aloe vera uses

Ppl in the UK: 

  • Open your windows at night while it’s cool and then close them (and your curtains) in the morning. Living in California without A/C taught me this. 
  • Drink a lot of water. (Water is key, don’t drink sports drinks because they dehydrate you and can cause kidney stones if that’s all you’re drinking) 
  •  Lay on the tile, I used to do this when my home (that would get over 100 degrees F) didn’t have A/C 
  •  If you need to be out, wear a lot of sunscreen, even on places you wouldn’t think about (chest, feet, neck, ears). Even if there is cloud cover. Also find shady areas to be in. Bring water with you. If you do get burned, use aloe vera. 
  •  Eat fruits high in water (oranges, satsumas, ect)– freeze berries and put them in your water. 
  •  Eat!! You probably won’t feel like it, but it’s still important. 
  • Good trick from middle school: wet paper towels where available and place them on your neck and forehead. Also freeze your water bottles. 
  • And keep an eye on any elderly you know. They are much more likely to die in these kinds of temperatures.
beauty hacks of aloe vera 🌱

• use as hydrating mask or sleeping mask to hydrate your skin or your face

• can be use as makeup remover for light makeups

• can be use as eye cream to hydrate your eye areas or apply on puffy eyes in the morning 

• mix with makeup base to hydrate your face and better makeup applying effects

• fix sunburn or damaged skin by applying a generous amount of cool aloe vera gel on your skin

• apply aloe vera on acnes to dry up acnes

• can be use as after-shave cream

• apply on eyelashes by using a cotton bud for growing longer eyelashes

• apply on dry hair to moisture the hair and to prevent spilt ends


7 Shocking Reasons You Need To Start Using Aloe Vera Gel Right Now

Y’all know I am downright obsessed with coconut oil. I love that stuff and use it for basically everything from shaving to flavoring my coffee. But it’s 2015 so there was bound to be a new beauty sheriff in town. Aloe vera is the new coconut oil, and I’m not talking about that fluorescent blue stuff your mom made you use when you got sunburnt at the beach. I mean legit pure aloe vera gel.

The aloe vera plant has been used for centuries in ancient medicinal and beauty practices. Those little green stalks are packed with amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants, salicylic acid, and many other super awesome things that make this plant a hero. I’ve been using aloe vera and aloe products for a few weeks, and it’s my new favorite thing. Check out these crazy ways you can (and should) start using aloe right now.


According To Science || Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Hair

Tonya McKay writes:

The frequently touted aloe vera gel benefits to hair include improved detangling, moisturization, scalp healing, remediation of dandruff, restoration of pH levels, decreased frizz, enhanced cellular regeneration, anti-inflammatory action for the scalp and generation of hair growth.

Many people report excellent results when aloe vera gel is applied on the hair after washing and conditioning, and before a styling gel is applied. Some curlies enjoy using aloe vera gel as a stand-alone styling agent, while for others, this does not supply sufficient hold or curl retention.

There have also been testimonies of aloe vera gel being drying to hair, that it contains protein which makes low-porosity hair stiff and dry, and many questions of whether or not it behaves as a humectant. Finally, inconsistent results have been obtained when using aloe vera gel from different sources. A quick peek at the complex chemistry of this wonderful plant should provide some insight into these observations and questions.

Find more information here.

In the last week, my acne has more or less disappeared. It’s the best it’s been since early summer. I don’t know if that’s because I stopped eating Dreaded Camp Food or because I’ve started washing my face with only warm water and then using aloe vera ointment.

12 Ways To Use Aloe Vera 

Hello Glow writes:

Aloe vera is a cactus plant native to parts of Africa and India. And when the leaves break, it secretes a clear gel that can be applied directly to the skin. Most of us think of aloe as just a burn treatment, but it’s so much more than that. The Egyptians actually coined the phrase ‘the plant of immortality’ so it’s clearly an ingredient we should consider in our beauty products. Because of its many uses, aloe is the perfect all purpose plan to keep on hand. They’re super easy to care for (trust me!), and they add a little greenery to your room.

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DIY Mango Cupuacu Butter Hair Cream (No Coconut Oil or Shea Butter)  

Naptural85 writes:

How to make an extremely easy whipped hair and skin cream using mango butter, cupuacu butter, lots of aloe vera gel, and nutrient-rich oils! You’ll also find cocoa butter and kokum butter in this recipe, along with vitamin E , argan oil and castor oil! This recipe does NOT contain coconut oil or shea butter for those who do not like that in their hair. You can customize, sub or add, any ingredient in this mango and cupuacu hair butter cream recipe to make it perfect for your hair! I hope you enjoy, Xo! Nap

ps. The aloe vera gel used in this recipe is “Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly” it comes with a preservative already in it, and is made with 99% aloe. If you use a pure aloe vera gel or juice, you’ll need to add a preservative to it, OR mix in small batches, storing the rest in the fridge. I avoided this issue by using the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera “Gelly” product with a preservative already inside. It’s the green plastic container in the video, and can be purchased at Whole Foods! Xo! 

