could have said 'Don’t worry,’ mentioned how he can attempt to grow wings fast enough to cover up any of Billy’s mistakes. But he doesn’t. He just… trusts in Billy.

He still remembers how light he felt, that first time he flew. That’s not because of the flying (although that is marvellous). That feeling, he realizes, has everything to do with Teddy.

Teddy trusts Billy, trusts his powers even when no one does, trusts him in spite of his mistakes ('He could have died, I didn’t mean to’), trusts him more than Billy trusts himself.

(and isn’t that why when they crumble it happens so fast, because Teddy thinks about that immediate instinct to trust and protect and can’t help but wonder if he came by it honestly)

When the ship lifts off, when they save the world, it’s what makes their hands warm as they clasp them, it’s what makes them both think that this time they can make it work.

The best gift Teddy ever gave Billy was his trust, and he gives it twice for luck.

I didn’t realize that Alona Tal went two years without being in an episode of Supernatural, prior to Jo’s death. Born Under A Bad Sign (2x14) and then her next appearance is Good God Y’all (5x2). That’s Feb ‘07 to Sept ’09. And then the next episode she’s in after that, Jo dies. Had I been watching live, I would’ve been so beyond pissed. Might have even been mad enough to quit. Her death still pains me, and that was on a Netflix binge watch, but to have waiting two and a half years only to end up seeing her die? I would’ve lost it.

If you’re boycotting theWonder Woman movie because of Gal Gadot please also boycott the following artists:

Lev Schreiber movies, Alona Tal, Scarlet Johansson, Gene Simmons, Kelsey Grammar, Sylverster Stalone, James Woods, Mark Pellegrino, Frank Sinatra, the entire Douglas family including Catherine Zeta-Jones, and this isn’t even the tip of the Pro-Israel, IDF, supporting celebrities in Hollywood. Because let’s be honest, you don’t deserve them anyway. 

there’s a huge scandal now in the israeli rg world. the rhythmic gymnastics team, the girls, announced that they are not willing to train with ira vigdorchik (the head coach) anymore. the parents of the gymnasts filed charges against the coach to the israeli gymnastics comitee.

the accuzations are that ira used to drink alcohol during practice and competitions, dangered their health and was physically and emotionally abusive.

the parents are listing a list of words ira used to call the girls during practice, i won’t write them here, they are terrible.

the restrictions with food caused physical danger to the girls. for example, karina had really low iron, that she was fainting during practices. and even then, the girls had to stop the training session themselves, cause ira won’t.

she didn’t allow them to go to the bathroom, and it caused the girls problems with their blatters.

she made them do risks outside, on the grass, where there were stones and holes in the ground. alona broke her hand, and competed in euros with a broken hand.

the final thing, that was the last straw, happenned when ira hit ekaterina in kazan.

ira’s lawyer says that it all started after kazan, where there were no witnesses except for the girls. he says that there’s a video that proves that ira didn’t hit keti. and that the parents are making everything up.

i am absoloutley horrified to read about this. this girls are really young, and don’t desserve this kind of abuse. i hope they will get a new coach and would be able to recover from this.

in ten days the comitee will decide what to do.

source of the accuzations:

source of the words of the lawyer:

(photo credit: magad gozny)

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I've seen this gif like a thousand times on tumblr of (it looks like) an outtake from the "family photo" scene (with Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Dean, Sam and Cas posing for a photo in Bobby's house). But everybody (except Misha) is cracking up laughing.. Jim is looking over at Misha like he just said or did something hilarious and Jared, Jensen and Alona are just killing themselves laughing. Do you know why? It's been bothering me for ages.. what happened that made them all piss themselves like that???


That shot was in the Season 5 gag reel, but from what I remember all we see in the gag reel is the moment they all start laughing, but not what happened to cause it… Idk if any of them ever told the story at a con? If anyone remembers they’re free to add to this post! :)