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Hello i absolutely love this blog! I was wondering if u could do some alois headcanons on how he would be like in a rly close friendship :)


He’s protective of you. I mean he threatens the people who hurt you in any way. Someone breaks up with you? A threat is sent their way. Someone hurts your feelings? A threat is sent their way. Someone slaps you? OFF WITH THEIR HEAD CLAUDE.

He’s the type of friend to wanna have sleepovers, you’ll cuddle, and Claude can make you any food you could ever want. The only thing is if he feels that Claude isn’t giving him enough attention he might have Claude in your sleepover too.

Going out with him in public is like going out with an overprotective mother/father. Only not as bad, because no one dares to do talk to you two just knowing Alois.

If you show even the slightest interest in someone there is a 99% chance that he will be the best wing man that ever existed. Only once you get the person he becomes a bit *harsh. (*see the first headcanon about break ups)

He would never cross your comfort zone, but just know he will be affectionate. You know bestfriend hugs, and sometimes cuddles. But just so you know that these cuddles and hugs are only for him and you. So don’t think about cuddling/hugging other people platonically. That’s his job. 

He hates when Claude is too close to you and when you’re too close to Claude. So Claude and you have no friendship with each other what so ever. But he’s just jealous. 


When ever you go over he has music jamming really loud. So you don’t knock, you just walk in and find Hannah sitting on the couch with Alois dancing with Claude. When he spots you he always drops Claude then and there. EVERYTIME and he demands you dance with him.

He’s such a hipster tbh, and he loves when you go out to tea with him. Not coffee, coffee’s too mainstream for hipster Alois. You get dragged into tiny cafe that you’ve never been to at least 3 times a week for tea. 

He loves snapchat streaks and has had a streak with all his close friends-including you for at least a month. He takes them seriously and low-key throws a fit if you break that. 

When you go out anywhere together, he’s trying to set you up with someone. As long as you’re single that is. He loves love, and honestly enjoys looking for the best man/woman for you. Where ever that may be, at the local library, at the cherryfeast or if it’s in the local McDonalds because he had to pee.