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Can you please update the roommate tag? :)

sure can

over the creek by orestes (1/1 | 6,647 | PG13)

“Two grown adults living together, and we can’t even keep our fridge stocked.” Stiles shakes his head. “That’s pretty bad, isn’t it?” He’s twirling the pen between his long fingers, and his chin propped up in his other hand, a lazy smirk on his lips. “We’d be the first to die in the apocalypse.”

The Curse of the Green Thong by Twice_Shy (1/1 | 6,468 | R)

After finding a thong in the communal washing machine, Stiles makes some hasty assumptions about what his roommate does for a living. (Mistaken-for-a-stripper!AU)

Convivencia by lucifer_has_risen (1/1 | 12,004 | G)


(n.) lit. “living together”, in the sense of living or working closely with other people with whom you share feelings, desires, or a common purpose ~

“Derek, will you and Stiles adopt Bella?” She sounded desperate, well she’d have to be to involve both Stiles and him.
“Hells to the yeah!” A voice behind him said; Stiles.
“Stiles no! You’re too young and I have loads of work and this is a terrible plan! Besides we only have two bedrooms!” Derek became flustered.

A call to the Muslim Community on Tumblr

A young sister, by the name of Zeinab AlMousawi, has undergone sudden kidney and heart failure, and is currently on life support. She resides in Windsor, Ontario, and the entire Muslim community is facing a devastating time, torn between preparing to bid farewell to our little girl, and praying for her recovery and regaining of her health. Please recite surat Al Fatiha, and a salawat in intentions of her recovery. There is only one Mosque of the Ahlulbayt (as) in that little city; the community is so close and familiar; if one falls, they fall together. And if one pains, they pain together. Pray. Please pray for her fast recovery.