Publically, I am sorry to @almostsleepy for expressing my opinions in the way I did about her trek gif set. I should have never demeaned her opinions about the show with my own. I should have included my thoughts with her thoughts and let it be that. I should have never diminished her feelings. That was wrong of me.

I let my nerd/story-teller get in the way of being thoughtful and considerate. Sometimes our ego gets the best of us, but it should be no problem to tone it back to contribute to the conversation, not to squash it.

I’m not holier than thou, I never will be. I’m a human, with a perspective—which adds to the human experience. And baby, we all got our perspectives. And if we’re not defending each other against the truly ignorant, then we need to work with each other to illuminate a bigger picture.

I should know humility, and we all should.

Missteps. Again. apologies to almostsleepy.

anonymous asked:

Can you start make (or tell me who could make) a Ichabbie gifset per episode?

Sure, I could do that.

These blogs make really nice gifs, idk if they’re taking requests or not though.




you could also look through the sleepyhollowedit tag to see who else could. 

queenqueso replied to your post: *looks at price tag* *mulls at shippi…


Dat Map is gonna appear on Ebay so harrrrd

Or maybe I could offer up that Barebackiest Iron Bull Fan Art EVER for the first person who gives their map + sketchbook to me.


bossuary replied to your post: *looks at price tag* *mulls at shippi…

commissions? i’d throw money at you!

(Un)fortunately sensible me reigns because I’d rather put the same amount towards my Visit USA Fall 2015 plans. But like I’d say no to commissions that contribute to that fund ;D ;D ;D

almostsleepy replied to your post: *looks at price tag* *mulls at shippi…

Jesus Christ, I can get another 3DS with that

Or a box of 36 Copic Sketch markers O_O O_O O_O

chyanime replied to your post: *looks at price tag* *mulls at shippi…

….Or go to your local gamestop and save on shipping :D That’s what I’m doing~

The Nearest Gamestop: US of A

Me: 9000+ miles away in Malaysia

serenity-fails replied to your post: *looks at price tag* *mulls at shippi…

you could use the lock picks it comes with to rob people to make up for the cost!

True, or I could make a tempting offer for said lockpicks (Barebackiest Ser Bara Warden art, anyone?)