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I Want Crazy (Part 3)

Summary: You’re surprised to receive a voicemail from Jensen and an invitation to a party. Jared continues to disapprove, and things heat up between you and Jensen before screeching to a halt.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: Language, rejection

A/N: Sorry for the mess when this first posted - I scheduled it last night because I foresaw being unable to get to my computer until, well, now. This is not my image, again I found it within the vast depths of the internet… sorry. I’m imagining him losing the tie (or at least the coat) when he and Y/N get to the party. Just saying. Hope you guys like it!

This is part of a series! Read Part 1 - Part 2

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Being a single father wasn’t something Jensen had imagined for his future.  In fact, it was one of the last things he had ever imagined.  Of course, most gay men don’t worry about getting a girl pregnant anytime in their life either, but accidents happen, especially when heartbreak, alcohol, and old girlfriends from more confused times are involved.

Not that Jensen regretted any of it.  Sure, it had been quite the scene when he and Danneel had woke up that next morning and it got even worse when she found out she was pregnant.  Jensen could still remember the way his stomach dropped when she knocked on his door to tell him as though it was only yesterday and not three years ago.  

The immediate conversation following that initial one had been the most stressful conversation of Jensen’s entire life.  He had been completely fine with Danneel getting an abortion since logic told him neither of them were ready to be parents yet. But the moment those words left her mouth, Jensen found himself protesting.  No, it wasn’t ideal, but this could be his only chance at being a father.  He didn’t protest too much though as the final decision would fall in Danneel’s hands as she would be the one carrying the baby.  After a lot of thought, talk, and debate Danneel agreed, under the clause that she could play as big or as small of a role in the raising of their future child, and nine months later the pride and joy of Jensen’s life took her first breath.  

She had felt so tiny and fragile in Jensen’s arms that earliest instant of her life as he held her and it was in that moment that he truly fell in love for the first time.  Her tiny hand wrapped around just one of his fingers, not even close to reaching all the way and she slept soundly against his chest that first night in the hospital.  A day later he brought her home swathed in blankets his parents had bought and he kept her crib right next to his bed.  It was hard on him having to get up throughout the night to soothe her cries, change her diaper, or give her a bottle, but that was all made up for the moment she graced him with her first real smile a month after he brought her home.

No, despite the hardships Jensen adored being a father.  There wasn’t a moment he questioned any of it, especially when he could see the love he held for her reflected back at him in her identical-to-his-own green eyes.  

There were times that he did come close to questioning things though and today was one of those days.

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