Lizzie was definitely the most difficult to restyle out of all my EAH dolls, but it was worth it because I’m really happy with how she turned out. Her hair was really frizzy and had a lot of gel in it, so I started off by washing and conditioning it. I used smoothie straws for the larger curls in the back as well as her heart bump, and I used regular-sized straws in the front. I try to avoid using hairspray on my dolls as much as I can because I don’t like how stiff it makes their hair, but her bumps needed some. I used aloe vera gel on the curls to give them some definition because it provides a more flexible hold. I had a lot of trouble placing Lizzie’s crown on her properly without messing up her curls. The crown is just too small for her head. To make it a little wider, I had to put it around something that had a slightly larger circumference. My salt shaker happened to be just right. I pointed my blow dryer at it for a few minutes, and afterwards it had been perfectly stretched to fit her head. Now it sits down a little bit lower on her head and doesn’t squash her bumps.

Disabled Witch Tip #20

If you’re allergic to the sun (photosensitive) like I am, treating the rashes when you’ve been exposed can be tricky. Aloe vera is my favorite method of treating the pain but I don’t advise using aloe vera you buy in squeezy tubes at the store with alcohol and other chemicals mixed in there. Alcohol and man-made chemicals can actually prolong your suffering and make the allergy rash worse.

Do not use lotions, most soaps, face cleansers, toners, etc., while you have an active photosensitive rash. This is directly from my doctor. No chemicals. No makeup. No nothing unless it’s only found in nature.

Get yourself either pure aloe vera extract or get yourself a literal aloe plant. I have a plant who has been looking after my allergic reactions for a few years. His name is Frederick the Green. An excellent trick is making aloe vera extract ice cubes. The cold mixed with healing properties in the frozen goo will soothe your symptoms even better.

Aside from the painful rashes associated with photosensitivity, aloe vera is useful as makeup remover, shaving cream, exfoliator, night treatment on cucumber, dry cracked feet, and hand sanitizer. There are great natural recipes for shaving cream and an exfoliator out there online in particular.

Hey hey hey. You guys know what this plant is, right?

It's aloe vera. Used as a traditional, herbal remedy for burns, other various skin conditions, and wounds. Momoka is a florist, so you can safely assume she’s very educated on these things. In Egypt, it was said to be known as the “plant of immortality.

Art was in the other room with her, wasn’t he? Hmmm.

Anyone have any idea what the other two plants are?

Herbal Book of Spells: Aloe

Latin Names: Aloe vera (Liliaceae)

Common Names: Aloe


Tissues affected: mucous membranes, skin, liver, heart, spleen.

Parts Used: gel from the leaves, chopped leaves, powdered leaf

Forms Used: juice, gel, tincture,

Dosages: juice, for peptic ulcers, takes 50ml three times daily. Externally for burns and eczema, apply gel liberally twice daily. One half to one teaspoon of the powder in capsules or steeped in boiling water. 2tbs of gel mixed in with water three times daily.

Vitalist Actions: cool, moist, bitter

Clinical Actions: demulcent, emollient, vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, laxative, astringent, purgative, bitter, choleretic, immunomodulant, alterative, tonic, anthelmintic.

Constituents: anthraquinones, resins, tannins, polysaccharides, aloectinB, anthropoids, bitter principles, chromosome-glycosides, barbaloin, isobarbaloin.

Primary Uses: aloe vera became popular in the 50’s, when its ability to heal burns, in particular, radiation burns was discovered. It’s an excellent first aid remedy to keep in the house for scrapes, scalds, and sunburn. The gel is useful for almost any skin condition that needs soothing and astringing, and it helps varicose veins to some degree. The protective and healing effect of aloe vera also works internally, and can be used for peptic ulcers and IBS. Makes an excellent laxative, generally producing bowel movements in 8 to 12 hours. At low doses the bitter properties of aloe stimulate the digestion, but at higher doses, bitter aloes are laxative and purgative. Aloe powder is a stronger purgative than rhubarb, and can be emetic.  The gel is used in Ayurveda, as one of the most important tonics for the female reproductive system, the liver, and for regulating pitta (fire). The powder is suitable for stubborn constipation, blood in stool, liver disorders, pink eye, headache, tinnitus from liver and gall bladder congestion. The addition of ginger provides an antidote to its cold nature while keeping its properties intact. In Ayurveda, aloe gel is thought to be good for all three humors.

In cats and dogs: useful in helping to treat canine breast tumors. Aloe vera, the internal pulp from sliced leaves is a curative in those tumors. Works as a vulnerary on cats better than it does on humans as a general skin treatment and for wounds.


Cautions: The powder is contraindicated during pregnancy. Nauseating taste.