20. Sandman Slim, Richard Kadrey (2009)

21. Kill the Dead, Richard Kadrey (2010)

22. Aloha from Hell, Richard Kadrey (2011)

23. Devil Said Bang, Richard Kadrey (2012)

So I’m tearing through this new series because paranormal noir is my balliwick and it’s hard to find GOOD paranormal noir. God, Lucifer, and every otherworldly riffraff shows up in this series, all spearheaded by Sandman Slim, aka James Stark: classic endearing semi-douchebag antihero. Who’s half angel. And does magic. And spent a good chunk of time being a gladiator and general plaything for Lucifer’s minions in Hell.   It’s a whole lot of story, but the pace is speedy and you never know what kind of monster (either foe or sometimes friend) is going to pop up.

It’s similar to Nancy A. Collins’ Sonja Blue series and has the feel of a less-serious John Constantine. I feel like Sandman Slim would be at home in the Wormwood comics of Ben Templesmith, where seedy humans and seedier non-humans struggle to eek out an existence in a gross and unfair world. 

The next book in the series, Kill City Blues, comes out later this summer and I am so stoked. And yes, you can follow Richard Kadrey on his tumblr.

i killed the teen dream

deal with it.

a trashy teen queen playlist


cherry lips(go baby go) / garbage . boys wanna be her / peaches . candy store / heathers the musical . i hate school / the aquadolls . wild young hearts / the noisettes . rip her to shreds / blondie . good girls are bad girls / tarah keatings . mine / the aquadolls . break the rules / charli xcx . girls just wanna have fun / aloha from hell . girls / the tuesday project . driving in cars with boys / lana del rey . becky / be your own pet . rich boyz / the aquadolls . cheerleader / st. vincent . i only have eyes for you / summer camp . miss y / marina and the diamonds . god help the girl / emily browning . jail la la / dum dum girls . c’est la mort / sky ferreira 

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