alo creeveys


Go Tell Your Friends About It…..

Day 1 - Favourite Male Character:
(Although Chris is my favourite, these two aren’t too far behind)

Alo Creevey (Will Merrick);
I love Alo. He was so true to himself and he wouldn’t change for anyone. His fashion sense was awesome, even though most don’t appreciate it. I love ow he stood up to his parents when they were brutal on him, and I loved his resilience - he never gave up on Mini. His personality was so pure, and he was really relatable to me.

Richard Hardbeck (Alexander Arnold);
First thing, how can you not love Rich? Firstly, I love how he’s a metal-head, I’m a bit of a metal-head myself, which instantly made me love him. And it makes me so happy how he fell in love with Grace, someone who’s his complete opposite! He was a genuine guy and was always, like Alo, true to himself! He had the nicest of personalities, and although he was a bit arrogant at the start, he grew as a person and blossomed into the nicest person! He is also super hot, just saying.

Plus, their friendship with each other was so, so sweet. And then being really good friends in real life just completed my life!