aloha nui loa

10 months HRT. 40 years age. The confidence I have gained since transitioning and being out in the world has bolstered myconfidence. I have become more health-concious and regained a passion for my spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga and going for walks. I used to drink my sorrows away with alcohol, but now I sip lemon water or tea. I am so thankful/grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me daily. Light has returned to my life. I am grateful.

🌴Aloha nui loa 🌴


Cheeee, really liked how this look turned out even w my lil stubby lashes :3

Please take a moment to watch my (super long😥) chat li’dat🗣🗣🗣🗣 makeup tutorial on this NICKI MINAJ BARBIE PINK TUTORIAL!!!! Mahalo nui loa - 🌺Aloha🌺 

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