alon travis

Edward Snowden Part 2 of 2
  • Justin, still doing his terrible impression of Edward Snowden: Note that it IS a Denny's. I AM under a table, there's room for my shecrets. And me. And a Grand Shlam.
  • Travis: Did you say there's room for your Sucrets?
  • Justin: No, my shecrets. Uncle Sam, you've been naughty!
  • Griffin: Can you even get, like, the kind of high, high bandwidth Internet access that you need to project a Shnowden hologram?
  • Justin: I have eshernet, yes. It's plugged in from the table. It's complimentary with every Grand Slam. They also have given me a bib.
  • Griffin: I have never been offered either of those things at a Denny's.
  • Justin: Well, you've never revealed Uncle Sham's shecrets have you?
  • ...
  • Justin: I want to shank you gentlemen again-
  • Griffin & Travis at the same time: You want to shank us?!
  • Griffin: Jesus Christ, no!
  • Travis: Excuse me?!
  • Justin: I'm shorry, I did not mean - I meant, of course, to s-s-sh-sh-sh-thank you.
  • Griffin: Do you have a lisp or an aphasia because you keep dropping SHs on things that aren't S's.
  • Justin: I'd love to tell you that but unfortunately it's one of my shecrets.