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Okay, I have to know, what's the meaning behind your url? It brings me such joy struggling to pronounce it lol XD

Bahah, tbh it’s just my cockatoo’s latin species name. See, when we were moving from the UK to Turkey, I had to fill in a lot of forms with it and got incredibly frustrated until I memorised the whole thing. I picked it as my URL to remind me not to give up when I’m frustrated, ahah XD

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Hmm…how about Rose, Greg, Onion, and Kiki?

  • Rose: What’s most important in your life?
    mmh, it might be selfish to say, but me. people like me, people who are related to me, people who are friends with me, my interests, my dreams. me things. i’m sure i’ll get less selfish with age and time, but right now i’m most important, i think.

  • Greg: What’s your favorite genre of music?
    Nicki Minaj. Yes. Best genre. 

  • Onion: Have you ever committed a crime?
    No? Not that I can think of, aside from being born Black in america

  • Kiki: Are you a tidy person?
    Given the time, rest, routine, space and energy I need, yes. Since I rarely ever have any of that, no~

thank you almostgraceful, beeb~<3

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SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT MONKEY MAJIK AND THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY :] Thanks for being like the only other person in all of my twenty two years of existence to acknowledge that band.

Woo! I heard them a looooong long time ago, but my girlfriend Lasha reminds me every so often that their jams are sick and are on point! That’s why I’ve been listening to them so much as of late.

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Hey there Caca, :] I have a question? I've been hearing that Gaiden is going to end from a couple different people this week and after looking into it, it sadly turned out to be true. But I haven't found any definitive reason for it to end other than it just being a mini series. Have you come across anything?

It was originally announced to be a mini-series that’d last until sometime in summer, but there’s no specific reason for the length other than maybe Kishimoto needing a break, ahah. I know it’s sad to hear, but hey, better for it to end in a short while than never begin at all ^^

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I said it once, and I will keep on saying it over and over again: Thank you for translating and putting in the time and effort! (I will have to get around to reading the next chapter tomorrow or whenever-so I have a chance.) You're the best and I hope you feel better! :B

Aww, you’re very welcome love! I hope you enjoy the chapter when you read it <3 and thank you for the well-wishes gah, it means a lot!