be an active tumblie; feedback please ☺

Tumblies! I have an exciting post for you! I’m super anxious to hear your feedback : )

So, a little while ago, I got to attend a focus group to give feedback on AloeGloe, which is a Certified Organic Aloe Vera water. I am pleased to say, it was delicious! When I first heard “Aloe,” I thought of the gel that I rub on my back when I get a sunburn. Immediately, I was a little bit hesitant to try it- but you all know, I’ll try anything before I make a final judgement. Let me just say… I am so glad that I tried it! It was so delicious, and I felt so healthy drinking it! It had a really soft apple pear flavor, and super cool looking pulp, which was so fun and totally added to the drink! It wasn’t like your typical stringy pulp, either. It was soft, hardly noticeable, but definitely there and made me feel even healthier because I knew I was getting actual Aloe, without jeopardizing ANY flavor! Unlike many other health drinks that I have tried, AloeGloe only had 35 calories! Doesn’t it bother you guys when you get a drink that is supposed to be ‘healthy’ and it says “Only 60 Calories!”…so you drink it down, and soon notice that the back of the bottle says “Servings per container: 4.” Then next, you see the sugar and it’s way higher than you could have ever expected! That’s no fun… so it was nice to see a drink that really is healthy, and light too!

A really great thing about this Aloe, is that it’s certified organic, and is delicately processed to retain the bioactive component of Aloe vera responsible for promoting healthy skin, a healthy digestive system and a strengthened immune system! I learned that Aloe vera contains more than 200 biologically active amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals! How much healthier can we get?!

This drink comes out May 1st, and with some feedback, hopefully I can do something like a coupon/giveaway for you guys! ☺

Now here is where I’d love your guys’ feedback!

Do you tumblies drink Aloe drinks? What do you think about drinking Aloe water?