aloha garden


Purple hues around my garden:

Top: ‘Twilight’ Clematis

Second Row, Left: Lavender

Second Row, Right: ‘Twilight’ Clematis

Third: Sweet Peas

Bottom, Left: ‘Twilight’ Clematis, ‘Sango-Kaku’ coral-bark Japanese Maple, Nasturtium, ‘Aloha’ rose, and Lily.

Bottom, Right: ‘Twilight’ Clematis


My Garden today !!! while takeing photos of this native flower with Green Parrots above my head, one decided to come closer and have the one I was taking the Photo of…..

Wild Birds are the best

We have planted thousands of native plants and trees around our place , just for this reason… to attract wild birds…

When I sit at my PC, this is what I look at out my window… no blinds or curtains.. just one really big window, looking out into my tropical paradice garden..

How Blessed am I xoox

feel so Lucky to have been able to create this..

it all started as a